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I had just joined the pool in my new town, and it was my first visit. After signing in at the front desk, I made my way downstairs to the locker room. I must have made a wrong turn somewhere, because I was in a dark hallway. Turning right, I found myself in a small room with a big blue window. This was the underwater observation room for the pool. My attention instantly went to what was going on in the pool. A dozen or more very fit young men were in the middle of some kind of freediving practice. All of them wore very tight wetsuits. So tight, in fact, that it appeared as if a few of the boys had black skins, their muscles outlined by the material. Some of them wore long fins, others were barefoot, but they all had weighted belts. I watched mesmerized, as they dived and surfaced. My cock had grown hard in my shorts, and I reached under my waistband and started stroking. It was a slow motion show of athletic bodies, moving like seals, and the occasional stream of bubbles. One fine example, without the use of fins, descended effortlessly to the deepest part of the very deep pool. He settled on the bottom near the window. His choice to not wear a mask either meant that I could watch him, knowing that he almost certainly could not see me. I stroked faster, watching this beauty sitting there, some small bubbles streaming from his nose. I wanted to be in that water with him, dressed as he was, pressing my lips to that serene face. He held his breath forever, and I found myself doing the same. His hips seemed to be moving, very slowly. Mine were also. His eyes closed, and he went from being fully relaxed to suddenly tense. Is he smiling? Then I came. I moaned deeply with the pleasure as I filled my shorts. The diver stretched and I watched him slowly ascend, his rubber body gliding past my window.
Suddenly, I realized I wasn't alone.
"It's really beautiful, isn't it?" a voice behind me asked.
"Um, I guess you could say that." There was no way this person did not witness my orgasm. I'm probably going to have to cancel my membership here.
"Of course, it's much more fun to experience than it is to watch." he said.
I turned around. Framed in the dim light of the doorway was a figure just like the ones I had been watching. His body glistened in his wetsuit. He was standing in the puddle of water coming out of the neoprene.
"Oh, you're one of the divers. You all must be really fit."
"Yes. You seem to be in pretty good shape yourself. How long can you hold your breath?"
I stammered, "Uh, well, maybe a minute really that's all."
"You want to try improving that? You might need a little rest first, of course." He smiled at me.
"You would teach me?"
"Sure. You seem attracted to Got time now?" The diver approached and stood close to me.
"Well, I don't have any gear if it's necessary."
"I think you have the right equipment," he glanced at my crotch. "But I'm sure we can lend you some gear to get you started. My name is Shane."

What do you think? Should I continue?

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Post by BlondGuppy » Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:32 pm

Sounds an interesting start to a story... I like it! Please continue, got me a bit, err, well, lets just say my heart quickened just thinking about it, imagining I was there!

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Post by Sethu » Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:23 pm

Yes please! I want to know what happens in the water, and after :wink:

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Post by rubrguy21 » Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:35 am

Thanks! Here's some more:

I followed him to the locker room. I walked a step behind, admiring the way his muscles moved under that really tight wetsuit.
So his name was Shane. He told me he had been freediving since he was a kid. I was nervous for so many reasons. His sexy appearance for one, but also the thought that he was going to let me participate and that I was so very underqualified.

