Joey's journey

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Joey's journey

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This is my first time writing a sexual story hope you guys like it in the quarantine days. please give some feedback as I am used to write small stories but nothing sexual.

Chapter 1 slow and easy.

Our story starts with Joey, a 21-year-old university dropout. He lived at home with his parents and older brother. His father was not really in the picture for he worked night shifts and usually slept during the day, in the weekends he locked himself in the garden shed with his mates getting drunk and watching sport. His mother, besides taking care of the household worked two part-time jobs trying to get around. His brother Charlie like Joey dropped out of university but quickly found a career as an internet moderator for a major company, he usually locked himself in his room working on his computer all night long only taking bathroom breaks and sometimes needed to go `on sight` as he called it being away for a couple days coming back exhausted. Joey never really fitted in anywhere he knew from an early age that he was gay and coming from a conservative family and living in a strictly religious town made it difficult for him to find his footing. His only safe haven was the beach. He lived close to the sea and thought himself surfing. Being alone with the waves made him feel at ease, he also felt comfortable in a wetsuit just a one-piece blue suit that no one would bully him for because it was not designer clothes, he liked it so much he started wearing it at home and sometimes even outside. A year ago he met his only real friends trough surfing, one day while surfing he saw a van pull up at his usual surfing spot and 3 men stepped out. First, you have the twins Aaron and Tim, they were the energetic power duo from the group never stepping down for a little bad weather, and both of them being the masterminds of all their mischievous plans. Then there was Anthony usually called just Tony a tall blond muscular god, he was the clear leader of the group. Joey always had a thing for Tony but never had the guts to make a move on it, so he let it slide. The trio were all quite a bit older then Joey being around 29, but that didn't matter for their newfound friendship. The four of them became good friends surfing all day and having a drink at night. The group became complete with a new boy moving to Joey's town his name was Scott he was the same age as Joey and had quite a similar background, that said Joey never really knew if Scott was gay, they had kissed once while very drunk at one of their midnight beach BBQ, but that was it.

It was a late summer day, and the five of them had a good day of surfing behind them. Scott was already on the beach getting a campfire going. The other four were just getting out of the ocean talking about the high waves they had today. They started drinking beers and telling each other stories when the inevitable story of their first relationship came up. The twins were just done with their energetic story about how they dated the same girl after one another when the eyes fell to Joey. He started telling a story about how he almost got a girlfriend when he realized he should not be afraid of his sexuality and said I never really had a relationship because I am gay. A quiet pause fell when Tony got up and walked over to Joey sitting down next to him and putting an arm around him telling him it is okay you never know what happens, you are a good looking lad. They laughed it off, and the night crawled into the late hours. Scott had to leave because he