Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

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Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Post by slinkysquirrel »

Twenty-two year-old Tom was in his basement apartment, on his computer playing Modern Seal Team Strike. It's the most detailed underwater combat and stealth game on the market. Tom's been playing pretty much nonstop for months. He dropped out of high school, and does just enough odd jobs to afford his basement suite in the middle of nowhere. So he just has pretty much given up and plays games all the time.

Another factor in his choice of game; he has a thing for scuba divers specifically. The first time he came, it was in a wetsuit at summer camp. Noone else caught on as to what he had done in the suit.

He's never actually been able to afford a wetsuit of his own, just admires the divers. A few years after the summer camp incident, his parents disowned him for being gay.

Tom was leaving his suite, making his usual grocery run after a day of playing his computer game, when everything changed.

There was a military truck parked outside the house where he had his basement suite.

"Are you Thomas?" the military man asked as he got out of the truck.

Tom stopped in his tracks. "Yes." and then he thought maybe that was a mistake and just said quietly "hope i'm not in trouble."

"I'm Commander Smith, and I'm here with an opportunity. You play Modern Seal Team Strike. Did you know that you have the highest ranking in the US for your age range? You see, our special projects division actually developed that game and seeded it in the market. Its real purpose is to find exceptional people."

Tom was so dumbfounded that he let Commander Smith say the whole thing without interrupting.

"But, but I'm not a military person. I've never fired a real gun." Tom finally said.

"It's ok, you'd be a special project. Reconnaissance mainly. We'll train you to fill in the gaps. The knowledge of procedures and targets you already know takes most people years of training and most of them still don't recall them that fast." said Commander Smith.

"I don't know what to say." said Tom eventually.

"Here's the offer letter, my phone number is on it for any more questions."

"Umm, ok, bye" said Tom.


Tom eventually called Commander Smith to work out the details. Commander Smith offered to meet him at a hotel in the big city and put him up there for a while.


Commander Smith met Tom at the lobby of the hotel.

"Tom, this is Mr Dreidger. He'll take you to your room, and introduce you to the Special Project." said Commander Smith.

"This way to your room." said Mr. Dreidger.

"You're not actual military, are you?" asked Tom while he walked.

"You're correct, I am a civilian contractor."

The two passed an intersection in the hallway.

"Was that a hockey goalie in full gear down the hall back there? What kind of hotel is this?" asked Tom.

"Part of this hotel is real, part is a front for secret research." replied Mr. Dreidger as he swiped the door key.

The hotel room was in two parts, a living room and a bedroom. Tom only could see the living room. The table of the living room was covered in organized papers.

"You won't have a military rank, you'll be classified as a contractor. We'll start with signing the standard documents, then move on to the Special Project." said Mr Dreidger.


"Ok, time to move onto the the Special Project papers." said Mr. Dreidger.

"Just a second, I've got to use the bathroom." said Tom urgently.

"Bathroom is off the bedroom." said Mr. Dreidger.

Tom opened the door to the bedroom, started to walk toward the bathroom, and saw it.

There was a wetsuit on the bed, face-up. It looked like an Orca suit but there was no brand name. "Could almost be from the same batch of neoprene." thought Tom. Fully attached to the back of the wetsuit, mostly obscured, was a thin backpack.

The wetsuit had attached booties and gloves. They also looked like neoprene.

The wetsuit also had an attached hood, also made of the same neoprene. Goggles were attached to the hood, but they weren't just plastic, they were some kind of screen, with electronics.

And finally, there was a mask which would cover the nose and mouth, attached with hoses to the backpack.

Tom went into the bathroom before he got caught ogling the suit. He had such a big boner that he couldn't control and sprayed the seat and wall with pee. He knew he had to wear that suit. Also that he had to play it cool and hide his boner.

Tom walked back into the living room.

Mr Dreidger held up another stack of papers "Here's the Special Project contract. It's experimental tech from one of our commercial partners. Here's where the suit is described. Here's where the bio-nanotech is described. Here's where the cellular scaffolding is described. The effects may be permane-"

Tom thought to himself: "I don't care about the bananatech. Wanna wear the suit. Wanna wear the suit. Don't show my boner."

"Yep yep yep. I agree," said Tom, "where do I sign?"

After the papers were signed, Mr Dreidger collected them and dialed on the hotel phone. "Papers are signed, send the technicians." Mr Dreidger said.

Mr Dreidger left with the papers and before long two burly men in nurse scrubs entered the hotel room with a rolling cart of supplies.

"You the subject?" said the taller one.

"Yes." replied Tom.

The shorter one picked up a stack of papers that could be described as a manual. "Ok, that's done. That's done. 'Subject must be naked.' Ok, subject, you can see what it says too."

Tom took off his clothes, reluctant about showing his boner but did it anyway.

"I think he likes me." joked the taller one.

"Quit goofing around." scolded the shorter one.

"Fine 'Subject must be shaved.'" said the taller one, focusing on the manual.

"What part?" asked the shorter one.

The taller one looked at the manual. "There's a bunch more detail but all of it. Doesn't have to be perfect, the rubber just has to make a connection with skin."

They got out surgical clippers from their supply cart, and put on surgical gloves.

"Hold still while we shave you." said the shorter one.

They shaved everything. Head hair, eyebrows, mustache, back hair, armpit hair, belly hair, leg hair, everything.

"Hey he does like me, look at it. Sproing!" joked the taller one again.

"Just do your job and shave his nutsack hair." sighed the shorter one.

They shaved everything.