Shane led me to a row of lockers, and opened one. He looked me up and down, selected a suit and handed it to me, "This seems like it would do".
The smell of the neoprene hit me right away. But this was nothing like my scuba kit. I knew I had to be really careful pulling it on. I struggled with the material.
"You're gonna pull that on over your trunks?"
"Why not?" I asked sheepishly.
"I suppose you could, but once you've done this a while, you'll realize it's best to go without."
"Oh, well I wouldn't want to be the odd one." So I stepped out of my shorts. Shane's eyes were fixed on my crotch. Suddenly timid, I yanked the suit up my legs and over my waist. I lost momentum trying to stretch the sleeves up to my arms.
"No need to hurry, I'll help." he said.
Shane helped my arms in. Wow this was snug.
"Let's smooth out these wrinkles," I think is what he said, but I was so distracted by his hands running over my rubberized body that he could have been saying anything. My cock stirred. I thought "There's no hiding that in this outfit, calm down". But he knew.
"I see you're comfortable,"
"Uhh right"
"Don't worry about that," he game me a knowing look. "All of us get enjoyment from diving. Some of us enjoy the gear as well. You'll find that your reaction is very common."
"Yes. The suits are tight. I'm sure you already know that breathholding can set you off also."
"Talk to David about his hobby. His meditative apnea has some pleasureable effects."
"Does he wear a suit with blue markings? He comes underwater, doesn't he?"
"Only at the end of a session. How did you tell?"
"It seems obvious now. He was very relaxed until he tensed up. I thought I saw his crotch move, and I definitely saw his toes curl."
"All without touching himself, it's something. You're halfway there though." He nodded downwards. I was at full mast, the outline of my erection clear as day.
"Oh jeez." I stammered.
"Relax," he put his hand on my manhood. Relax? How? I felt ready to blow. "You're with friends." He was rubbing gently now. My precum was creating a wonderful slippery feeling.
"No, please."
"What's wrong? I'm pretty sure you like this."
"I do, I don't wanna cum in somebody's suit."
"He won't mind. I thought it would relieve your stress. Then you could meet the guys feeling more relaxed."
He made it sound so good. "Won't someone catch us?"
"This is a private locker room, and our group will be in the pool for a while." He was caressing my bulge again. "Let me help you unwind. You'll be better at breathholding that way."
His touch became firmer. He turned me around and put his other hand on my ass. I pushed back, Shane was against the wall now, and my hands were on his hips.
"Go for it," he whispered.
I thrusted into his hand, over and over, though it didn't take long. I had never done something like this, but the feel of his arms on me, both of us moving together in our wetsuits, it felt right.
Then I came, holy crap. My toes curled over the cold tiles. I pumped my load into that suit, warmth that I could feel flowing between me and the rubber. My earlier jacking had been cut short before a good release, but oh my was this worth it. My knees went weak. Shane held me across the chest. I moaned with a long sigh of relief.
"You're welcome," he said. "Sit here and rest for a minute. Then we'll go out there and see what you can do."
This night was getting better by the minute.

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Post by Sethu » Wed Mar 16, 2011 1:15 pm

So that's what happens before hand...

I am enjoying this greatly. Please keep it coming :)

