Have a good story about Lycra and/or wetsuits, then post them here!
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Post by TYLERMONTGOMEORY » Wed Apr 15, 2020 4:46 pm

I’m Tyler, 18 tan toned 180cm 6 inch uncut bi brown hair brown eyes, this is fictional story and hopefully how I get access to the exclusive area;)

I was walking on down to the beach with my surfboard and wearing my worn out black hurley wetsuit, I was maybe 10 metres away from the water when I was stopped by a man and his friend. “Hey bro you going for a surf in that thing” said the man, “Bro how long have you had that thing for” his friend said. “Since I was 15 so... 4 years now”. “How would you like a new wetsuit”, “Yeah it would fit so good you’d never have to leave it”. “Wait really if you have a spare I’d be glad to take it off your hands”. “Nah bro we’re talking about a new wetsuit”, “we bulk buy em we could lend you one free, you’d just have to come back to ours”. “Sure I’m down, I’m Tyler by the way”. “I’m Liam and that’s Ryan” ... after the confrontation they drove me too their house in their car, they were both 26 but I didn’t mind they age gap if it meant I get a brand new wetsuit. we arrive at their house and they show me to ‘the surf room’, inside were an array of wetsuits from brands like rip curl, O’Neill, quiksilver, Hurley, etc. “woah you guys have a big stock of suits” “yeah we like to change it up a bit yeah Liam” “yeah we can’t always wear the same suit for 4 years like you, go ahead pick one out it’s on the house Tyler”. I choose a zipless black rip curl suit, “why don’t you try it on Tyler” suggests Liam “right here?” “Yeah right there” says Ryan. I strip of my old wetsuit, for a moment I’m completely naked before putting my legs through both feet holes, “let’s help him out Liam”. Liam and Ryan grab the sides and roll it up to my hips, Liam adjust my dick to make sure it fits, I put my arms through the holes and the boys eagerly help it on me, they even did up the zipless neck piece. “This thing feels great, I haven’t felt a suit that fits my size in years” the two boys are still at my side admiring me. “Hey Tyler I got a good idea, we still need some type of payment” says Liam, “Yeah, how bout you keep the suit but we keep you instead” “Wait What!?” “Yeah it’s a good thing you picked a zipless suit, looks like we don’t have to lock you in it”. Before I can say anything else both of the boys drag be my arms to a room labeled the red room and they lock the door.

part 2 maybe?

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Post by surfydude » Thu Apr 16, 2020 3:55 pm

Primed for part 2!

Here's how I imagine it:

Inside the room, Tyler gets strapped lying down onto his surfboard. The boys massage his contours for a while, before they get out more gear. They put matching wetsuit gloves, boots and a hood on him. Then they bring out more suits, gloves and boots and squeeze him into them, one on top of another. Tyler couldn't contain his excitement turning into a Michelin Man. Finally, a smooth skin suit and full face dive mask is put on top. Then the other boys, one by one squeeze into their own wetsuits and cart him into the sensory deprivation area with a neon lit pool. The 'play' begins.

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