Returning a lost diving glove

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Returning a lost diving glove

Post by Jamie6369 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 4:08 pm

It seems to be new story season :D

This is all fiction, exclusively for the residents of

So, there I was happily biking around the local industrial estate, minding my own business when I came across a neoprene glove. One or two of my friends have given me the nickname "Womble" as I always seem to be finding something that somebody has dropped.

I was well chuffed to find a single diving glove - I know, most people do not get excited by such things, but this gave me
the opportunity to return it to the owner. I had passed several times a small, anonymous unit that had a sign on the outside for diving tuition. Now was my chance to go inside.

I pedalled around and just left my bike outside, leaning against the wall and went through a door marked "Shop & Reception". I had never been this close to the place, but liked the idea of a shop, perhaps they would have wetsuits everywhere.

Upon entering the unit, the reception and shop area seemed to be neat and tidy, there was a counter and a cash register, a few seats and just a few wetsuits hanging up on a rack, in a glass cabinet there were all sorts of regulators, goggles and other stuff that I was not really interested in. There was no sign of anyone, so I took the opportunity and had a quick browse through the wetties which were hanging up. My initial reaction was that they all seemed huge, looking at the sizes confirmed that the smallest was "Large". I do not really know why, I was not going to buy one, but I felt disappointed.

Although something just below my waist was certainly not disappointed, and was indeed pointing upwards! I wondered around for a couple of minutes, once or twice I shouted "Hello", but there was still no sign of anyone, I do remember wondering if they suffered from much theft, it would the ideal place to steal from. I got bored and saw a door marked "Water - enter only with trained staff", so thought "what the hell", opened it and again shouted "hello"

"Over here mate" I heard a voice shout back from somewhere deep in the building.

I wondered towards the voice, I was still hard, I think it was the smell of all the neoprene, or it could have been that while fidgeting with the glove I found, I had actually put it on and could feel my hand getting warm and sweaty.

I managed to find the voice by following the noise of someone moving stuff around, when I saw the blond haired, blued eyed teenager, dressed in a really tight 2XU wetsuit, I think my erection got even bigger. He was probably eighteen or nineteen and an inch or two taller than myself.

"Fuck you are well turned on" He laughed as he pointed at my groin.

I really had no idea what to say, I stumbled with "er, erm, I, I, er glove, er"

"Don't worry Dude." he said "once you have worn a wettie for a while, you will love it even more"

"what, no, er, I mean, I only came in to return this" I said while waving the gloved hand around.

"Oh, fair enough, where'd you find it" He asked

I told him that it was half way down the road, whilst removing it and handing it to him. Curiosity then got the better of me
and I asked "Why you wearing a wetsuit, it doesn't seem the best thing to wear to shift air bottles around in?"

If nothing else, I am observant (which could explain why I am always finding things), as well as the 2XU Project X wetsuit, he was wearing white Nike Airmax trainers, I could see he was also wearing white socks that disappeared under his wetsuit and he wore a watch on the outside of his wetsuit sleeve, it seemed obvious he was not going into water any time soon. I could also tell from a mile off that he was working hard, his blond mop of hair was soaked in sweat and was partially stuck to his forehead.

"Company uniform" he laughed. "We all have to wear one, whether we swim or not"

"Cool" I said, before (and to this day I don't know why I said it) asking "any jobs going?"

"Dude, I knew you were turned on by the wetties" He grinned.

I must have turned a really bright shade of red.

"We haven't got any jobs going, but lets get you in a wettie, see how much you like it. Ever worn one before?"

I managed to stammer out a "no"

Before I knew what was happening, we were both standing in a large supply room, there were literally hundreds of wetsuits everywhere. I could feel my hard on reaching new limits.

"I'm Nick by the way" he said.

I introduced myself as he was removing his wetsuit.

"This is the best one we have that will fit you, it costs a fortune, if you are going to try on one, you may as well try a good one" Nick grinned.

A completely naked Nick stood before me, I could see lines all over him respresenting the seams of the wettie
"Dude, strip!" he said quite firmly.

Nick helped me out of my clothes, remarking what I nice hard on I have and embarasing me even more. He picked up all my stuff and chucked it into a locker, removing the key which he hooked on to a chain around his neck. Like Nick, I had kept my socks on.

"Come on Dude, lets get you in this thing" He laughed.

He must have been moving those air bottles around for a while, the inside of the wetsuit was soaked with his sweat. Initially for the first minute it felt really cold, then warmed up, really warmed up, I soon felt myself beginning to sweat and I was just stood there.

Nick had been busy squeezing himself into a Blueseventy Reaction (I would not know all these different makes and models, but the wetsuits are covered them!). Looking at him wriggle and pull and heavy, I think getting his sweaty body into a dry wetsuit was as difficult as getting me into his.