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A short time later, Shane handed me a mask and headed for the door.
"No fins?" I asked.
"Let's see how you do without them. You need to be good enough to get to the bottom in bare feet anyway. It's ten meters at that end, so don't worry if you can't manage right away."
"Wow that's deep, I don't know if I can cut it."
"We will teach you how."
We walked out onto the pool deck. I expected a group there, and was wondering if my appearance would somehow betray my recent activity. But the space was empty. Silly me, they were all in the water.
"Let's introduce you." Shane slapped the water. Slowly, eight or nine guys surfaced and swam to the edge.
"Everyone, this is James. He was admiring your talent and would like to join us as a junior member."
Smiles all around. They seemed very friendly. They all got out to shake my hand in turn. They were all in amazing shape, and I felt like a slob in my matching and revealing outfit. Though I felt unattractive, I never got a disparaging look.
Shane interrupted, "You guys can get back to your practice, I'm going to test his skills a bit." Then a sly look my way. "James just moved here, can you fellas show him around the pool?"
Sudddenly, the group was on me. I panicked for a second, but realized the joke. They hoisted me up and moved towards the water. Their hands were all over me, I had never been groped like this before, certainly not by a whole team. It was overwhelming. Caught up in the sensation, I didn't snap out of it until I hit the water.
"Okay, he's been baptised. James, I'd like you to try to retrieve this weight." Shane threw a heavy block in the water, and tossed me my mask. The others went back to their rituals. I watched the weight sink. I was nervous again. I strapped on the weight belt that he left on the edge for me.
"I'll give it a try." I did some deep air exchanges. A long inhalation, and I dived. I had been worried that the wetsuit would add too much buoyancy, but this was nothing like my sport suits. And it moved with me so well, a true second skin.
I was well aware of being watched, and I tried not to let it distract me as I worked towards the bottom. The other guys hung underwater, looking so relaxed, their slightest muscle movements visible on their shrink wrapped bodies. I must look like a damaged tadpole.
Concentrate! I pulled with my arms, another wide kick. The suit just hugged me, and stretched so wonderfully.
Grab the brick now, I need air. It's so heavy. I planted my feet and pushed off the bottom, but I barely moved. Can't use my arms, I'm thrusting with my legs hard, but that surface is so far away. Keep at it. You gotta prove yourself.
Still not there, need to breathe. Diaphragm contracting, fight it off. Kick. Kick.
Almost- -gulp. No not yet! I've broken the surface. I'm in a coughing fit. Someone is next to me, pulling me to the side. He's rolling me onto the deck. My coughing subsides, and I'm looking up at Shane, dripping all over me. He's smiling.
"I wouldn't mind giving you cpr, but I think you're fine now."
"Oh my god I'm so embarrassed."
"Don't be. You did great. Your breathing technique is crap and you still pulled it off." The weight was still gripped in my hand.
"You need to show me how to- -" I suddenly noticed Shane's huge erection. "Hello there,"
He seemed bashful for a split second. He said in a low voice "You can thank me later. Now let's correct your mistakes."
I recuperated while Shane went through a lesson in how to hyperventilate safely. He asked me to try again, without the weight. He was going to lead me down and back up. I gulped air, and he went under. I dived again, determined to do better.
Shane's fins led the way. I knew I should be thinking about what I was doing, but this specimen before me was distracting. Powerful legs, wrapped in neoprene, slowly kicking. I could see every movement, his large chest filled with air pressing against the suit, and the fit but slender biceps stretched in front of him. Before I knew it, we were at the bottom.
Shane crossed his legs, and sat. I did the same. He closed his eyes. How long were we going to stay? I decided to push the thought of air aside and focused on his form. His earlier erection had subsided, but I was working on one now. Maybe that blood would be better off in my lungs?
Finally, his eyes opened, and he motioned for me to ascend. Lungs burning, I swam upwards.
"Much better," he said. "I want you to work on movement though. You need to create more propulsion with your kicks. I have a video to lend you."
"Says the man with the fins." I joked.
"Trust me, you will appreciate being more efficient. I have to lock up soon, let's shower." I had just realized that the others had left. We climbed out and headed for the lockers. I felt so lucky to be a part of this evening. Shane turned on the shower taps. "Takes forever to get hot for some reason."
"Shane I want to thank you for including me."
"No problem, you have some natural talent, just need some guidance. But..." he moved closer. "You can still show your gratitude." he grabbed my hand, and placed it on his cock. Rock hard, even through the rubber. I smiled, and began to caress it. He turned his back to me, and I worked on him with both hands. We moved under the flowing water. The spray made a hollow pattering sound on our wetsuits. Shane gyrated with me, breathing heavy. He grabbed his zipper, and lowered it, freeing one arm from the suit. He took one of my hands, and slid it inside his wetsuit, down his smooth chest, to his encased cock. It was well lubed at this point, and I pumped away on it. So strange to be giving Shane a secret pleasure I had only given myself. And he relished it, after just moments his breath halted. His cum flowed, soft grunts eminating from that powerful chest. It ran over my hand, and spread in the suit.
"Thank you," he whispered. We peeled off the suits, and washed.
Shane told me to return the following night.

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Post by alfiej_uk » Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:40 pm

Great story, can't wait to see what happens tomorrow night!