had work in the morning, he said. The twins also left. Joey didn't want to go home, yet he still had too much energy after just telling his friends he was gay. Luckily Tony was not feeling like going home as well. They lay next to each other, looking at the stars, then it all went silent. Joey and Tony fell asleep. Joey woke up and tried to open his eyes when a cold shiver ran through his body, the fire must have gone out. That was the moment when he realized when his face was inches away from Tony's face. The two of them must have cuddled up in their sleep when the fire went out. Joey tried to free himself, but Tony had him in a secure lock between his arm and legs, and Tony being bigger and stronger. Joey's attempt was futile. Joey lay there locked in the grasp of Tony staring at his sleeping face. The uncomfortable situation was not that bad he felt safe in Tony's arms. This is when Joey made the move and kissed Tony on his sleeping lips. A jolt of happy feeling rushed through his body. But he had to wait before Tony to wake up before he was free again, so he lay there happy and safe, with every breath their wetsuits rubbed along each other, the sound and feeling that this made gave Joey a horny feeling that with him just having kissed the best looking guy around. This is when Tony woke up and released Joey from his body locked prison. Tony asked how he was doing. Joey responded cold and tired but when he stood up his boner was obviously showing, he quickly tried to cover this with his surfboard. Tony stood up and stretched his arms. You wanna sleepover at my place?, Tony asked coming home this late might wake up you parents. Joey knew that his dad was at work and his mother would have passed out from her workday but he said yeah sure. They packed their stuff and loaded it in Tony's van.
The ride to his house was about a 45-minute drive making a quick stop at a maccie D's drive-thru, they got a weird look from the employee seeing two guys in a wetsuit at this late hour. They pulled up to an enormous house. With a fence larger than Joey had ever seen around it. How could you afford something like this Joey asked. Tony replied I am the executive manager at a large company making this a welcoming necessity. The drove up and getting out of the van Joey realized that not even the neighbouring houses could look in the garden with fences this big. This is the moment when it dawned on Joey that he came to the beach earlier that day already wearing a wetsuit, he did not have regular clothes. Joey asked when they walked inside the house do you have any clothes I could wear I don't have anything else with me. Tony looked at Joey and said I am afraid nothing I have would fit you. Seeing that Tony is 6,2 foot and very muscular and Joey being only 5,8 and skinny. Looks like you either have to sleep naked or in your wetsuit Tony said. Joey didn't mind this that much seeing that he slept in his wetsuit more and more recently. Joey sat down on the couch and asked if Tony had a blanket or something. Tony shouted from the other room don't be ridiculous. I have a king-size bed, I promise I won't do anything naughty. Tony walked into the living room already taken off his wetsuit. Joey's eyes was mesmerized by Tony's body standing tall in just briefs. Come on boy let's get to bed. if Joey's boner wasn't showing already after just the sight of Tony's body him calling Joey' boy' certainly would have. Joey thought it was weird that Tony called him boy but didn't give it to much attention seeing that he right now layed in bed wearing a wetsuit next to the man he just kissed hours ago. Joey's cock was throbbing for attention.