"Shoes on Dude" Nick grinned, before continuing "I still have to move all those cylinders - you can help me"

"No, I can't, I've got stuff to do" I lied, I really wanted to get out of there and take care of my erection!

"Tough" He laughed, nodding at the locker my stuff was in "You're not getting that key until we're done"

"But..." I just managed to get out, before he interrupted

"Dude, look at you, your dick shows you're loving this" he grinned

He was right, on both counts, my dick and that I was loving being in this way-cool wetsuit.

"come on, the sooner we finish, the sooner you can get your clothes back - and the sooner I can go home!" Nick laughed

As we walked back to the air tanks, Nick asked if my car was outside, when he discovered I had a bike, we diverted and brought it into reception to keep it safe. Nick said that his bike was "in the compressor room" - where ever that was.

Nice seemed like a really nice bloke, with an obvious good sense of humour. I was soon at ease and we talked about all sorts of stuff as we manhandled the air tanks around. I was soon really sweaty, the inside of the wetsuit felt really smooth and slippery. Nick looked at me, grinned and asked
"You've got to that stage where you just want to wank, haven't you?"

"Is it that obvious. I thought I was horny when I first tried the thing on" I answered

"I've been there Dude, actually, I start work at 9am, and I'm usually at that point by 10am!" Nick said, before finishing "I always seem to have a lot of physical work to do first thing in the morning, I get well sweaty and the wetsuit feels just so good!" he laughed

We finished putting the tanks away, I was ready to head back to change and get my clothes,
"Not so fast. We're going for a bike ride first. You think getting sweaty in a wetty makes you horny - you haven't felt nothing yet!" Nick announced

Next thing I know, we are racing around the industrial estate on our bikes, it is early evening so most of the business have shut for the day. I enjoyed the bike riding, Nick obviously knew the place like the back of his hand, we were cutting corners, going down alleyways far to fast if it was during the working day, along a track over an undeveloped plot, we went all over, really fast!

When we got back to the diving unit, I hopped off my bike and literally felt the sweat running down the inside, it actually tickled.

When we got back in to the reception area, Nick stopped me and ran his hands all over my body, it's odd, you would think encased in a rubber shell would stop you feeling much, but wow - I felt as if my whole body was tingling. He then started gently rubbing the obscene bulge of my penis. I was so hot, both physically and sexually. I wanted to cum so badly, but abruptly, Nick stopped and lead me back to where my clothes were.

We just got back in the room when Nick back-handed me in my nuts, hard, really hard. He laughed and said
"I love nutting people in wetties, their balls are so hot and sweaty, they hang down so far and vulnerable. And it will stop you cuming until you get home"

All I managed to say while still propping myself up with my hands on my knees was
"You fuckin' little shit" before laughing and saying "You got me good"

"Right answer Dude" Nick laughed "Now I know you have a sense of humour, would you like a job?"

I was somewhat taken back by the offer, I was only joking earlier when I asked if there were any jobs going. I was self employed, but in all honesty, not doing very well, maybe this would be a fun place to work (and hopefully play).

Nick went on to describe what the position would entail while helping me out of his wetsuit. I was a bit distracted when the wetsuit was finally off, the tops of my socks which had been under the wetsuit were soaked and as the sweat quickly evaporated, felt as if my ankles were in some kind of freezer.

Nick blew on the top of my socks, which made them feel even colder, smiled and said "Cool"

As my clothes were unlocked and handed back to me, he described the highly flexible working hours, as I got dressed in my trackies and t-shirt he had almost persuaded me.

"Have a think about it overnight, I'll be working late again tomorrow night, come and see me again then" Nick told me as he saw me to the door.

My head was spinning, my dick was harder than it had ever been before, and I smelt of rubber and sweat, as I lifted my leg to get on my bike another shot of pain reminded me of that backhand to the nuts. The past couple of hours had been the best of my life, I must have had a grin on my face "from ear to ear" as gran would say.


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Re: Returning a lost diving glove

Post by denimclad » Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:15 am

That sounds like a fun place to work!

Nice story. Thanks for posting it.

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Re: Returning a lost diving glove

Post by Jamie6369 » Fri Apr 11, 2014 12:01 pm


It is so nice for people to write a few lines when they enjoy a story (I am a bit of a hypocrite on these matters, I really should write and thank people more often).

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Re: Returning a lost diving glove

Post by zeep » Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:01 pm

more to come?

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Re: Returning a lost diving glove

Post by Jamie6369 » Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:16 pm

zeep wrote:more to come?
I don't know. I haven't thought about it.

May be, may be not. :twisted:

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