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I spend the next 24 hours in a dream state. Thinking about what I had experienced, the sights, the sensations. I walked back into the rec center, almost expecting the pool to be abandoned. And the private locker room was empty. I was crestfallen, but then I saw the note attached to the gear locker: "James, get dressed and meet us in the pool.".
All right. I found my assigned mask and wetsuit. I stripped, and while I was slipping into the suit, I had a flashback to the fantastic orgasm Shane gave me in it last night. I willed myself to calm down, since getting the suit on with an erection was much more difficult.
I walked out onto the pool deck, the group was all there. They sat in a line with crossed legs, apparently meditating or something. I noticed their hair and suits were dry.
"Hello James," said the one named Keith. "Shane is late, but he asked us to get you started. For the first exercise, we will practice a few of the simple dives you were doing yesterday. I will stay at the surface to monitor you and the rest will sit at the bottom and critique your form."
"I don't know if I'm ready to be critiqued."
"It's just observation, we'll be kind. You need some eyes on you to catch what needs to be corrected later."
"Okay then."
He waved for the guys to submerge. They are all so good. Here come the nerves. I jumped in. I felt the tight embrace of my wetsuit give just a little.
I followed what Shane showed me yesterday. I slipped underwater, and headed down. I felt pretty good, until I saw the row of goggled eyes looking back at me. They stared so intently. I felt naked, I might as well have been in that outfit. I left them behind, and swam up, towards a pair of dangling legs.
"Very good," Keith commented. "Thirty seconds and try again."
This dive felt even better. In fact, when I reached the bottom, I decided to hang out there for a moment. I swam down the row, kicking slowly. It felt strange being ogled, but I think I was liking it a bit. Back up I went.
"Getting more confident I see. Sixty seconds and repeat." he ordered.
On my descent, I noticed the group was in a circle. Figuring they wanted to still watch me, I touched bottom in the center of their ring. I turned around slowly to make eye contact with each man. I had been down for over a minute at this point, so I pushed off the bottom to begin my ascent.
I stopped dead in the water. Someone was grabbing my ankles. Several someones. They had me pinned. I tried to kick, but they had me caught.
I bent down to try to free myself, but I had no leverage. This isn't funny guys. My diaphragm contracted weakly. They had me by the sleeves as well. What's this? Someone behind me is pulling down my zipper. What the hell? He's pulled my wetsuit down my shoulders. I need air. Now. Another contraction.
I'm writhing now. My suit is slipping down. My arms are free, but my legs are still stuck. Contraction. That hurt. Despite the pain, I'm getting hard. Not now! The suit is coming off my waist. Well here's your show, boys. Wetsuit coming down my legs, I'm almost loose. They've released my arms. Go up! No my feet are stuck in the wetsuit. Kick! One foot free. One more kick. My other foot released, I thrashed my way up. Air air air!
I exploded at the surface, and nearly sank again if not for Keith.
"You!" cough "Bastards!" gulp.
"Looks like you survived the hazing." it was Shane yelling from the far end.
"I thought tossing me in was the hazing."
"No, that was just teasing. But I promise this is the end of it."
The group surfaced around me.
"You should be proud," Keith said. "New recruits aren't usually ready to be tested like that for several weeks."
"Cold comfort."
"Speaking of cold, here's your wetsuit back."
I treaded water while turning the suit outside in. Fortunately it's easy to put one on when you're already in the water. The group dispersed, Shane told me to take a break for a few minutes before more training.
I sat on the side, and someone swam over to me. It was Dave.
"Sorry about that. It's all good fun."
"I'm good. A near drowning is invigorating."
"You had more air than you think. Though you wouldn't be the first to pass out underwater."
"From this little stunt?"
"Not really. In the advanced lessons, we can teach you underwater combat and defense. Those exercises can go wrong sometimes, but everyone walks away from it."
"I heard you have a different hobby."
"Maybe. But I noticed that your bottom half enjoyed the drama, even if the top half didn't."
"What of it?"
"It's nothing different from what I like. Oxygen deprivation gives you the most amazing orgasms. Once you master breath control, you can really learn how to enjoy yourself."
"I saw you last night. You shot your load down there without even touching yourself."
"That's right."
"Teach me how."
"I don't know that you're ready. You panicked down there. Know how you feel after a cum? Now find the energy to get your ass back to the surface."
"I wasn't expecting what happened. I can manage if you show me the ropes."
"Okay then. Tell Shane that I'm giving you a lesson. But if you nod off down there and start drinking pool water, I won't feel bad for your recovery."

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Post by willi » Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:21 pm

I wish I experienced that.

Please continue this wonderful story.

Perhaps have James get pinned to the ground in the pool and the other guys give him air from mouth to mouth.

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Post by rubrguy21 » Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:55 pm

I really like that idea.

I'm not there yet, but I think I will add that scene later.

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Post by rubrguy21 » Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:58 pm