Joey had a hard time falling asleep he was hornier than he had ever been. They both woke up around the same time Tony obviously getting a better night's sleep. They were in an armlock again much like the day before Tony overpowering Joey with ease. Tony this time did not let go, he asked did you sleep well Joey replied a bit short but I am fine. They stared into each other eyes when Tony broke the peace and started kissing Joey. Joey surprised by this move did not know what to do not that he could go anywhere. they lay there kissing with Tony clearly invading Joey's mouth with an aggressive kiss. When Tony stopped Joey said I did not know you were gay. Tony laughed and said he always had an eye for Joey but did not want to make the first move seeing their age difference, and when Joey made the first move yesterday, he knew both of them were ready. Adding like I did not notice you kissing me last night. Joey blushed. Have you ever sucked a cock, Tony asked Joey looked away as much as he could, well there is a first time for everything. Tony released Joey from the arm+ock and moved pulled away the sheets. A beautiful 7.5-inch morning boner came into view and Joey became a bit scared. Don't worry I'll be kind this time and remember no teeth. Joey moved down and started licking Tony's cock?, His own boner rubbing against the wetsuit crying for attention. Joey started sucking his cock slowly, it was so big he could not fit everything into his mouth. Tony grabbed Joey's hair firmly, guiding him, sometimes pushing him so far that Joey started choking. but he was doing something right noticing that Tony started moaning from pleasure. When Tony was close to finishing he became more violent pushing Joey's head deeper and deeper. Joey started choking so much that he even shed a tear. Not long after an explosion of warm cum filled Joey's mouth. not knowing what to do Joey looked in panic around somewhere he could spit the cum out, when Tony grabbed him by his face and said I want you to swallow my cum. Joey not knowing what to do obeyed and slowly swallowed the lukewarm cum. That's a good boy, did you enjoy yourself. When Joey wanted to answer he was interrupted by Tony pointing at his wetsuit. No words required it think you liked it. Joey looked down and say a throbbing boner beneath a wet spot in his wetsuit, there was so much precum that a significant part of his wetsuit was stained in a darker colour. They got out of bed and Tony said I will relive you after breakfast it good that your cock is nicely tucked away inside your wetsuit, and slapped Joey on his ass. Tony moved to the kitchen while Joey rushed to the bathroom trying to dry his precum with some toilet paper. when Joey entered the kitchen with still an obvious stain Tony started laughing. Here eat up it was an eventful morning Tony handed Joey a plate with eggs on toast. Joey noticed that Tony had made some bacon as well but decided not to share with Joey. After breakfast they moved to the living room when Tony said firmly undress. Joey was a bit shocked this request. Tony adding you served me this morning it is time to return the favour. Joey unzipped his wetsuit and pulled it down, a scent of day-old sweat and cum filled the air. Tony walked around Joey like he was judging his body and went down on his knees and started sucking Joey's cock. The feeling Joey was having were hard to describe Shocked, joy, horny. Still, it did not last long for just after 1 minute of furious sucking by tony made Joey explode in a cloud of pleasure. Tony spat out Joey's cum and asked if he liked it. Joey replied I never felt something like this in my life. Tony laughed and said, now get a towel from the kitchen and clean up your cum before it stains the floor.

