Have a good story about Lycra and/or wetsuits, then post them here!
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I shall give it to you straight, I am a bisexual cyclist who loves both women and lycra clad men. Generally I don’t take any interest in normal guys but it lycra clad male cyclists or wetsuit clad triathletes are my ultimate sexual preference. They are top of the list for my turning me on on.

The history behind my appetite for the fetish is a curious one. In my mid-teens around twenty years ago I lost my virginity to Bev, a tall short haired brunette, dark skin, dark eyes with a muscular well toned body. She was to set the scene for my sexuality for the rest of my life.

Bev was obsessed with guys in lycra. She loved wearing it as well. Consequently, sex was usually linked to both of us dressing up. I clearly recall her taking this to extremes. Just to give you a picture, one day she took me shopping in the local town centre, all she wore was a shiny black unitard cladding her body – I wore cycling kit – the looks we received do not need explaining! Her fetish for lycra clad men soon rubbed off on me and we often spoke about threesomes but this never materialised.

We slept with each other for a number of years until I had to relocate from southern to central England though we remain in touch. During this latter period I have had numerous female partners, none of which match Bev. I have even met up with guys from the web but these always turned out to be an anticlimax, they were either odd, never matched their profile or were simply not cyclists.

Following my move away and loss of my original fetish partner, I soon explored lycra in relation to cycling. Today I am a proficient road cyclist who loves the sport as well as its image. Much of my time is engaged with training on a partially competitive basis and at sportives.

History returned last weekend with a visit by Bev and her latest guy. Gareth, I was told, was a cyclist too but no mention of ‘lycra’ was made. This was perhaps not surprising since a lot of water had passed under the bridge since Bev and I went our own ways. But you can guess what I was hoping for!


Gareth represents everything I despised. He arrived with Bev is his gas guzzling Porsche Cayenne sports 4X4. This was probably paid for out of his over-inflated salary as a partner of a major accounting firm. He fit the image, successful, over paid, arrogant and wedded to his Blackberry. Typically, his bike was a top of the range Bianchi, which he had brought along for a short cycle ride with me.

Bev had to go into the City for the day. So I had to entertain Gareth for the day. We naturally decided to go cycle ride. So imagine me when I saw this tall athletic guy, large muscle bound thighs, tanned and shave legs, clad in Giordane Body Clone cycle kit appear in my front room. I was so unbelievably turned on. As for him, it just looked normal and lycra did even seem important.

The day did not start well. As an accomplished 10 mile time trialist with a 19m;40s personal best he was going to make sure that I knew how strong he is. For the first part of our route, I was only just hanging onto his rear wheel as his legs produced enormous power into the pedals. He was there to give me a pummelling which was probably typical of arrogant attitude. Sick of this punishment I decided to turn the tables. I knew that my later frame compared with his, would kill him on the hills. We returned by early evening after a ride of over 150km and he was just about crushed.

He was clearly not happy with this defeat but was too knackered to complain. We all had dinner, he told us how wonderful he is and we then head our separate ways to bed feeling rather exhausted.

Mixed emotions dominated my mind that night, I despised Gareth for his arrogance and his decision to make my life hell out on the ride that day, yet I could not get my mind off this god like body clad in superb lycra. Sex was starting to dominate my mind.


I am walking around in Skins Compression wear attempting to reduce my lactic acids produced by yesterday’s ride. I note that Gareth’s mood has changed to become more laid back. Sensibly, he suggested that we go out for a recovery ride. After a hour of gentle spinning we return laughing. This time he is clad in Castelli cycle kit which looks superb in his muscular body.

Bev notes our change in mood and barks about these fine two lycra clad guys entering the room. She makes various sexy comments about our bodies. Gareth and I laugh and look at each other. The discussion turns to where buy our lycra, what fits and what looks good. Bev decides to break this polite but obviously sexually based discussion. She asks for a threesome.

Looking at Gareth’s crotch, his hard-on need not say anymore. But this is the surprising thing, despite Bev’s suggestion of a threesome, the only actors in the performance are Gareth and I. I place my hand on his thighs, we start snogging and the rest speaks for itself. The sex was fantastic. All Bev could do was watch as Gareth and I engorged each other’s lycra clad bodies.

We shall be meeting again and in wetsuits

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Post by SZ » Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:56 am

excellent story maybe need a lycra swim before the wetsuits go on and wonder if bev has a nasty streak that would lock one or both in chastity under their skinsuits

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