The two then looked at the manual for a few minutes. "Uh huh" "Hm" "Ohhh kay"

Then they turn to Tom "Ok, this is how it works. There's the pack on the back of the suit, so there's no zipper there. Instead, the neck hole is super stretchy, but for that to work, we're going to lube you up."

"Interesting" was though only thing Tom could think of to say.

The short one grabbed a bottle of medical-grade lube from the cart "Get a towel" he said to the tall one.

"Now Tom, stand on the towel," said the tall one.

They lubed Tom up, top to bottom. The tall one didn't say anything this time, but gave Tom's penis a few extra rubs.

"I'll grab the suit and stretch out the neck hole," said the short one, "You guide him in."

Tom looked at the inside of the suit before stepping in. It was black, but there were also tiny silver wires, almost too small to see. "Heater? Electronics?" thought Tom, "But no point asking now." he said to himself.

Tom's legs slid into the leg holes of the suit, then his erect lubed penis. Tom guided his feet into the wetsuit booties. Tom held his arms at his side as they found their armholes and the suit slid over his torso.

Tom raised his arms over his head as his fingers found the fingerholes in the gloves and everything slid into place.

"One more thing" said the tall one, "Got to flip the hood over the top of the head, along with the visor over your eyes. Might want to be aware, close your eyes or something." He then flipped the hood over the top of Tom's head and the visor over Tom's eyes. The visor didn't seem to be doing anything, and just let the light through, a few shades darker.

"Next section" read the short one from the manual, "'putting subject in preparation tank' 'to ensure even bonding without pressure sores, put subject in neutrally buoyant water tank'"

"Ok, we gotta go to the water tank room." said the tall one.

"I know where that is." said the short one. And he lead the group through the hotel. The suit was stretchy and well fitting enough that Tom didn't have trouble walking.

The water tank was a clear tall tube, narrow enough for just one person. There was a ladder to the top of the tube. The tube had a control panel at the base. Tom could see that one was for temperature.

The tall one read from the manual: "'Place breathing mask over nose and mouth.'" Tom did that. There was a rubber bulb inside the mask that fit inside Tom's mouth. "'Clamp mouth around security bulb. Bulb will inflate to hold breathing mask in place even if subject loses consciousness or mask is disturbed. Security bulb will inflate to maximum size on first use; afterward, will autoadjust to balanced size. Subject will not be able to talk once bulb inflates.' Did that happen for you? The inflating thing?" The tall one looked at Tom's surprised eyes and puffed-out cheeks and realized he did not need to have asked.

"Next," read the short one, "attach desired cables to the designated ports of the backpack. And it goes on about the specific ones."

"This one is air. Your system automatically decides whether to provide air from the outside or use your rebreather." The tall one held up a long hose connected to a machine next to the tank and plugged it into a valve on top of the backpack.

"This one is power. It charges the batteries your systems use." The tall one plugged one end of a long cord into an outlet in the wall and the other into a port in the top of the backpack.

"This one is for data. Monitoring your vitals, that kind of thing." The tall one plugged one end of a long data cable into the control panel and the other into another port in the top of the backpack.

The short one took the manual from the tall one "'Subject enters tube.' Alright subject, get in."

Tom couldn't reply even if he wanted to. He quickly climbed the ladder and slid into the tube feetfirst. His face was underwater, but the mask was providing his air. His arms were at his side; the tube was too small to do anything else with them really. There was also no ladder on the inside of the tube. Tom realized that with this combination, that he wouldn't be able to exit the tube without help. But he had the air supply, so he decided not to worry.

"Alright, set it to monitor vitals, turn on the timer, annnd it's break time." said the tall one.

"Well, this was not how I expected my day to go," mused Tom. "but I did get to wear this wetsuit." as he ran his hands over his neoprene-covered buttocks. He couldn't fully feel the smoothness of the neoprene because of the gloves, but it was enough for him.

"Oh there goes the full-on boner again." Tom thought to himself.

Tom had an interesting night. On one hand he wasn't used to wearing the suit or sleeping vertically. On the other, the water was being kept at the perfect temperature, and the water gently rocked Tom.

Tom fell asleep.


Tom woke up to Mr Dreidger and the two male nurses knocking on the tube.

"Pull him out." Said Mr. Dreidger.

The nurses brought an extra ladder beside the tank. The tall one pulled Tom out of the tank until Tom could get himself the rest of the way.

"How do you feel?" asked Mr. Dreidger.

Tom pointed to his mask.

The short one read from the manual "'To remove mask break the seal at the top with two fingers while clamping down with mouth.'" and Tom did that.

"Wow, that was something to get used to, but eventually really relaxing" said Tom.

"Why does my crotch feel weird?" Tom thought to himself.

Tom looked at his crotch and saw ...

(continued in part 2)
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Post by surfydude »

Wow! What a great read! Bring on part 2.

Here's what I think might happen next:

Tom finds his parts tightly encased in a neoprene sheath integrated into the suit, with a cable leading to the backpack. The nurses tell him his missions may last a long time, so they equipped him with a waste disposal unit so he can relieve himself inside the suit. But they also read in the manual that the sheath has other functions and proceed to test them. One of those functions includes a joystick that controls the jet thrusters in the backpack.
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Post by Dutchie »

Interesting start of the story! I'll look forward to part 2.
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Post by dromorelad »

Ohhh this is so cool!!!! Can’t wait for part 2
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Post by wetsuitlad »

Yes also, can't wait for part 2!! :)
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

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*grabs an ass ton of tissue paper to help stop pervy nose bleed* Someone might need to call an ambulance soon xD
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Post by slinkysquirrel »

Tom looked at his crotch and saw ... a neoprene coated erect penis. Tom crossed his arms over it to hide it from view.

