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your wetsuits

Post by MoxMo »

I am looking for a wetsuit and i am a bit confused because of the endless number of possible wetsuits. So i would like to know what wetsuits other people have. I saw much different prices and i am not sure if they are really worth it.
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Re: your wetsuits

Post by scubaboy81 »

I have a 2XU Race and a TYR Category 2. The 2XU which retails for US $319 I got back in March, but was lucky to get it at a discount for US $212 and the TYR I got 2 years ago retails around US $350 but bought used like new for US $200. Both are great hot looking tri wetsuits. I got both on Amazon. I also see them on ebay and sometimes they have sales.

Here's the 2XU link ... UTF8&psc=1

Here the TYR link ... dition=new
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Re: your wetsuits

Post by kinkygaynerd »

I got the Orca TRN in my picture off of Wiggle. Link here if you want it: ... exclusive/
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Re: your wetsuits

Post by surfydude »

I got the Orca TRN too (but mine's red). It's a great suit - cheap, thin, stretchy and smooth on the outside. Go for the tri wetsuits if you like the smoothskin finish (warning, it's addictive).

I also have surf wetsuits (Billabong Foil and Xero). They're a different kettle of fish. Not smooth on the outside, but the fabric gets very shiny when wet, almost glassy straight out of the water. The chest zip system (if the suit has one) is also fun to get in and out of. You get to play contortionist. Or just get a back zip if it's not your thing.

Full suits are the best for coverage, but they get hot easily on a warm day. Shorties or springsuits are an option, if you don't mind the bare arms/legs.
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Re: your wetsuits

Post by WetsuitTrannyuk »

I have a ladies 2xu propel for walking/daytime/evening wear and a 3mm osprey pink wetsuit for sleeping in. I also have a 10mm mares dive suit for when I go outside for a long walkin the winter with my leather boots x
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