Their relationship developed over the coming week's Joey spending more and more times at Tony's house. Tony had asked that if Joey was around if he would wear a wetsuit inside his house. An odd request but Joey did not mind this at all. The first and only people they told they were together now were the surfing crew. The twins exploded in cheers lifting Joey high up in the air. When Joey looked down he saw Scott with worry on his face but that withered away when Tony approached him and slapped him on the back yelling, aren't you happy for us. Scott replied of course I am. This went on for a couple of weeks Joey's parents not even noticing he wasn't at home most of the time anymore. Joey started doing more and more chores around the house, Tony had pressured him into thinking if he was there often he should help in the household. This was an unfair distribution however because Tony did not do anything leaving the cleaning up to Joey. This gave Joey a great way to discover the enormous house and garden. But there was one room he never say in the hallway next to the stairs there was a black door unlike the other doors which were all white like the decor of the house. Joey often wondered what was behind the door, but always shrugged it off as probably being the basement. That all changed one day when Tony was at work and Joey doing some cleaning when he heard a soft moan coming from behind the black door. Joey put his ears against the door and it was silent. A minute later of not hearing anything Joey jumped back he heard another moan. Was somebody in there, what is happening in there, why is he moaning all these questions rushed through his head. Later that night while having dinner Joey mustered enough guts to ask what is behind the door. Tony looked surprised and said Just the basement why'd you ask. Joey looked at him and said not to creep you out but I believe I heard someone moaning inside today. Tony looked back at his dinner and said must have been the piping or the wind that you heard there is nothing in there. After dinner when Joey was done with the dishes, they both went straight to bed Tony being exhausted from work and Joey from all the chores he had done today. In the middle of the night Joey woke up and noticed that Tony was not in bed next to him. He must be in the bathroom Joey thought and turned around and fell asleep again. The following week was uneventful but the weekend was special because it was Joey's birthday. Friday evening when Joey was already in bed Tony walked in stark naked. It is time we took it a step further Tony said. Adding seeing that it is your birthday tomorrow let's start with this gift. Joey was surprised what was coming but deep down he knew today was going to be the day that he was going to get fucked by Tony. Take off your wetsuit Tony said. Slowly peeling off the sweat-filled wetsuit. Tony moved closer and guided Joey into an all-fours position on the bed. He grabbed Joey from behind and whispered in his ears, believe me it is not as painful as in the porno you see online. With that he moved to his nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube and squirted a generous amount on his cock. Just relax and let me do the work Tony said when he winked at Joey. When the tip of his cock met the Joey's hole a streak of fear clouded Joey's mind but it was already to late, for the 7.5-inch cock was already halfway into his hole. Joey started screaming out of pain. Tony grabbed Joey by the shoulder and hair Don't worry the pain will go away in just a second. Tony started slowly pumping his cock into Joey's hole, and he was right Joey started enjoying the feeling, even going so far that he started moving against it pushing it deeper and deeper. That's right boy you are enjoying yourself. Joey's cock started swelling up as well, he grabbed his cock and started stroking it. Slap!, Joey let go of his cock and fell to the bed Tony had just slapped Joey on his ass. No touching you own cock unless I tell you. Tony grabbed Joey again by the hair and pulled him back on all fours. The burning sensation on his ass surely would leave a mark. Tony started pumping faster and the pain slowly came back Joey screamed slowly it hurts! Tony clearly ignoring this request continued, this made Joey cry a little. Still, his cock was telling him otherwise standing straight with the veins popping like never before his loud moaning also clouded the pain in his ass. Hold on Tony said and at that point, an explosion of cum filled Joey's hole, but that was not the only explosion when Joey looked down he saw his own cock dripping from cum with a little pool of his cum on top of the sheets. Tony pulled his cock out of Joey's hole, which gave Joey a sensation of relief. Tony moved towards Joey's face who was still on all fours and said clean my cock boy. Joey didn't have to think twice and took Tony's semi-hard cock in his mouth, cleaning all the cum his tongue could find. When he was done Joey wanted to go to bed but Tony was not done yet, You think I have 't noticed you cumming all over the sheets clean it up! tony said. Joey stood up walking towards the bathroom to grab a towel. But tony grabbed him and said no need for that you can clean it perfectly fine with your tongue. Joey had experience swallowing tony's cum but never his own. With a bit of hesitation Joey moved towards the pool of cum. We don't have all night said Tony when he pushed Joey's face straight into his own cum, Lick! Joey got up when he was done with