Dave climbed out of the water to sit next to me.
"So how do you do it?" I asked. "How do you get off without touching yourself?"
"It's all about meditation. I'm going to teach you how to focus."
"Is that how you manage to hold your breath for so long?"
"Exactly. Breathing exercises only take you so far. Let me show you."
The next hour that I spent with him was one of the most interesting of my life. His methods seemed so strange, but when I beat five minutes without breathing, it was obvious he knew what he was doing.
"You are learning very fast." he said. "I bet you could hit six tonight."
"Get back in the water. Being immersed will slow your metabolism."
"I'm concerned about blacking out with my face in the water."
"I will be right next to you. Leave the weight belt here and let the wetsuit float you."
Dave was right. I followed his script, and left the world behind for a muffled dream. For a while, I didn't feel anything. The tightness of my suit went away. The desire for air left me. Some time later, the contractions in my chest became unbearable. When I knew the next one would have me gulping water, I lifted my head.
"5:51. Excellent."
I felt dizzy. Dave pulled me to the side and rolled me on my back. That's when I noticed my huge bulge.
"You are definitely the right student for this. You get the same reaction to apnea that I do."
"If I get a hard on every time I do static, what will the others think?"
"No worries." he smiled. "Two or three guys here get jollies from this. Several others have a neoprene fetish. Only two of us seem normal, but they're accepting of the whole thing, they seem to ignore it."
"Guilty on two counts then."
"I thought so. You really like sporting a wetsuit, I can tell."
"There's nothing like it." I beamed with my accomplishment and the happy company I was in.
"I think you deserve a reward. Let's move on to the good part, you're halfway there." he glided his hand over my package.
Dave told me the trick was to be at least partially aroused before doing the dive. He went back over the meditating principles, changing a few of the focus points. By the time we were finished, my cock was throbbing.
"I'm going to dive with you," he said. "If you finish first, I will wait and swim up with you. Otherwise, I'm going to go up for air, but I'll keep watching."
"I'll be right behind you."
Dave did his thing and smoothly submerged. I followed. He used his arms mostly. As I was just behind his feet I noticed he didn't kick with them very much. When he did, he seemed to be able to push a lot of water with his feet. I'll have to try to learn that.
Near the bottom, I felt my cock twitch with anticipation. We sat on the floor. Eyes closed, I willed myself to come. I thought about being here, deep underwater, wrapped in the most snug and stretchy wetsuit I had ever worn. I was half fish now. And surrounded by a group of men who shared my desire for tight rubber and aquaphilia. And I thought of Shane, embracing me as I humped. Later on as well, I had embraced him, those strong muscles moving under neoprene while he was grinding towards his own bliss. Oh, I'm almost there, I can feel the tension rising. I can hear something. It's Dave, he's grunting nearby. He must be coming. I want my turn.
Contractions are hard to ignore now. They get more painful. Come on, I need to finish. I wonder what my time is. No, forget that. Think about the goal. Mmph. Ow, that one hurt. Another one. You're done, James. Go up before - -
Oh OH OH YES OH MY GOD YES. I'm cumming. I'm cumming like nothing before. Pumping hot jizz into my wetsuit. UH. UH. I can't control myself. I'm grunting like an ape, each moan bursting with bubbles from my lips. Ohhhh yessss.
MMPH! Air. Air! Swim up you stupid prat.
It feels like forever, I have to will myself to uncurl my toes, straighten my legs.
MMPH. MMPH. Gulp. Oh no. Cough it up! Gulp. Dave, help! Where are you? Gulp.
The worst wake up call someone could ever get involves spitting up large amounts of water, while trying simultaneously to replace it with air. I did this for a good five minutes. I don't know how I got onto the pool deck. It was either Shane or Dave, standing over me now, that saved my sorry ass.
"It's okay James. Just relax and breathe."
"S-so embarrassed."
"Well lucky for you we were the only two left in the pool to witness your misadventure. Shane, help him go get changed and I'll lock up."
Shane bent down and helped me to my feet. We took a shaky walk to the locker room. He sat me on a bench, and started removing my wetsuit.
"Thank Dave for me, okay?" I muttered.
"Thank me you nitwit. Dave was enjoying his afterglow a little too much and got distracted. I saw you go into convulsions and dove down to get you."
"Really?" my head was spinning. "Shane, you are awesome." he was tugging my suit down.
"Yeah well more people should tell me - - wow," Shane had gotten the wetsuit under my waist, and discovered the evidence of my orgasm.
"I've never shot a load like that."
"Promise me you won't try that again until you get advanced training. Please." he looked me in the eyes with so much concern.
I couldn't stand it. I grabbed his head and gave him a deep long kiss that conveyed my gratitude. Shane didn't resist.
"James, I care for you too. Let's do all this a little more carefully. How are you feeling now?"
"Better. Thank you." Shane got the suit off my legs, and I stood up. "You need to shower too."
I took my time peeling the wetsuit off of his body.

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Post by Sethu » Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:03 pm

Again, excellent!

Will you be continuing this?

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Post by wet_768 » Fri May 27, 2011 10:20 pm

Are we going to get another chapter of this story?

