Wetsuits you're currently lusting after.

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Re: Wetsuits you're currently lusting after.

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kevsomerset wrote: Tue May 18, 2021 10:42 pm I did send a note to QS UK yesterday to enquire if they would become available over here in due course. I had a note back today to say my query has been pasted on to customer services in QS Europe, who will respond as soon as possible.
You never know if they get some more enquiries, a few of them may make it to this side of the world..... As you suggest though when looking at delivery arrangements and who can sell on what 'patch', the workings of the minds in the top of large companies & corporations sometimes can seem a little mysterious. :?
Hopefully the suit will be available in Europe in due course, and cheaper. The whole market separation thing is frequently a problem here too, and usually it's more expensive. Some of my suits came from the UK for half the local AU price.

Bewet once made this suit. I like the sleek design, but appears discontinued. They still have some other partly smoothskin designs, but I think Bewet are only available in Japan.

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Re: Wetsuits you're currently lusting after.

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I'd love to find a zipperless wetsuit. If that's what they're called, I've only got the one wetsuit, just a cheap sport direct one and really want to get another, can anyone suggest a good one that's not mega expensive, also what sort of size would I need. I'm 6ft and slim. Might be in the wrong section but thanks to anyone who replies
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Re: Wetsuits you're currently lusting after.

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Hi, its the time of year when retailers are making a lot of sales, so the cheaper options for suits will be reduced, but there are still deals out there. The zipperless suits tend to be a little more expensive than the chest zip and certainly the back zip suits. You didn't say what type of suit you wanted as the cut of the suits changes slightly depending on sport and the thickness changes depending upon season. There are the other options for the summer / thinner suits such as different arm & leg lengths. A number of makers do 'spring' suits which have long arms but short legs and can be in all entry option, so it all depends on your tastes and desires not forgetting colour and finish.

I've always found the best bargains are at the change of the season, so spring / early summer to get the winter suits and autumn / early winter to get the summer suits when stores want to clear stock. There are still a few bargains out there though that are bases on 'last years model' wetsuits that shops want the clear, but sizes are now somewhat limited. All good websites will have a size chart on them as sizes do vary between between makers.

For example in O'Neill suits I would take a size LS, but in RipCurl, its an XL. You would probably be looking for more of a small tall/medium/medium tall, but you really need to look at the size for the suit you are considering and if possible, try one on before you buy it. There are lots of website though with wetsuits, but the best selections will not be on the 'high street' sports or big corporate websites. Those are often based on price above anything else. A cheap 'high street' wetsuit compared to a proper branded wetsuit can be like wearing a suit of armour verses wearing virtually nothing (the latter type tends to cost money though), but conversely, the more expensive softer & lighter suits are less durable......

Happy shopping :D
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Re: Wetsuits you're currently lusting after.

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I have what could be described as a zipperless wetsuit - a Mares 55 Spearfishing Wetsuit. It comprises of a long-john and a pull-over hooded top with a beaver-tail fastening.

See here a newer version than the one that I have.

https://www.spearfishing.co.uk/spearfis ... 5-wetsuit/

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