still some visible spots on his face from when Tony pushed him into the cum. That looks good on you boy now time for bed we have a lot of fun things to do tomorrow. they both fell asleep quickly Joey still being in a bit of a shock from what just happened, but he was happy although his ass hurt quite a bit he was happy to share that moment with Tony. Joey woke up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain on his cock. when his hands found his cock he felt something weird like something was encasing his cock. Joey rushed to the bathroom to see what was going on and pulled down his pants in front of the mirror. Instead of his cock he was greeted by a shiny metal cage encasing his cock. Joey had never seen something like this before and tried taking it off, but it was locked shut around his cock and balls. On closer inspection, he saw a thick metal ring around his balls forcing them forwards with a cock-shaped metal tube around his penis bit a small keyhole on the side. What did Tony do he thought. Knowing that he could not get it off by himself he grabbed a towel and made it wet and starting to clean his face from the now dried cumstains. When he entered the bedroom, He saw Tony sitting upright in bed and he said 'happy birthday boy' Joey was furious and started shouting take this thing of it is hurting me. Tony said get in bed you will get used to it, Joey only thought what do i need to wear this thing for longer. When he moved the sheets and slit his naked well almost naked body next to Tony. Tony grabbed him by the cock cage and shoulder and said that there were going to be some changes. Joey not knowing what to say just lay there quietly staring in Tony's eyes. You see you cum way to fast so I think I need to train you a bit better in not making a mess all the time. This is a chastity device forcing you not the get hard whenever you want to and better yet not allowing you to cum unless I allow you to. He started shaking the cage forcing Joey's cock to get hard but there was no room to get hard and the pain came back again. You see I want you to understand that this is better for the both of us. Also I want you to take complete responsibility for all the household chores. Not that that was a difference Joey thought seeing that he already did all the cleaning and cooking around. And lastly I want you to address me as an superior now that I will be training you, you will address me as Sir from now on and speak only when spoken to for the duration of your training. Joey opened his mouth and said I am not going to do that… Slap Tony hit Joey right in the the face and yelled I am not going to do that SIR. Yes you will you see I have got the key to your chastity and I am not letting you out before you are trained properly. Joey's mind was racing at this point with anger and confusion. Still, his thoughts were interrupted by Tony saying, 'do you understand boy?` The only words that escaped Joey's mouth were yes Sir, I understand Sir. now get to sleep we have a lot to do tomorrow. Tony moved back to his side of the bed and turned away from Joey and fell straight asleep again. Joey lost in his own thought could not sleep for another hour just thinking of where this all could go, he was no longer in control of his own cock and quite frankly was a bit scared of how Tony treated him. eventually he fell asleep but was awoken not long after by his cock yelling to get a morning boner but that was not possible anymore. Tony awoke not long after and asked Joey why don't you make some breakfast and he turned away and started sleeping again. Not knowing what now Joey got up and walked to the kitchen. joey made a full English breakfast because no matter the situation it was still his birthday. Every move Joey made forced him back to the heavy metal cage that was now around his cock. When Tony finally got down Joey was just about finished with making the breakfast and turned to Tony with two plates filled with a delicious breakfast. they said down at the table when Tony pulled out a big red box. I have taken the liberty of getting you another birthday gift that you might find a bit more pleasant. Joey's eyes lit up and ripped off the paper from around the box and opened the box. Inside there was a shiny black suit, Joey pulled out the suit, it was some kind of wetsuit! Tony started saying that he got him a new wetsuit seeing that his other blue wetsuit was getting a bit old and needed improving. Joey did not know what to say but was excited to try it on. Tony continued It is a hybrid of a wetsuit made with latex giving it it's shiny glow and making it more durable. Joey was shivering with joy. try it on. Joey was already naked so he grabbed the suit and pushed his legs in the suit with no problems whatsoever his legs and arms moved into place. When he pulled up the zipper there was a faint click at the top of the zipper, but Joey didn't think much of it. This will be your suit from now on it also hides your cage a bit better than the other wetsuit would have because this one is thicker. Before you start panicking, no, you can't take it off without my permission. There is a small lock at the top of the zipper making it impossible after zipped up to take it off without the key. Joey shocked from what he just heard tried to unzip his new wetsuit but to no success it was locked like Tony said. He started laughing luckily unlike your other suit. This one has a zipper at the bottom so you can still go to the bathroom without taking it off.