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Post by rubrguy21 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:55 am

Chapter 6

"Hey Shane," I called as I crossed the pool deck.
"Hey." he answered. He looked a little cross.
"What's going on today?"
"The guys want to do an exercise. Most of them have done it before, but I'm worried it's a bit above you."
"Sounds complicated."
"No, it's just tricky. One diver sits at the bottom and is fed air from someone else mouth to mouth."
I paused. "Hmm, that does sound tricky. How dangerous is it?"
"Well, the timing needs to be right or the subject will pass out. It's hard on the donor too."
I had to ponder this for a moment. "Well, as long as you're monitoring, I'm game."
"I think it would be better if I was actually the donor."
My cock twitched with excitement at this idea. "Umm, sure that's fine."
After pulling on my fins, I slipped into the water. I really appreciated being able to use the fins, having spent so much time swimming without them. Sometimes though, when my calf muscles were sore, I missed going barefoot. But drills like this required me wearing them to keep up.
It was simple, I was to dive to the bottom and wait. I sat there, looking up at the surface. Shane's black-clad legs moved slowly, preparing for his dive. Finally, he descended to meet me.
He made eye contact, and signaled for me to exhale. I had almost forgotten that I would need to have empty lungs in order to accept his air. A giant cloud of my bubbles was released.
Shane leaned in, and pressed his lips over mine. My first instinct was to kiss him, but I needed to keep my mouth open to receive his breath. He blew out forcefully, and at the same time I sucked in. His air was moist and hot. I felt an erection stretching the crotch of my wetsuit.
The tricky part was stopping my inhalation before our lips broke contact. Too late, and I would be sucking water. But my timing was fine. I watched Shane's legs push him back to the surface.
What I didn't realize about this drill was that the air coming from Shane's lungs was not very fresh. His body was using that air, so a lot of what he gave me was carbon dioxide. This meant I had a craving for more air almost as soon as he hit the surface. I wasn't worried yet, but my erection was a lot harder.
Here he comes again, good. Mmm, look at that body. Tight black rubber hotness coming to bring me air. Easy now, gotta conserve.
I blew out again. Not so many bubbles this time. I accepted his mouth once more, oh, one long 'huuuuuuuup' drawing oxygen from his body. It was so sensual really, the breath of life transferring from him to me. He's left again. I was in a mild trance.
We did this several more times. My cock throbbed. Then Shane signaled me to ascend. As soon as I began pumping my legs, the friction of neoprene had me pumping my load. I moaned into the water as I followed him up, my smooth kicks changing to a jerky motion, and my eyes closed until I broke the surface.
"Nice job mate," he said. "You were so relaxed down there."
It was funny because I wasn't relaxed 'down there', but I just smiled.
"Take a break for a while."
I sat on the edge and watched the others drill. There was no drama, they had mastered this a long time ago.
Shane glided over, his long fins trailed behind him as he floated on his stomach. He folded his arms on the edge and smiled at me.
"Hello. Think you're ready to mix it up?"
"What's next?"
"Same drill this time, only you'll be wearing the blackout mask."
I didn't like the blackout mask. Even underwater, where I was so comfortable, became unsettling when I couldn't see.
"Uh, well, as long as you're still with me, okay."
In the dark. Shane placed my hands on his shoulders as I treaded water behind him. He would dive and I would ride him to the bottom, blind. One, two, three, he's pulling me down. I kick gently, just enough to assist. He rights me, and I sit in the dark. Shane squeezes my hand, he must be going up now.
Moments pass. It feels so much longer this time. Where is h- -Ooh! He startled me. I remember to exhale, but it's harder to will myself to blow out, without seeing the source of my next breath looking back at me. But of course, his lips press to mine. Ohhhhh, air. Shane's mouth is to die for. At least, I think it's Shane. Could it be one of the others? I'm almost sure it's him, I know that touch. The transfer is done, my mouth closes. Then I feel a brief kiss on my lips. Yes, it was him all along. There goes my cock again. Not as stiff since my earlier release, but getting firm nontheless.
Shane comes and goes, delivering me air and then leaving me to wonder when he will return. He never leaves me for long though. I trust him, so I relax in my dark waterworld. Eventually, he tugs on my arm. I take off the mask to a flash of bright blue, and follow his blurry form to the surface.
"This isn't fazing you at all, is it?" he asks.