Mr Dreidger finally spoke, "That should not have happened. I know the neoprene softens and retightens while in the water tank, but he would have had to have had an erection for the majority of the time in the tank for it to form like this ... but we can't rule out a technical glitch."

Tom was blushing bright red and just nodded at the last part.

Mr Dreidger turned to the shorter nurse and said "Could you go to the supply room and find something to cover that up?"

"Right away" replied the short one as he rushed out the door.

Mr Dreidger opened an app on his phone and looked over the information on his screen for a few minutes while Tom just tried the act casual covering up his neoprene dick. "Bonding looks good. Systems look good. I'll turn on the display in your visor. It's kind of like the Heads Up Display in the game you play, but instead of a mouse, you look at the option you want and blink. The more advanced options are still locked out, but you have the basics now. For instance, if you're wearing the mask, the system automatically chooses between rebreather and outside air, but if you know the quality of the outside air is bad, you can manually choose the closed system. Can you see this HUD now?"

"Yes I do. Yeah, just gonna check this out" replied Tom, kind of relieved to actually say something.

The short nurse returned.

"What did you find?" asked Mr Dreidger.

The short nurse replied "Wetsuit shorts. They're like a wetsuit but just shorts."

"Ah. Makes sense." replied Mr. Dreidger "Put them on."

Tom put them on and felt a bit less awkward.

"Here's what going to happen" said Mr Dreidger, while counting things off with his fingers, "First, you can go back to your hotel room if you want. The locks are biometric. You can either sleep in the bed or in the tank. Second, you'll be taking an accelerated one on one training class; we don't know how well your knowledge translates to real-world situations. Third, it'll take a few more days for the suit to fully bond with you so you'll be avoiding strenuous activity until then. Any questions?"

"Yes, if I'm not doing anything, can I have my computer? To play the game?"

"I'll put in a request. If it does get approved, remember you're on a Non-Disclosure Agreement so you can't tell anyone online about the project. We can watch what you see through your visor, so we'll know if you do."

Tom looked at his face in the reflection in one of the pieces of metallic equipment. The visor was attached to the neoprene hood. The edges of the hood around his cheek and chin were different than when he put it on. There was no defined edge or seam to the hood; it just sort of faded into his skin. He tried to push the visor up, but it just pulled on his skin; it was attached now.

"What happened to me?!" yelled Tom.

"Calm down" said Mr Dreidger "This is the bio-nanotechnology described in your contract. I'll have a copy of it sent to your room if you like."

Tom pulled on the neoprene on his arms and calves, but it just moved the muscles underneath. The suit was attached to his skin everywhere.

"Stop it!" yelled Mr Dreidger, who pressed a button on an app on his phone. Tom's visor went blank, so he was blinded and didn't even see the tall nurse put him in a headlock.

It was clear that the tall nurse alone was far stronger than Tom, and Tom was blinded. "ok, ok I give." blurted Tom. "Give me the copy of the contract."

Tom was released from the headlock and his vision was restored with another touch of the button.

"Is that all?" asked Mr. Dreidger, who seemed completely unphased.

"Yeah, I can't think of anything else." wheezed Tom.

"Ok you're free to go to your room. Also," Mr Dreidger looked at the short nurse, "Make him an appointment with Dr. Conrad about his ..." Mr Dreidger looked at Tom's covered-up bulge, "... condition."

Tom went back to his hotel room uneventfully. A look in the bathroom mirror confirmed what he had saw; the suit was bonded to his skin everywhere, and the hood just faded into his skin at the edges now. He actually kind of liked it. He ran his gloved hands over his smooth neoprene that hugged every curve. He took off the neoprene shorts. A quick check confirmed that his penis was also bonded with the neoprene in the same way as the rest of his body. He looked at his backside in the mirror. There was a short vertical zipper positioned over his asshole. He unzipped the zipper and looked at his asshole in the mirror. The crack itself was still pink and fleshy, but along the edges, where the neoprene had made contact with the skin, it also just sort of faded into the skin. Tom zipped it back up.

Tom went to the bed and laid down on top of the blankets. He quickly realized that because of the rebreather, that laying on his back wasn't comfortable so switched to his side. The smooth neoprene covering his body was making him horny and he really wanted to just jerk off his neoprene-covered penis. But then he remembered that someone could be watching exactly what his sees with his visor.

Tom decided to jerk off but not look at his neoprene-covered dick to keep secret about what he was doing. He grabbed his dick in his gloved hands and gave jerking off a try. He realized that was going to be a problem. The texture of his glove was designed for grip, and the neoprene coating made his dick less sensitive. Just trying to jerk off holding his dick in his hand wasn't doing anything for him.

With his left hand he tried rolling the tip of his dick between his thumb and forefinger, while his right explored for new areas of interest; his smooth buttocks. The rubber bulge that now contained his balls. Some firm pressure on his prostate. Yeah, the firm pressure on his prostate was doing it, the sensitivity of the was pretty much unaffected.

Tom realized he didn't really have a plan for what he'd do when he did cum. He decided to lay on his back, look at the ceiling, and let it happen, even though it was a bit uncomfortable, with the backpack there.

"Uh. Uh. Uh. Hngh. Uhhhng. Ahhh. Ahhhhh. Ahh. Huff. Hufff. Hufff." Tom didn't really have words for it. It was more intense than it usually was for him.

"Crap. Wait a second." thought Tom "Do they get audio too, or just video? I never got that part clarified."

There was a splatter of white cum across the front of the black wetsuit. Some of it just dripping out of his penis, some of it had made it almost all the way to the top of his chest.

