David and I - Part Six

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David and I - Part Six

Post by vincent » Thu May 17, 2007 12:11 pm

Here is part six guys:

I stood at the top of the stairs and waited. There were defiantly two different voices downstairs, but no more. I was not only feeling desperate but also impatient. I didn't know what was going on and I was anxious to find out as well as escaping what had become my predicament. I couldn't place the second voice. It sounded like someone that I hadn't seen in a few years, but it wasn't him. Then the second voice seemed to gargle a little and then it ceased. There were a few murmurs but nothing that I could really make out until I head David speak again.

"Comfortable?" I heard him ask. He was only replied to with mumbles.

Why was he wondering if someone was comfortable? He certainly hadn't wondered if I was comfortable or not when he had sealed me in. Feeling the neoprene dragging over my skin and hearing the click of the respirator was making me feel horny again and I could feel my dick starting to push against the suit again. Not yet showing a bulge, but I would be soon. There was no way that I could get out the house and back to mine dressed like this. He would stop me on the way and I would look damn strange walking up the street in this dress. I was in slight terror of what might happen to me, I was at David's mercy really.

He crossed the hall and went into the living room, leaving whomever else was with him in the kitchen. He was still dressed in the long john. He didn't look up as he crossed the hall so I didn't know if he had noticed me or not. I went back to his room, I needed to sit by an open window. I guessed that he hadn't touched the thermostat because I was building up a sweat in the suit just standing there. As I moved I could feel my sweat smoothing the movement of the suit against me and I softly moaned into the gas mask. I was going to be on edge for a long time again today by the looks of things.

I went back into his room and opened the window. I sat on his bed out of the line of sight form outside and made use of the breeze. The wind was cooling but the radiator below the window was heating the breeze as it entered the room. I looked in the mirror again and saw that my hardening dick was now starting to tent the front of the wetsuit. I pushed it around under the neoprene so that it pointed upwards. Doing so made me hard and now the wetsuit was rubbing against the sensitive underside of the head of my prick with every movement that I made, my sweat mixing with my dried cum producing a weird lubrication. Most of the gel which was in the suit seemed to have evaporated as I could no longer feel any in the suit with me but there wasn't any roughness against my skin.

I sat there for a few minutes and waited, then the doorknob turned. I was worried as to if it was going to be David who walked in or the un-named visitor. I was relieved when it was Davids head that I saw as he walked through the door.

"Your are going to enjoy today," he said, "but we really need to get you ready for your role today. Your playmate downstairs isn't going to go anywhere fast and neither are you. My parent's extended their holiday so there is no need to worry about them either."

Shit, I thought, there was going to be no end to this anytime soon. I had no Idea what he could have in mind. There were quite a few rooms in this house and there was even a pool. I felt empty because I had no control over what I was about to go through.

"Both you can your the other guest are going to be anonymous to each other. I have already masked him and put a ball-gag in his mouth, however I think you are more comfortable with the gas mask." As he said this he lent forward and squeeze the tip of my now rock hard dick. "And I don't think that I am wrong." He finished.

He inhaled a deep breath whilst still near me.

"Smells like you are cooking quite well in there, but I bet you are dying to empty yourself and clean off some of your grime."

I nodded my head at him.

"Follow me."

I stood up and followed him into his parents room with the en-suite bathroom. The room wasn't very brightly lit, just some bedside lamps and another reading lamp on the desk, but as we walked past the bed I saw a few pieces of rubber on it and there were a few reflections, as if there was something metallic on the bed. I also saw the clock-radio on the bedside table and it said noon, I wondered for how long things could continue, the next week I was due back at university. I stood at the door of the en-suite and David walked back and locked the door to the bedroom and took out the key, and placed it on top of the wardrobe. He knew that he would easily be able to catch up with me, while I fumbled with the key, should I try to make any escape. He also knew that he could force me into the suit should he so desire.

