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Have a good story about Lycra and/or wetsuits, then post them here!
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Submit or else

Post by newto » Thu May 21, 2020 6:08 pm

First time writing a story so,hope this goes well.

"Well, here goes nothing" Wade thought to himself, finally getting an interview for a job at a store selling wetsuits downtown.

Wade was a short skinny guy, just 5'4", only weighing 110lbs and just 21 years old. He had always dreamt about being bigger and getting into shape but could never bring himself to do it. He usually hung out around the beach even though he stayed downtown just to catch glimpses of guys in wetsuits catching some waves.

Wade had been eyeing the place for quite awhile now as he noticed all the buff employees wore wetsuits during their shifts. When a hiring sign was put up,he jumped onto the opportunity.

Wade approached one of the wetsuits staff
"Hi I'm here to see Greg about a job here"

"Oh,sure right this way, you're going to love working here and you won't want to leave" said the employee.

Walking past the shelves, Wade could not help himself but get turned on. So many wetsuits he had lusted for, not to mention the buff wetsuits employee which added to his excitement. Many were his favorite, smooth skin orca wetsuits.

They finally reached the back of the house, and they walked down a flight of stairs to the basement of the shop into a long hallway. At the end of the hallway hung a sign "Master Greg's office".

"Master Greg,I have a young man here interested in the new position"

"You may enter"

"Thank you master Greg" said the employee as he opened the door.

In the room, there was a cabinet, a bed with straps and a table. Sat behind the table was a good looking gentleman dressed in an Orca wetsuit.

“So you’re interested in the job?”

Wade nodded in agreeance.

“Well, I must inform you our ours are long and we have a brotherhood, are you sure about it?”

“Yes, I am sure sir”
Master Greg gestured to Wade’s pants “You seem excited I think you’ll love it here.”
Greg pointed toward the slave “ you, get him a nice wetsuit… a 2XU one in XS would fit him nicely and one special one”

“Yes Master Greg” and the employee rushed off.

“So, let me be clear, this ain’t your regular job, you will be living here most of the time, and you will serve me alongside the other employees, or should I say… slaves. You will also have to improve your physical condition under our guidance, this is so you can serve us better and look better in the store. Don’t worry, you will be well taken care off, and paid well after you leave. Are you up for it?’

“That would explain all the buff guys” Wade thought to himself .

Just as Master Greg finished, the employee came back “Master Greg, I have the suits, may I enter?”

“Come in. So are you keen?”

Wade answered “Yes, I am”

“Alright, read this and sign” Greg presented a contract and a pen. Wade went toward the table and read through the contract speedily, he felt excited.

Wade signed it, and put the pen down.

“Alright Wade, you will now be known as Slave 39, and you shall only address me as Sir, or Master Greg.”

“Okay” Wade replied.


Part 2 comin soon, let me know How i can improve :lol:

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Re: Submit or else

Post by rubberized » Fri May 22, 2020 2:01 am

Awesome first part! I'd love to see a continuation. :D

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Re: Submit or else

Post by surfydude » Sun May 24, 2020 8:47 am

What does Master Greg look like? What does the special wetsuit look like and does it have special abilities? Interesting.

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