"At least my junk still works" thought Tom "That was impressive"

Then he saw a text message in his visor's display: "THAT WAS SUPER OBVIOUS WHAT YOU JUST DID THERE."

"Oh crap" thought Tom.


"Um Yes" said Tom


"Well at least that clarifies whether they get audio too." thought Tom.

Tom headed to the shower and turned it on.

"The drops make a different sound than just on skin." Tom idly thought to himself. "More of a hollow sound... I wonder who watches the video and sends messages. Mr Dreidger? Commander Smith? The unknown Dr. Conrad? I guess I'll find out when the lube gets delivered."

Tom got out of the shower and towelled off. He put on the wetsuit shorts.

He looked out the window; he had gotten up early. It was still morning. He was tired from the exertion so he laid on the bed on his side and took a nap.

He was woken up by a knock on the door. "Delivery!"

Tom opened the door. It was a hotel employee offering a plain cardboard box. "Have delivery for you." Tom accepted the package.

"Thank you" Tom said as he closed the door.

Tom took the box to the table and opened it. It was a plain bottle that didn't have a brand. The title said "Water-based personal lubricant"

"Makes sense if they get supplies in bulk it would just be unbranded stuff. Well that doesn't answer my question about who sent that message." thought Tom to himself. I should just go back to sleep. So he did.

He was woken from his nap by the hotel phone.

Tom picked it up and answered, "Hello?"

"Hello, Mr. Dreidger here. Thought I'd let you know that they're going to stop serving breakfast in the lobby in less than an hour."


"The complimentary breakfast they serve to their guests. Until 10am. You woke up really early this morning so there's still time."

"But you said the hotel is partially actual guests. I can't take my suit off and can't really cover it with clothes either."

"It'll be fine" reassured Mr. Dreidger "There's a pool in the basement with heavy equipment underwater. Ordinary divers pay to come here to train here for underwater welding and such. There's signs in the lobby about scuba training. Any guest would assume you're part of one of those groups. You might even see other divers who are here for training come up in their suit to grab a quick bite."

"I *am* pretty hungry."

"Remember your non-disclosure agreement if you talk to anybody; you can say you're a military contractor, but the nature of your suit is secret."

"But I noticed that I look kind of odd where the edges of the hood meet the skin."

"Hmm" thought Mr. Dreidger quickly "Bring that up with Dr Conrad when you see him if it bothers you, maybe he can do an adjustment. Until then, if you still want to go, you can go to the supply room and get a diver's hood with a smaller face hole. I'll open it to your biometrics for the next 30 minutes. Remember, we can see anything you do in your visor so don't try anything stupid. Don't forget to wear your shorts too."

"Yeah I know" said Tom flatly.

"Alright, your call. There's also room service. It gets billed directly to us. Don't worry about the prices listed in the menu. We have a special deal worked out with the hotel. We pay a lot less than what it says in there."

"Ok, I'll think about it." replied Tom.

"Alright, bye then." Mr. Dreidger hung up.
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Post by surfydude »

Exciting! I can't wait for part 3! I wonder what he finds in the supply room, and what happens if he goes to the complimentary breakfast.
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Post by Dutchie »

Great story so far. I look forward to see what happens to him!
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

Post by slinkysquirrel »

Tom decided to go to the lobby for breakfast.

But first, he was going to this supply room that he'd heard about to get a wetsuit hood. But he'd never been to the supply room.

"Hey, where is the supply room?" he said out loud based on a hunch that whoever was listening would answer.

After about a minute, the text appeared in the heads up display in the visor "DOWN THE HALL, THEN RIGHT, THEN LEFT."

"Damn that's creepy." Thought Tom to himself, definitely not out loud.

Tom got to the supply room and as promised, it opened for him.

There were shelving units along the walls, rows of clothing racks, and plastic bins with open tops. It seemed to be roughly organized; diving equipment on one side, general equipment like tents and sleeping bags on the other, and a couple racks of camouflage clothing and dress uniforms in the middle.

Tom circled around the general equipment before checking out the diving section, just out of curiosity. One thing he noticed is that even though there was a variety of equipment, there were no guns or explosives laying around "Makes sense they would keep that more secure." he thought to himself.

In there diving section there were scuba tanks and boots, and yes a rack with wetsuits. And drysuits too. Some were new, some were used. Maybe the people taking diving classes here use these suits too; or they get a lot of military people through here. They looked like ordinary suits though, none were the special kind that Tom had.

In a nearby plastic bin, he found some neoprene hoods. He tried one that looked promising, and tried it on. It fit fine, covering up the area where it looked like his existing hood faded into his face without a seam.

As he left the room, he thought about what he had seen: "Even though I got turned on by all that neoprene and uniforms, I didn't see anything that could *only* be used for kinky purposes. I'm guessing that whoever runs this doesn't see gear in a kinky way. Or they're really good at hiding it."

Tom headed to the elevator and took it down to the lobby. Hot and cold breakfast was set out buffet style. Some of guests did double takes when they saw Tom's appearance. Tom felt self-conscious about that and wondered to himself if he should have come down. Some of the guests pointed out the signs in the lobby about scuba classes, to whoever they were with, and everyone mostly went back to having breakfast.

Tom started to heap breakfast onto a plate. He didn't see any other divers, as was suggested he might see, so he took his plate to a table by himself.

Tom was partway through his breakfast when he saw another diver come in and head for the buffet. Tom took some glances at the diver as the diver got his breakfast. He was wearing a black and red drysuit with an attached rubber hood. He definitely had come from somewhere wet, as he had one towel wrapped around his waist and other over his shoulders in an attempt not to drip too badly. He wasn't wearing a mask or air tank. Tom tried not to stare and to just let him have his breakfast.