He came back towards the en-sutie and gestured for me to go in. He came in close behind me and rubbed his crotch against my butt while I was facing the mirror over the sink. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed my bulge. I couldn't help but snort and lean forward as he pushed himself further into me and rubbed around the outline of my cock.

"No yet though."

"Don't tea-...tease." I attempted to say, but the rush of hormones blocking the speech pathways in my brain. I noticed that he was loosening the buckles on the gas-mask, then he lifted it off my face. I looked in the mirror and saw that my face was red and covered in a layer of sweat.

He went back to the bedroom for a moment and while he did I ran the cold tap and splashed some cold water on my face, but due to the gloves that were still on my hands I couldn't get any skin to skin contact. When he came back we was waving something above my head in the mirror. It was the pilers. I just hoped that I was going to get out of the suit for a little while, my skin needed to breath. First though, he took the gloves off my hands, using the pliers to help him pull the knots on the cords loose where he had done them so tight during the night. After he did I pulled the gloves off and put them in the sink, my hands were red after rubbing against the insides of the gloves for so long.

"Take the boots off."

I did as I was told and leaned against the sink and took the steamer boots off and I placed them in the sink as well. David ran the taps and rinsed them out quickly.

Next was an assumed ritual, neither of us needed to say anything. I stood before him, and then I turned around. He then used the pliers and slowly pulled the part of the zipper that was left down my back. As he pulled it down his pushed it in against my skin and I could feel him dragging it down from top to bottom. He stopped and then I heard another click. I reached around and felt that he had reattached the pull part of the zip again. The pull part of the zip, yes, but the extra material in order to be able to easily open the zip myself, no. I wondered what he was up to. There would be no way that he was going to give me some of my liberty back.

"Take the suit off and take a shower." David said.

I slowly pulled the wetsuit off of my shoulders, but with a deep sense of regret in my head as I did so. I felt like I didn't really want to be taking it off. My body was slick and clammy at the same time with the sweat that I had been building up under the suit.

I sat on the edge of the bath to pull the legs of the suit off and then David took it from my hands. He didn't wash it out, just placed it on a hanger and then on the rail. As I stood up and turned to get into the shower he grabbed my on the shoulder and then looked up and down my body, checking to see if any hair had begun to grow again. There wasn't any, none had even begun to break the skin again. I was still hairless. I stepped into the shower and took my time washing my hair and body. The strangest thing was that I had lost my erection as I had taken the suit off but I still had the biggest need in the world to come. That was all my mind was focused on now, however I felt wrong about the idea of rubbing one out in the shower, I wanted to blow my load in the suit again, really making it mine. I finished showering then then I shaved, brushed my teeth and washed my face one more time.

I turned off the water and pulled the curtain back and grabbed a towel off the rack. I took my time drying myself and saw that David was sitting on the bed looking my way. I took my time noticing how my bald cock and balls still felt different.

"Put the suit back on." He said.

I didn't even think about washing it out, the mix of David and I that had been building up in the suit. I wanted it the way it was. I took it off the hanger and went through the process of pushing my feet down through the legs, the material slipping against my skin until my foot appeared out the other end.

David stood up and walked over to me, gesturing for me to stop what I was doing. Then, in his hand, he showed me that he was carrying a black latex cock sheath with an inch long open tube attached, like the one he was wearing the night before, and a tube of KY. At the very sight of the cock sheath my dick stood to full attention, engorged with blood and pulsating.

"I hoped that I would get that reaction." David said with a smile on his face.

He knelt down in front of me rolling the sheath back on itself as he did so it looked like a condom just taken from the packet with the pipe pointing through, ready to slide down my dick like a catheter. He pulled down on my dick and then let it go and it sprung up and hit my stomach. When it came to rest a drop of precum oozed out over the tip. David uncapped the KY and rubbed a little on the head of my dick and then the rest on the tube. He told me to take a deep breath because it might hurt and then he grabbed my dick into his fist and pushed the tube down my piss slit. I grit my teeth at the discomfort and was relieved with I couldn't feel it being forced down even further. He then proceeded to roll the rest of the cock sheath down my dick. He then forced my balls into the small pouch at the end. I could feel them being pulled up, but they weren't being squeezed. He then stood up and got a cotton bud from the cupboard above the sink and he slipped it in and out of the top part of my half latex lined dick hole and made sure that the latex was against the inner walls.