"Not really, it just gets uncomfortable after a while."
"Yeah, we can't do it for too long, or the CO2 levels get too high. Let's rest for a bit."
Shane wandered over to a couple of the other guys. I could hear them talking shop for a while. Twenty minutes or so went by before Shane came back.
"So the guys don't think I'm working you hard enough."
"What does that mean?"
"Well, they've come to expect a lot from you I guess. You may not be at their level yet, but at the speed you've advanced, they seem to want to push the envelope."
"By doing what exactly?" I was a little nervous.
"They want you to participate in a Davy Jones."
"Doesn't sound promising. What is it?"
"A couple of the guys did this for military training. It's like the drill we just did, would be tied at the wrists and ankles."
"Uh, I don't think I want to..." This seemed risky.
"I wouldn't pressure you, it's not how I train. But they must have a lot of confidence in you to even suggest it."
"And what about you?"
"I think you could do it too."
"Fine then, let's do it." My voice sounded more confident than I actually felt.
Dave made great knots (part of another one of his interesting hobbies), so he was the one to tie my hands behind my back. Moving down to my ankles, he removed my fins. He and Shane agreed that they would just get in the way. I felt vulnerable at once, barefoot again and at the mercy of these bonds. They placed the mask on my face. I was breathing a little heavy.
Shane's voice calmed me. "We're gonna float you out to the center. Prep for your dive, and when you nod your head, we will tow you to the bottom."
It was a tough trust exercise. I followed the plan though, and before I knew it, one diver had each leg and was pulling me down.
I was utterly at Shane's mercy. He delivered my air faithfully, however. I had to try to forget that my limbs were useless, which would have been easier if the support divers weren't taking turns holding my shoulders down. But things were going well.
Except, it seemed as if the breathing intervals were getting longer and longer. Was I just getting tired? Maybe.
No, they are getting longer. I'm getting contractions now. This must be part of the test, make the guy wonder where his air is.
Where is it? Shane is taking forever. He wouldn't let anything happen. It's okay. But come on already...
Ow. That's a hard contraction. I'll let out some air to ease the pressure, he'll be here any second.
I'm getting restless, pulling at my bonds a little. Someone's got my shoulders in a vice grip. Blowing more bubbles...
I'm really uncomfortable, the next contraction causes me to pull my knees up. Of course, I'm getting an erection from lack of air. Shane, please. Is something wrong? If only I could see.
I gulp. The water goes to my stomach and not my lungs, but I don't have long. I can't get free. Who has my shoulders, anyway? Even if I could get away from him, I don't think I can swim up like this. Dolphin kicks? Is this guy drowning me? It makes no sense. Damn erection. If I die down here, please don't call an ambulance. I don't want them to find me dead in my wetsuit, with a giant bulge in the front.
This is it. I don't know what happened to Shane. Did he betray me? Guess I'll never know. Any second now I'm gonna inhale.
Wait, there's a hand on my chest. Is that you, Shane? Doesn't matter, the last of my bubbles explode from my mouth...
And Shane's lips seal on mine. I gasp, sucking, sucking so hard. I can hear his cough. Stale air never felt so good. My mask is ripped off, and there is Shane, pulling me up to the surface.
Cool air, so much of it. I'm being towed to the side of the pool. I roll onto my side on the edge. There's yelling going on.
Steve has a bloody nose. Shane's saying he deserved it. I lay there, useless, and watch. I guess Steve and Paul, the ex-military guys, didn't tell Shane how the drill was supposed to end. Shane is furious. Steve and Paul are out, and are not to return.
Shane is still shaking with rage as he walks over to me. I sit up as he apologizes, he's near to tears.
"I didn't know, I'm so sorry. Apparently those meat heads think it's okay to carry out some crazy soldier ritual without telling me."
"What happened?"
"I was about to go down for another breath and they grabbed me. Strong bastards. Took forever to get them off me. They think just because they got abused as recruits years ago, it's okay to do it to someone else. Some crazyness about fear based training."
"Shane, it's alright. I'm alright."
"No it's not. That could have ended badly. There was no communication, no plan."
"Thank you sweetie. My savior once again." he finally looked me in the eyes. My smile wiped away his anger, his shoulders dropped.
"You must be angry though. You nearly drowned in this pool yet again, and I'm to blame. How do I make this right?"
I was still smiling, it wasn't his fault. "Untie these fucking ropes, dear."

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