"Mind if I sit here?" the other diver said as he motioned toward the other chair at Tom's table.

Tom almost jumped as he was just letting the other diver be and he didn't see him approach while he was eating his own breakfast.

"No. No, it's fine. You have sit here. You can sit here, I mean." said Tom.

The other diver set his plate down at the table.

"Haven't seen you at the pool." said the other diver, "Name's Jerry."

"Tom." said Tom. Tom got an closer view of Jerry as he talked to him. Jerry looked like an older man, like someone in their 40s.

"Really? So we're like Tom and Jerry! Hahaha, that's hilarious." laughed Jerry.

"Yep, sure am." said Tom.

"Yeah, nice. So you going to the pool later?" asked Jerry.

"Probably." said Tom.

"Nice. Who you with?" asked Jerry.

"Military." replied Tom. "Contractor."

"Oh nice, yeah I see those military guys around. I'm with the underwater welding class. Got a couple weeks left of it." Jerry said between mouthfuls of food.

"Yep. Cool." replied Tom. He had a couple more bites of breakfast.

"That's a nice rig you got there," said Jerry.

"Thanks. It's custom." replied Tom, "... Made." Tom wasn't expecting to have a conversation about gear. He was just choosing his words carefully.

"And nice high tech goggles too." admired Jerry

"It's ... a dive computer. And my glasses. Can't see anything without my lenses, yup." said Tom.

"I can tell that you're the shy type and not sure about me. That's fine." said Jerry "I gotta get back to the pool; maybe I'll see you around."

"Ok... Bye." said Tom. Then gave a little wave goodbye.

Tom looked at Jerry's plate. It was empty. Even though Jerry had arrived later, he had just come up to grab a quick bite and had scarfed down his food. Tom finished his breakfast. Tom was feeling shy about being out in his gear, so he decided to go back to his room.

As he was headed back, a new message appeared in his visor's display: "GOOD JOB KEEPING TO YOUR NON-DISCLOSURE."

When Tom got back to his room, he flopped into bed, to let him stomach digest and also to go over how he had totally flubbed that conversation.

"So could I go to the pool if I wanted?" Tom wondered aloud.

After a couple of minutes, the answer appeared in the display of his visor "YES, BUT WE RECOMMEND NOT USING YOUR EQUIPMENT FOR BREATHING UNDERWATER UNTIL YOU'VE TAKEN THE SAFETY CLASS."

"So I just sit around the room all day otherwise?" Tom asked out loud again.



Tom thought about what to do next. He could go to the pool, but there'd be plenty of opportunity in the future for that. Or he could just stay in his room, and save up his energy for now.

Tom was deciding whether to check out the pool when he heard a knock at the door, "Package for you"

Tom looked through the peephole; it was another hotel employee from housekeeping. He opened the door.

"Delivery for Tom," the employee offering a large shipment envelope.

"Um, yes, thank you," Tom accepted the envelope, closed the door, and took it to the table.

Tom sat down and opened the envelope. Inside was photocopies of the contracts he signed when he first got here. "Right. Mr. Dreidger said that he'd have a copy of the contract sent to me. Of course he wouldn't leave the originals with me."

There was also a glossy brochure among the contracts. That had certainly not been among the contracts he had seen earlier. Tom started reading: "Imagine a diver as at home in the water as on land..." Tom skimmed the rest.. "The ultimate interface between microscopic robots and organic components", "Features and Benefits", "Call to set up a a sales appointment" This brochure was not something aimed at him. It was like a sales brochure directed at some military buying the suit technology. Tom set it down and looked through the rest of the envelope.

There was also a spiral bound book Tom had not seen before. Tom flipped through it. There were various technical drawings, including what looked like a diagram of the suit he was wearing; and computer programming examples: "Customizing celluar scaffolding", "Nanite commands", "Programming interface"

Tom closed the book and put the book and brochure at the bottom of the pile. Then he thought to himself: "Am I even supposed to have that book? Did someone packing that envelope inadvertently include something I wasn't supposed to have? Or is it something I'm supposed to learn eventually? Or do they think there's nothing I can do with this knowledge and they just included it for background information?"

Tom became Lost in Thought, "Someone can see everything I see on my visor anyway so it's not like I can keep it a secret if I'm not supposed to have it. Or can I? They can't watch 24 hours a day. If they're viewing it on a small screen, they wouldn't be able to make out the words. And even if they did, they might assume that since it was delivered, it's something I'm supposed to have."

Tom looked at the rest of the contracts.

It didn't promise that they could remove the wetsuit. In fact it was pretty clear it would become one with him, and there was no surgery that could remove it, not without removing his skin. The visor and rebreather were modular though and could be removed with the proper tools, or replaced and upgraded.

He'd agreed to four years of service, after which he was free to go and Non-disclosure would remain in effect after the four years. And after the 4 years, a lump sum payment of ... "Wow, that's a lot." Tom started muttering to himself "But divided over 4 years, and being a human Guinea Pig, ... even still that's a lot!"

There wasn't anything that Tom was required to do for the rest of the day, or the day after that. "Hotel TV and room service. This isn't too bad, but I miss playing Modern Seal Team Strike." thought Tom to himself.

The morning after that, he was woken up by a call on the hotel phone,

"Hi, it's Mr. Dreidger" said the voice on the other end.

"Ah, hello." said Tom.

"First, your request for your computer has been approved so you can play your game, with the restriction that your usage will be monitored, and your internet access logged."

"Ok, I'll accept that." said Tom politely, but he was pretty ecstatic about having his computer again.

"Second, you have an appointment with Dr. Conrad this afternoon about your 'condition'." Said Mr. Dreidger.