"Any excess jelly will come out when you take a slash." He stated.

He made sure that the excess latex was flat against my skin and then started to pull the wetsuit up over my waist, saying that I was to continue putting on the suit. I did so, loving the sensation of reentering the sweat and the drying man smells. Once I had my arms in the sleeves David drew up the zip and closed over the flap. When he did so he pulled extra hard to make sure that things were as flat as possible and then he went over me, rubbing his hands over everybody part to make sure that there were no bumps or kinks in the material.

"Were not using the boots and the hood this time. Go and stand in front of the large mirror by the bed."

The wetsuit seemed to fit me tighter than before, but it still rubbed me in all the most sensuous areas, the insides of my thighs, up and down the sides of my torso, whenever I moved. However, because of the sheath the sensations on my dick were a little reduced.

I stood in front of the mirror and David walked in, not far behind me. He was carrying a small bottle of clear liquid and a cloth.

"Stand up straight, legs shoulder width apart and your arms out in a 'T' shape." I obeyed him without question.

He then doused the cloth in half of whatever was in the bottle and replaced the cap and tossed it on the bed. Then starting with the legs he started to rub the cloth over the suit. The suit started to look slicker and the black shinier, like when a surfer comes out of the sea or like when David was standing down on the beach in this suit in the rain. When I saw his muscles shifting under the material which was tightly pulled over his body. David continued to work over me, mostly ignoring the boner in my crotch, but I felt him press quite hard as he moved over it and the surrounding area. When he started on the outsides of my thighs I noticed the familiar white Orca makings appearing. Also the logo appeared on the chest of the suit. I was amazed at what was happening. He then covered the back, arms and finally he took the care of the area around my neck. I thought that his suit was good looking just as it was, but now it looked amazing. It looked so smooth and so slick, and the markings appeared to heighten muscle definition.

"You can move now." David said.

And so I took the opportunity to check my self out. I loved looking at myself in the mirror and the way that I could see myself glide under this second skin. The markings on this suit were also slightly different to other suits that were on the market, the normal markings on the leg but also some symmetrical markings that started at the wrist and went up the sides of the arms where they split at the middle of the shoulder, one lune running down the back of the shoulder blade, and the other running down the chest, stopping level with the nipple.

"You look like your having fun," David said, "but you've not finished getting dressed for today. Your final dress," he briefly laughed to himself knowing that he had made a bad pun, "is in a bag under the bed. Pull it out."

I got on my hands and knees and I looked under his parents bed and saw a large black bag. I reached in and grasped one of the handles and pulled the bag out from under the bed.

"Bring it over here." David said.

I pulled it over and left it on the floor. I was kneeling next to it, it between the mirror and I.

"Open it."

I pulled the zip open all the way and a mixture of smells hit me. A strong rubbery scent with the odor of some sweat mixed in. When I first looked in the bag it looked just like a lot of rubber sheeting. I grabbed the object and lifted it out of the bag, not knowing what to expect. I kept hold of it and once I was clear of the bag I shook it out before me. I was holding in my hands a full drysuit with attached boots, gloves and hood. I looked at it, half dreading getting into another layer, it seemed like it would be like getting closer to the center of a spiders web, but also I wanted to get into the suit. I wanted to feel the sensations of having another layer slip over me. I also knew that being in the suit would concrete me under Davids control, but at this point my hormones didn't care.

David came over to me and said "I've never washed it out since I got it," turning me on even more. "I got it off a diver down at the marina and he said that he had made good use of it, but that because of his expanding waist line he needed to move up a size." He then continued, "I've made good use of that suit myself too, with nothing underneath. A few baggy clothes over the top and it just looks like you are wearing boots and gloves when you go night fishing. Of course, going night fishing on your own gets a little boring and you have to find someway to pass the time." He paused and then whispered into my ear "you know you want in."

