The Triathlete- Part One

Have a good story about Lycra and/or wetsuits, then post them here!
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The Triathlete- Part One

Post by triathlonwetsuitboi » Wed Dec 18, 2019 5:11 am

Hello everyone! Had a go at writing a story. Let me know what you think and what you want to see in part 2!

James slipped his legs into his sleeveless sleek black orca tri suit. It was still damp with his sweat from the 10km run and 40km cycle he had done the day before and its aroma filled his small bedroom. The head of his cock pushed against its metal cage as he pulled the suit further up his legs and his shaft throbbed trying to burst free from the chastity device. James had only just managed to stay soft enough to lock the device on his member when he had received it in the mail 9 days ago along with a lock with no key, a short chain and a note that read, ‘I’m going to have a lot of fun with you’. James shuddered and his cock pressed even harder against it’s prison to think about what that might entail. He zipped the suit up his back, the material outlining his toned chest and abdomen, the tight feeling of compression making James reach down to stroke his manhood only to remember that it was locked away. He let out a deep groan of frustration which only served to make him hornier.

James had always been athletic, getting into swimming and running from a young age and completing his first full triathlon at the age of 15. He had discovered his fetish for sports gear at around this age as well and this had meant that he had almost always competed in tri suits full of his own cum. He was 6 feet tall exactly with a slim but toned build and messy brown hair that had turned almost blonde because he was in the sun so much. His eyes were a dark brown and his facial features were striking, particularly his chiseled jawline.

He walked over to his small closet and opened it to the strong smell of neoprene which made his hairs stand on end. James had always been particularly interested in triathlon wetsuits, the rubbery sent of the neoprene, the feeling of pressure all over his body, the way they glistened when they were wet. He found himself wearing them whenever he could, even if he wasn’t competing, and wore them around his small apartment most days with his cock always standing to attention. He looked in front of him at the large array of suits that he had collected over the years. He had been instructed to bring with him a selection of 3 wetsuits along with the tri suit he was currently wearing. He first pulled out his Zone 3 Vanquish Wetsuit, a sleek black suit with orange and red finishes at the wrists and ankles. This was followed by his Huub Axiom wetsuit which he placed, along with the Zone 3 suit, in his race gear bag at the foot of his bed. Finally he removed the Orca Equip wetsuit that he had just had modified in the last week to include two zips giving access to his cock and arse. This was the suit that he had been ordered to wear over the top of his tri suit. James slowly unzipped the suit, the smell of neoprene growing even stronger and sending a chill down his spine. He pulled his legs into the suit and drew the material up towards his crotch. Thrusting his arms into the suit, he pulled the zip up towards his neck before reaching for the chain and lock he had received in the mail. He wrapped the chain around his neck and reaching over his back threaded the lock through the zip and each end of the chain before clicking the lock shut. He zipped his gear bag closed and headed for his bedroom door but stopped when he saw himself in the mirror. The blue and black neoprene of the suit was hugging every part of his muscular body defining his firm arse and outlining the cock cage he was wearing.

This had been the suit he was wearing two weeks ago when he met Zane at a triathlon he was competing in. James had been adjusting the material of his wetsuit on the starting line when he had heard someone to his right say, ‘You look like you could use a hand with that’. James looked up to see a tall tanned man in a perfectly fitting silver-panelled 2XU Propel wetsuit staring down at at his crotch. Confused James looked down and immediately turned red at the sight of his 8-inch pole throbbing in the tight neoprene. ‘I…um…’ said James, but before he was able to get out a proper response the horn sounded and everyone started racing towards the water. Zane gave him a quick wink and slapped him on the bum before turning to join the stampede of competitors. James still shocked began to limp down towards the water to begin the race and despite his best efforts was unable to shake the thought of the suited adonis he had just witness. As he crossed the finish line James could still feel his engorged cock sliding around inside his shiny tri suit. As he walked back to collect his gear James looked to see if he could spot the wetsuited stud but made it to the changing rooms without seeing anyone who even remotely looked like the man he had seen at the starting line. He entered one of the shower stalls and placing his gear bag down turned to lock the the door behind him, but instead of grabbing the door bumped into the man that was now standing at the entrance to the stall. ‘Still need help with that’, said the man James had been looking for. His smooth blue and white tri suit was patchy with sweat and the material bunched up at his crotch revealing an enormous bulge. James just nodded, his eyes wide and mouth slightly open unable to say anything. The man began rubbing up and down the length of James’ shaft and stroking the head of his cock in small circles with his thumb. The mans masculine scent filled James’ nostrils making his head spin and causing his cock to pulsate. It wasn’t long before James erupted into his tri suit letting out a violent moan as his eyes rolled back into his head. The man smiled down at James with a row of perfectly white teeth looking pleased with the work he had done. ‘What’s your name?’, James managed to get out after his gasping had began to subside. ‘Zane’, the man said, ‘and I have a lot more in store for you’.