"Ah ok. So like am I going somewhere?" asked Tom.

"No, he's coming to he hotel; he'll call you when he's ready." said Mr Dreidger

"Ah. Ok." said Tom.

"So be ready when he calls. If he says you're healthy enough, you'll start your training course. Any questions?" Asked Mr Dreidger.

"I have one: Are there other people here with a suit like mine?" asked Tom.

"You mean at the class? No. It's a one to one class." Mr Dreidger chose his next words; "But if you're asking in general; It's on a need-to-know basis what other projects are being done here, and whether there's suits like yours at other locations, but I can tell you that you are the only one with a suit like yours at this location."

"Oh, yeah that does answer my question." said Tom.

"Good to clear that up. Goodbye." said Mr. Dreidger.

"Bye." said Tom as he hung up.

Tom thought about the new information. Assuming it was true, he was a bit disappointed that he wasn't going to meet someone in a similar suit, but could still be a possibility that there's others like him at a different location.


Later in the afternoon, as promised, Dr Conrad did call and tell Tom which room to go to. He went to the room. It was an office, but not very customized nor with a lot of supplies. Like the kind that would be rented to a travelling businessperson.

"Good. You here." Said Dr. Conrad. He was sitting on a chair at a conference desk, with a laptop in front of him.

Dr. Conrad looked old. Like should have retired long ago, old.

"So should I sit, or what?" asked Tom.

"Yes, do sit." said Dr Conrad.

Dr Conrad started typing at his laptop and said. "First, I turn off video. Doctor-patient confidentiality." There was no visible change in his visor interface, but Tom knew from looking at the manual that turning off the video transmission was something an administrator *could* do.

"Downloading system logs now." Dr Conrad was clicking on more things on his laptop, "While that's working, I see your suit. Stand up."

Dr Conrad started poking at the neoprene with his finger over the armpit, elbows, and knees, like he has checking potential problem areas. "Ok, take off shorts now."

Tom thought to himself about Dr. Conrad, "He's pretty confident with the laptop; he's probably pretty smart, he just has an accent I can't quite place."

"Yeah, ok, if I have to" said Tom and he pulled down the wetsuit shorts and revealed his rubberized penis sticking out.

"Should not look like that. In next version, I design solution." Said Dr Conrad.

"So you're not going to do anything about it now?" Asked Tom.

"It work ok?" Asked Dr Conrad.

"Well, yes" replied Tom.

"Then I don't need to make any change to you. I design something different in next version." Said Dr Conrad.

"So you're going to leave me like this?" asked Tom.

"On scale of 1 to 10, how much you like having penis?" asked Dr. Conrad like it was just another medical question.

"Um, 10" not believing he was being asked that.

"Well, can't do easy fix then." said Dr. Conrad "Your boss, he did not say I do anything specific, just that I look at thing."

"Ah, right" said Tom.

"Any other questions or issues?" asked Dr Conrad.
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

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Nice read! Any more coming? Will Dr Conrad give Tom an upgrade so the neoprene can soften and he can conceal his crotch via the HUD? Or have the hood extend over his entire face?

What will Tom encounter during his intensive training? Does he get shown special tricks built into his suit James Bond style? Maybe built in retractable fins and thrusters? Built in armour? Or will he get sent on a special mission?
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

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"I was wondering," asked Tom, "If on the edge of the hood, where it looks like the suit fades into the skin, could you make it look like there is an edge to the hood?"

"Why you want that?" asked Dr. Conrad "It not look as nice."

"To blend in with other divers." said Tom.

"Ah yes, clever." said Dr. Conrad, "Ok, I write program, make it look like edge, but it still work the same. Takes some days. Come back later, ok?"

"Ok, I will."

"I will let your boss know if you are ready after I look at these logs." said Dr. Conrad.

"Ok, well, thank you." said Tom as he left the room.


Later that evening, he got a call on the hotel phone.

"Hello Tom, it's Commander Smith." said the voice.

"Ah hello," said Tom "haven't seen you around here"

"Oh, I'm not around the hotel, I went back to ... well, you don't need to know." Smith replied. "The reason I called, is, you've been approved to begin training.

Tomorrow. 0900 hours. Room 115. I'll have a reminder sent to you too."

"Ok, got it." said Tom

"That will be all" said Commander Smith, and the phone call was over.


The next morning, Tom got a reminder in his visor. "Well, they're not going to let me forget this." he thought.

He took a shower "Do I even need to take showers any more? Well I suppose it won't hurt." he mused while in the shower. He towelled off, put on the wetsuit shorts and went down to room 115.


Tom arrived right on time at room 115 was a room that could be used like a classroom or lecture hall. At the front was a man in 20s or 30s in a military uniform.

"You are Thomas, correct?" he asked.

"Correct." said Tom

"I am Sergeant Sweet." said the military man.

"Sergeant ... Sweet *snrk*" Tom almost laughed.

"It's a family name, maggot!" barked the Sergeant, "You will refer to me only as sir! Is that clear?"

Tom had seen enough military stuff that he know the only correct answer was "Yes, sir!"

"First, we will go over safety procedures in this classroom. Then when you are ready, we will do training in the pool, understand?" asked Sergeant Sweet.

"Yes sir!" said Tom.

"Yes, let's get started." said the Sergeant.

Days passed and Tom went really quickly through the training program. Tom realized that even though Sgt Sweet was a completely competent diver, there were places where

Tom's book learning exceeded his instructor. Sgt Sweet didn't even know that Tom's visor had Night Vision.