The rest of the day was nothing special but Joey did want to go home to celebrate his birthday with his family as well. Joey walked in the living room and asked Tony if he could take of the suit so he could go home and celebrate his birthday with his family. Tony explained that he was allowed to go home but needed training so the suit was to stay on. But Sir Joey said before being interrupted by Tony, nothing else I will see you tomorrow for some surfing okay. Yes Sir Joey blurted out and went home. He got some weird looks from people when they saw him cycling in this shiny black suit without a surfboard or anything, but he just wanted to get home and relax from everything that just happened. When he got home, he rushed to his room and put on a sweater and jeans to cover the suit before going back downstairs. His father was in the garden shed as always getting drunk with his mates but his mother and brother were there to wish him a happy birthday. His mother did not have a gift seeing that she could not afford one. His brother gave him a videogame that Joey already had but did not make a big problem out of it, because Joey's mind was elsewhere. He started sweating immensely from the two layers of clothes he was wearing inside. He did hide it well for not his mother or brother noticed anything. later that night, Joey needed to take a piss and being so used to wearing a wetsuit inside just got up out of his bed and walked to the bathroom. He unzipped the bottom zipper and quickly realized that he could not take a piss anymore standing up, so he sat down and felt the piss run out of the little hole at the bottom of the metal cage. After washing his hand and zipping everything back up he walked back into the hallway be he stopped dead in his tracks. His brother was standing in front of him. Charlie said, that is a nice wetsuit where did you get it from? Moving closer to Joey to feel the fabric. I I I got it from a friend Joey stumbled out. At this point Charlie was feeling the fabric and asked what kind of material is this, it is like latex or something. Surprised by the fact that Charlie knew what latex was Joey pushed him aside to go back to his own room. but at that moment his metal-encased cock rubbed against Charlie's leg. Charlie looked down at Joey's crotch but did not say anything and went in the bathroom. Joey scared that his brother might have felt something rushed back to his room. The next day Joey grabbed his surfing gear and went to the beach. The twins and Scott already being there. They got out of the water when they say Joey's new wetsuit and congratulated him on his birthday. Nice suit bro! Aaron said with Tim following up where did you get it from. Joey explained that he did not know what brand it was and he got it from Tony. Scott looked a bit shocked by this answer and moved behind Joey trying to look for something, as he moved closer to the back of Joey's neck he turned around what are you doing, nothing said Scott cool suit though. They started surfing and his new suit felt amazing in the water just like a regular suit but better. Tony joined the group not long after in the group Joey did not know if he should still address Tony as Sir in public and decided not to do it, he got an approving nod from Tony. Joey and Tony after an exhausting day of catching waves went back to his place. But when they arrived at the gate there was a boy waiting outside the gate. Tony said stay here I'll ask what he wants. Tony stepped out of his van and walked to the boy. they talked for a bit and at some point the boy fell to his knees started kissing Tony's shoes, he quickly grabbed him straight slapped him across the face and shouted GO, and never come back here like this again. Tony walked back to the van and drove past the gate up to his house. Before Joey could ask, Tony started talking that they knew each other from work but he the boy always wanted more and I am with you right now, as he moved closer and started kissing Joey. Joey understood and believed the story and said Thank you Sir I am happy with you Sir. After a week or so dressed in his new suit and locked in the chastity Joey asked Tony if he could take off the suit and get a shower and clean the suit. Tony approved but before he could, Tony unzipped his pants and whipped out his cock, see boy you need to deserve it first. Joey fell to his knees and crawled on all fours towards Tony. After all these weeks Joey became good at sucking cock. Tony's moaning filled the room as Joey worked on his cock like a good boy would. His cock now completely erect inside Joey's mouth made both of them feel good. Tony sitting done in his normal clothes while Joey locked in his black suit on all fours between his legs. And there came the sharp pain in Joey's cock, for his cock wanted some attention as well. Joey started moaning in pain when Tony grabbed his hair and pulled him of his cock. You want to cum don't you boy. Joey nodded his head Yes Sir I really want to cum Sir. Well today might be your lucky day but like always if you want something you need to work for it boy. Joey looked in desperation in Tony's eyes, Yes Sir I will do anything if you allow me to cum Sir. Tony's eyes lit up and said well I have a proposition to make I will let you cum but for the next 24 hours, I will push you towards a place and there might not be a coming back from there. Joey did not understand what Tony said but his hormones and not cumming for a week took over, I will do anything If you please just let me cum Sir. Alright then, as Toni grabbed Joey's chastity cage and walked over to the hallway. Tony moved closer to a picture frame and out of nowhere produced a key from behind the picture frame. He walked over to the black basement door and pushed the key into the keyhole. Now boy listen closely once inside this room you might not leave this room the same person, but no worries I will be there to guide you every step of the way. Joey's mind was now nothing more than desperation to cum. Tony moved away from the door and said it is up to you boy, no turning back once you enter here, it is all up to you. Joey thought about it where he was locked in chastity and a wetsuit what he had come from, but the man standing in front of him gave him so much, made him experience joy after joy. Joey moved towards the door and without thinking twice, turned the key and walked inside.

- Vlokkie
chapter 2 How deep is this rabbit hole?
to be continued

I hope you liked it. It is long but if you guys like it I needed to set up a lot of future plot lines. If you allow me to continues Joey's journey will get more sexual. I am sorry for any grammar mistakes but English is not my first language

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Re: Joey's journey

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Good story. And my English this is not my first language to

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Re: Joey's journey

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Loving the story. Please keep going.

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