At this point common sense had just departed from my mind. I wanted more covering me and to be surrounded by David more than ever. The smell of his funk was attracting me, as was the idea of adding my own to it. He gestured over to the bed and I went over and sat on the end of it, taking the heavy suit with me. I had hold of the arm pits and David straightened out the legs before me. I looked down at the zip and then dragged it across the shoulders, opening it, making it ready for entry. As I begun opening the zip I noticed another little ring half embedded in the dry suit and as I moved it another waft of stale rubbery sweaty air was pushed out of the suit and into my face. It was intoxicating. After I had finished pulling back the large waterproof zip I lowered the suit and lifted my leg to insert it. My heart was thumping with anticipation. I felt my foot pushing down into the dry suit, it going down further and further. I then lifted and inserted my other leg, both now pushing down into the lower half of the suit. I couldn't get all the way in just sitting on the bed. I leant forward and grabbed the waist of the suit and pulled it up. It felt like there were some seals inside the suit at the ankles and I forced my feet down into the boots. The suit was slipping and sliding all over me and I was loving every moment of it. I stood up and David came around behind me. I hadn't been paying attention to him whilst I was enjoying the suit.

"Your gonna have to put your arms and head in the suit at the same time." He said.

He grabbed the ends of the opening of the suit and helped pull the dry suit up around me. I put my arms down in the suit and he pulled the opening up over my shoulders. I pushed my arms down the sleeves and also noticed my hands going through more seals at the wrists. Also I could not feel anything through the thick pre-molded gloves, I could however feel small pools of sweat in the fingertips. David pushed the back of my head forward and I ducked down. He then lifted the top of the suit down over my head, pushed the neck seal down over my head and adjusted the hood on me. I could feel the newly familiar sensations of the hood pressing against my face. Next I heard David slowly pulling the heavy waterproof zip closed, slowly, across my shoulders, as if to let me know that I was being closed in. Then I heard a click and I threw my hand over my shoulder and felt a small padlock, holding the suit shut.

"Don't try and pull it off," David said, "there is no way you would be able to tear that rubber."

I then looked down at the crotch of the dry suit and saw that the relief zippers had also been padlocked together.

"The keys to the one on your back aren't even in the house," he gloated, "and let's say that the other keys I have for when the time comes." He then briefly paused, then said, "it looks like the doggy is almost ready to meet his new playmate, just one more thing."

He went back into the bathroom and picked up the gasmask. He came back and placed it over my face and then pulled the straps tight, I groped my crotch as he was doing so. It looked like I was going to be in this for the long run. I wondered what the hell David had in store.

If you liked it or didn't like it, please leave a comment. Although I do have a plan about where this is going if you have any ideas about what you think you might want to see in the story leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

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Post by jfog458 » Fri May 18, 2007 4:12 am

it's great

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Post by kevinsmith3244 » Sat May 19, 2007 3:16 am

it is wonderful in every way hope there is more to come

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Post by danl72 » Sun May 27, 2007 5:40 pm

Great story.

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Post by suited » Sun May 27, 2007 8:19 pm

I agree great story!

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Post by danl72 » Tue May 29, 2007 11:45 pm

Great story. Hope there will be more.

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Post by Tiger » Thu Aug 16, 2007 12:50 am

Excellent this type of thing has been my fantasy sinse I was about 15, I would love someone to lock me up in a wetsuit and take the keys away, When the next part of the story?

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Post by vincent » Fri Aug 17, 2007 8:10 pm

Hi there,

I have a layout in my head for what is going to happen in part seven.

At the moment I am writing a story for a different website but as soon as I have finished the second part for that one I will come back and write part seven for this one. Believe me, there are some more things that I want to get into this story. :wink:

Part seven should be done by the end of September. Each part normally takes two to three weeks depending on how much free time I have.

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