Stepping away from the mirror, James opened his bedroom door and walked through his small living room to a rack by his front door where he stored his cycling cleats. After attaching them firmly to his feet, James slung his gear bag over his shoulder, opened the front door and left the apartment, knowing that he wouldn’t return until Tuesday. It was Thursday afternoon and James had managed to get the Friday and Monday off of work meaning that he would be able to spend 4 days in gear with Zane. James raced down the stairs and out of the lobby area of his apartment block to where his bike was locked at one of the public racks. Unlocking his bike and clicking his cleats firmly into the pedals James set off on the 60km bike ride along the coast to Zane’s apartment.

By the time he arrived, James had built up quite a sweat and slid around inside his wetsuit as if it was filled with lube. He had received some odd looks on his ride but had been instructed by Zane not to wear any clothes over his gear as he wouldn’t be needing any for the duration of his stay. When James pressed the the buzzer for apartment 2A the automatic door in front of him immediately opened and he walked into the apartment complex. Climbing the two flights of stairs to Zane’s apartment James noticed that the sweat in his wetsuit had made the scent of neoprene grow even stronger which caused his cock to ache inside it’s metal confinement. As he approached the door to Zane’s apartment he noticed that it was slightly ajar. After knocking several times to no response he cautiously ventured inside and stopped dead at what he saw. The apartment was a single room with a bed in the middle upon which a multitude of sex toys had been placed. To the right of the bed was a metal cage, probably just big enough to fit James if he were to crawl in on all fours. To the left of the bed stood a large leather sling raised above the ground be a self-standing metal base and above this, attached to the ceiling, was a long metal suspension bar. In a sort of trance James began to walk forward and almost tripped on something at his feet. Looking down he noticed a pair of neoprene knee pads, a large ball gag and a set of metal handcuffs laying next to a large sheet of paper with writing that read, ‘the wetsuit gimp will put these on and kneel at the bed to wait for it’s master’. Slowly placing down his gear bag, James knelt down and without hesitation began to put on the gear in front of him. Firstly he slipped on the knee pads, followed by attaching the ball gag to his head and finally cuffed his hands in front of him. He stood up and walked towards the bed, the size of the ball gag meaning that he was already beginning to drool, and knelt down at the foot of the bed. Now that he was closer he could make out the individual toys splayed out on the bed in front of him. There was a range of smooth and spiked paddles, cock rings, plugs (some rubber, some metal, some attached to wires), a large collection of rubber phalluses in different shapes and sizes and so many other toys that James had never seen before. As he was ogling at what was in front of him James failed to notice the sound of footsteps approaching from behind him…’I think it’s time we get started…gimp’.

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Re: The Triathlete- Part One

Post by alfiej_uk » Wed Dec 18, 2019 11:40 am

Great start - can't wait for the next part. Will he be punished for cuffing his hands in front of him, I wonder?

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Re: The Triathlete- Part One

Post by zeep » Tue Dec 31, 2019 12:07 am

im very excited what will happen now?

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Re: The Triathlete- Part One

Post by pwbonds1 » Sat Jan 18, 2020 10:53 am

Excellent story can't wait to see what happens next.

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Re: The Triathlete- Part One

Post by denimclad » Tue Jan 28, 2020 8:21 pm

It sounds like someone is in for a really good weekend! I can't wait to read what happens next - it should be a great story

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