Tom saw Jerry and his class multiple times but they were both busy with their respective trainers that they didn't get a chance to get a word in. Jerry was smiling at Tom whenever he saw Tom. "Is he hitting on me, or is he just a friendly guy like that?" thought Tom.

Sgt Sweet took Tom through diving in the pool with the heavy equipment. Tom discover something unexpected while diving there. There was a spot, in a replica of a sunken ship's engine room, where his visor displayed "Connection Lost" errors. Probably the combination of all the thick heavy metal around him. Just one place where he could possibly do something without any chance of his masters seeing it through the visor. Of course, his masters could see anything he brought in or out of that place, and he couldn't contact anyone while he was down there.

Tom was soon given permission to use the pool unaccompanied.

Tom was given some off-the-shelf scuba diving textbooks to study by Sgt Sweet. Tom put those in a pile with the operator manual. Each time he wanted to look at the operator manual, he would pick it up along with one of the books he was given, after enough time to appear focused on the pages of the textbook, he'd pick multiple pages at once to flip from a page in the textbook to a page in the operator manual. Then when he was done, put them both away together. Over the week, no one mentioned anything about the operator manual, neither to reference that he should read something from it, nor calling him out for having it when he should not.

He considered just asking about the operator manual, but if it was something he was not supposed to have gotten, it would probably be taken away. Understanding what was in it might be his only advantage if he decided he did want to escape. If he didn't ask about it, he could always say that he thought it was something he was supposed to have, if he ever got caught with it.

As the days went by, Tom thought about Jerry. He wanted to share his interest in gear with someone else, but Mr. Dreidger had said there was no one else like Tom in the building.

"If I see Jerry by the pool, I'll start off with some subtle nonverbal cues and go from there." Tom thought to himself as he lay in his bed.

The next few times he saw Jerry at the pool, he gave a little smile, or a subtle wave at waist level. Jerry reciprocated. Jerry even gave a little wink. Tom couldn't give a visible wink back, but he did the thing where he touched his cheek with his shoulder and smiled. Tom was still wearing the wetsuit hood when he went to the pool, to cover up where the neoprene faded into his skin.

Finally one day, Tom decided to take things to the next level. The next time he saw Jerry at the pool, he made eye contact with Jerry, and did the sign where he held a loose fist over his crotch and moved it back and forth slightly. Even if someone was watching the visor feed, the sign would be outside its view. To Tom's excitement, Jerry gave a subtle nod and motioned with his head toward the pool.

Tom dove into the pool and swam toward the engine room replica at a regular pace as if nothing was different. He didn't even look back to see if Jerry was following. He reached the engine room replica as usual and got the "connection lost" message. He turned around and there was Jerry behind him. Jerry wouldn't know that the exact reason was to block the visor's video feed, he'd just be looking for some ordinary privacy.

Jerry opened his hand at crotch level and made a repeated squeezing motion and tilted his head to the side.

"Ah right, he's thinking about the hand over the crotch signal I gave him above, wondering if he understood correctly." though Tom to himself, "Ok then"

Tom moved closer to Jerry, nodded, and positioned his crotch near Jerry's hand. Jerry gave Tom's crotch a squeeze, then a rub. Tom gave the "One Second" hand signal, then pulled his wetsuit shorts to around his knees. Jerry didn't say anything as he physically couldn't, but the big cloud of bubbles escaping from Jerry's respirator said it all. Jerry touched Tom's neoprene-covered cock. Tom guided Jerry's hand to fully grip the cock.

Jerry's black and red drysuit just had a smooth crotch. Jerry guided Tom's hand to the bulge in the front of Jerry's drysuit. Tom nodded and started rubbing the bulge on Jerry's drysuit. Jerry started moving Tom's cock back and forth in his gloved hand. They used their free hands to pull their bodies next to each other so the fronts of their suits rubbed against each other. They rubbed each other's cocks for minutes as their free hands explored each other's rubber-covered bodies.

When they reached a lull, Jerry gave Tom the "Turn around" hand signal. Tom nodded and turned around. Jerry saw the zipper over Tom's butt crack and gave it a tug. It was a little hard to pull down so Tom helped with that. Jerry positioned his crotch in Tom's butt crack. Jerry still didn't have a hole in the front of his drysuit, but Tom could feel Jerry's penis in his butt crack, straining against the drysuit. Tom helped position it as best he could. Jerry's hand gripped Tom's neoprene-covered penis again and started massaging it. Tom's free hand reached behind to Jerry's butt and gave some rubbing and squeezes. Jerry began humping Tom's butt crack while massaging Tom's penis to rub one out. Tom was still squeezing Jerry's butt, in rhythm to the humping now.

Finally, Tom's penis released his load, dispersing into a white "cloud". Tom turned around and hugged Jerry, and they stayed like that for a couple minutes, still rubbing their crotches against each other a bit. Finally, Tom pointed to where his watch would be if he had one, and zipped up his crotch zipper, then pulled up his wetsuit shorts, and nodded to Jerry. Jerry gave a thumbs up, and Tom started toward the surface.

"I wonder if Jerry came inside his drysuit. He seemed to have fun either way." thought Tom to himself, "Oh wait a second, when he unzipped my crotch zipper, did he see where the neoprene fades into the skin? Ah, shit! I hope he's as discreet about that as the rest of it."

As the days passed, Tom spent his days following the training program, and doing his own research on nanotech. He knew that his Internet was monitored, and that someone might be able to see whatever he sees on his visor, so he decided to see how far he could push it.

He started with reading the Wikipedia page on Nanotechnology, following the links and reading one or two pages per day. No one said anything about it to him. In the next week, if he saw a word that he'd also seen in the manual he had, he would click the link to that article. No one said anything about it to him. Then he started clicking the links to the scientific papers. No one said anything about it to him.

