Size and Thickness?

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Size and Thickness?

Post by ToastyWarm » Wed Nov 28, 2018 7:21 pm

How true to size do you guys like your wetsuits?

I'm tempted to go for an Orca S6, but it is a size too small at a size MT.

Medium Tall
Chest 37''-39''
Height 177cm - 190cm
Weight 68 - 76 kg

And Me
Chest 38''
Height 183cm
Weight 83 kg

The question is... Will this be 'nice and tight', or just 'painful and tight', or even worse... impossible to get into. How tight do you guys enjoy your wetsuits, and would you ever go a size down.

People also say they are uncomfortable on land, but comfy in the water. Naturally I won't be going in the water with it, and the only water it will see is from my sweat glands.

Also in regards to thickness... I am very curious about thicker wetsuits. 7mm+. These are very warm though, and harder to put on, and harder to move on. Do you guys prefer a thicker heavy duty wetsuit or a thinner more 'sexy' wetsuit.

Thoughts and opinions?

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Re: Size and Thickness?

Post by surfydude » Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:35 pm

Try it on in a store. It's fun and the only way to be sure of the fit. Just avoid a store that has the heating turned way too hot. That can get nasty.

I'm going to guess the S6 MT for you will probably be 'painful and tight' or impossible to get into. I had trouble even though I'm smaller than the size measurements. The S6 doesn't have a lot of give if you fill it up. Other Orca suits might be stretchier and cut a bit differently, so it's worth trying them on. I know the TRN seems bigger and stretchier because the TRN MT is actually a bit too big on me! Oops. Loose or baggy is not fun.

You can still wet the suit in the shower if you want to. It's fun too and you can clean it at the same time.

I haven't got any thicker suits (max 3mm with thermo lining) but a few varying thinner ones. I seem to like both. Thin suits for flexibility and a 'revealing' fit, and less overheating, but some suits don't feel like you're wearing one. So thicker suits if you want to be squeezed by and wrapped in thick rubber. Yes, it's fun, but be warned, you overheat very easily. I use my suits in the water too and they are much colder when wet.

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Re: Size and Thickness?

Post by Hotboy » Mon Feb 18, 2019 5:36 pm

I always buy a size or two smaller, there not much harder to get on and there better fitting and tight.

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