In fact, no one said anything at all about the fling with Jerry, the manual that Tom wasn't sure if he should have, or the reading of the scientific papers online. The only thing that might have indicated something was that Mr. Driedger said that it was good that Tom was "taking an interest in his own well-being".

One day, when Tom went for his usual training with Sgt. Sweet, Mr. Dreidger was there too. "Tom, the Sergeant says you're ready for open water training."

"Oh, what does that mean?" asked Tom.

"You're going to be living in a cabin by the ocean for a while, so you can learn on actual outdoor conditions. Sergeant Sweet will also be there. We'll let you know when everything is set up."

It was a bit disconcerting for Tom to hear that. Besides the additional difficulty of learning outdoors, there was the worry about whether that manual that he wasn't sure he was supposed to have, would be spotted during the move. Also, cabin, does that mean no electricity, no running water, no computer?


Tom got an email a week after that. Since Tom had a computer now, he had been set up with an e-mail address to keep informed.

-Tom wouldn't know exactly where the cabin was, but the military would take care of transportation.

-The length of time spent there depended on how well the training went, and the plan was to go back to the hotel eventually.

-The cabin had electricity and running water, so it wasn't that rustic.

-Tom could go to the supply room to get any supplies he still needed before going. It would be unlocked for him until his trip.

Tom was excited about going to the storage room again, so he decided to check it out again. It unlocked at his presence. The first thing Tom got was a large camo backpack with with lots of pockets. He figured he could put the manual in there with his other books, and take the whole thing on the trip.

Since he wasn't sure how cold it would be when he wasn't diving, he went over to the jackets, and got a camo jacket and pants.

Tom's suit had soft feet soles, so he got some rubber boots that could fit over his suit.

Over in the diving section, he looked at diving fins. That seemed useful, so he got some of those too.

Then he looked at the drysuits. He though "It sure would be nice to bring one of those, but my rebreather tanks are attached, and I don't know if they'd fit inside. Also there's the issue of whether my visor would fit through the neck seal while I put it on. Ah well... Is that it for things I should bring?"

Tom couldn't think of anything else, so he put the fins, jacket and pants, and rubber boots into the backpack and headed toward the door. Then some diving knives on a shelf caught his eye.

"If I'm going to be diving in open water, taking one of those is just a good idea for anyone." he thought "I'm not sure that it would be in my interest to use it against anyone, but I would have that option."

Tom put the diving knife, along with a case and strap, in his bag and headed back toward his room.


Tom still saw Jerry on the other side of the pool some days. He didn't know if he should try to go over there and say anything. Jerry might say something about the encounter, not knowing Tom was potentially monitored. Jerry would probably be done his class by the time Tom got back from open water training. Tom had made a mental note of the name of the class Jerry was with; Tom would at least have a chance of tracking down Jerry later if he ever wanted to.

In preparation for the open water training, Doctor Conrad downloaded data from the suit and did an update so the edge of the hood around his face looked like a solid edge rather than fading into his skin. It was still bonded to him though.


Eventually the day for moving come. It ended up being totally uneventful. Tom packed all his supplies and books into his bag, and even got permission to bring his computer. Sergeant Sweet drove Tom in a van with separate passenger and driver compartments. The passenger section had a pit toilet and a cooler with snacks so Tom didn't even get to see the the outside during pit stops. It was pretty dull so Tom fell asleep.

By the time he woke up, they were at the cabin. It was late at night, so Tom couldn't really see what kind of area they were in. So he took his backpack and computer to one bedroom, and Sergeant Sweet went to another. They had electricity so Tom set his computer up and then came to realize the flaw in his plan. There was no Internet here. His visor was displaying the "Connection Lost" message too. Tom wasn't even sure if there was a phone line to try dial-up. Somewhat annoyed but still tired, he went to bed.


In the morning, Tom started his open-water training. Sargent Sweet was his teacher and diving buddy. Sergeant Sweet also started wearing a shiny black drysuit that Tom hadn't seen him wear before. Tom figured Sergeant Sweet was just switching his equipment to account for the colder water.

The training was taking place in sort of a cove. They had their own private beach, but on the other side of the cove, there were some surfers, both men and women, in wetsuits. As the training days went by, watching the surfers became sort of a hobby. Some were regulars, coming back day after day, some were one-timers. The surfers saw Tom and Sgt. Sweet too, but to the surfers, they were just some scuba divers who didn't come close or bother them.

Tom had always preferred guys, but while a handsome guy in a wetsuit he would rate a 10 out of 10 A curvy woman in a wetsuit, he would rate a respectable 8 out of 10; but he wouldn't even think about a woman who wasn't wearing a wetsuit. Sometimes his own preferences confused him.


As the days progressed Sgt. Sweet let Tom go out longer, sometimes out of direct supervision. Sgt. Sweet's equipment was getting worn out so he didn't always dive all the way with Tom and just made sure Tom made it back. Sgt. Sweet said he had put in a request for replacement but it hadn't arrived yet.

Tom was getting pent up with sexual energy from looking at the surfers day after day. He thought, "I could go over and talk to them sometime Sgt Sweet isn't looking. But 90% chance they're just surfers and would have no interest in me." Tom thought about Sgt. Sweet's shiny black drysuit and how he wanted to rub it. "Bad Idea! No. DO NOT." as Tom's more rational side kicked in.
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

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Great read!
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

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All I have to say about Tom perving out over Sgt Sweet's booty it, "DAT ASS!!!" xD
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Re: Trapped in scuba gear [fictional story]

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cant wait for the next part of the story :D
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