The descent

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The descent

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During the quarantine, I find myself stuck in chastity with more time on my hand then I know what to do with it. So I started writing these stories hope you like it because I am getting really horny so I need some sort of valve to let it out. Hope you enjoy

part 1 Liam’s way out

It was an exciting time for Liam, He just graduated highschool. He was accepted to his first pick of university, Kaydain university. It was time he moved out of the shithole he called home and move to the big city, even making this deal better was that he got the opportunity to study Biology and start in the second year with specializing into marine biology. Ever since Liam had his walls covered with the most wonderful creatures of the sea he wanted to devote his life to know more about them. Where he was from there was not much sea activity for he lived about 300 miles from the sea. Liam was your average build 6,1 foot. The only thing he was blessed with so far was his dark hazelnut hair with bright blue eyes that considering Liam never really paid any attention to the ladies for he was already planning his escape from this shithole.

The moving day had arrived and after a heartfelt goodbye to his parents he took the first bus to the train station. Finally he could leave his old friends and life behind. The train station was nothing special, there was simply no one there. The train arrived not shorty after and after managing his suitcase found nice quiet compartment en settled in for the journey. Just after the whistle had blown a young man stumbled into the compartment. Liam was unpacking unaware of the new visitor when his acceptance letter fell on the ground. No way! The visitor shouted You are going to Kaydain as well. Liam looked up and got a proper look at the visitor, he was nicely build and about the same height as him, the real only notable difference was the long blond hair draping beyond his shoulders. I am Arthur, can I sit with you? Sure, take a seat. I am Liam nice to meet you. They got to know each other pretty well over the course of the train ride. Arthur much like Liam always wanted to escape his hometown. They also shared the same study they would be following, Biology. After a long train ride the both of them were exhausted not from the ride itself but the talking a making fun of their hometowns. At Kaidain train station they said each other goodbye and promised each other they would meet up after both of them checked in into the dorms. Liam opted to walk to the university instead of taking the bus, he believed that some exercise as well as getting to know the city would be better the sitting again. After arriving at the University grounds he could not stop staring at all these wonderful people, Even a handful was brighter, better looking and more interesting than his entire hometown combined. LIAM LIAM! He heard shouting from across the field. It was Arthur running towards him. Guess what, we are roomies! He shouted when he ran in for a hug. Here come with me I” ll show you the way.

Their room was not that bad, it was situated on the top floor of the boys’ dorm. It was quiet to because both the neighboring rooms had not been occupied yet. Liam was happy with his new friend Arthur yet he wanted to get starting on making more friends. The invitation letter stated the first day there would be a market where all the groups and associations would attend and present what they could offer, a perfect place for Liam to meet new people. Without asking Arthur to come along he made the decision just to invite himself. The boys walked across the campus chit chatting their way through the boring acapella and sports groups. That was the moment when Liam spotted a group of four good looking boys in suits sitting in the corner of the market. They were the only group not actually going around and harassing people to join their group. Not a change Arthur said when he approached Liam. Those guys my friend are the S.U.I.T.S a very mysterious boys only associations. They are so mysterious that no one really knows what ‘Suits’ ever stands for nowadays. If you get through there very hard initiation you will spend most of you time there. as Arthur pointed to a very large building across the campus. “Wow” Liam thought how could an association get so much money to maintain such a large building. Liam was intimidated by the entire story and decided to approach them. When Liam got close to the table one of the guys stood up and walked over to Liam. So you want to join the suits? the mysterious man asked firmly. Liam was caught off guard by his confidence. Well yeah Liam responded. The man grabbed Liam’s arm and pulled him closer to the table. He explained we can not tell you exactly what we do, to join is to devote your life to the cause. Joining the Suits will change your life forever, we can give you purpose if you give us your trust. The other boys judged Liam’s appearance, and apparently it was good for they agreeingly nodded there head. The first man said we give you an invitation to join, you will entre your initiation at the end of this initiation you have one change to leave if you decide to stay you will become a propper suits. Arthur moved closer trying to pull his newfound friend out of trouble before it was to late. Hey Liam let’s go there is more to see he said. Liam turned around and back to the Suits. You are fit enough to join too if you want said one of the guys behind the table directed at Arthur. Arthur started laughing “no thank you. I think I’ll spend my time elsewhere”. Sure thing dude once nothing always nothing. This comment hit a nerve with Arthur. Arthur aggressively pushed the man next to Liam aside and grabbed a pen and filled in his personal information on the sheet. Let’s see what you guys are made off he said while he turned around and handed the pen to Liam. It was your idea, to begin with no go on then sign yourself up Arthur said with a stern and determined voice. Liam still shook about what just happened grabbed the pen and thought well it is now or never. We will contact you if you are chosen to become an initiative, stay safe, they guys said at the same time.

Two weeks went by and Liam was getting used to university life. It was not really what he expected, the people in his courses were in his opinion smarter versions of the idiots that lived back home. Liam was stuck with Arthur but he didn’t mind it that much, Arthur had a mind of his own always making plans and taking point in everything they did. On Friday when Liam got home he saw that his dorm room door was open. Arthur must have forgotten to close it, but when he entered there was no one there except a letter on both Liam’s and Arthur’s bed. Liam immediately knew it was from the Suits, he by this time completely forgot about the entire ordeal yet decided to open the letter immediately. The letter opened with “You have been chosen to become one of the 25 initiative of this year” bla bla bla “you are expected tonight at the factory for your first trial”. Liam was exited perhaps this was his break from the past and start of something new. By this time Arthur came home from class, he was visibly less excited stating that he is not going to go to this puppet show. When the time arrived to make a final decision Arthur stayed behind in the dorm. ‘The Factory’ is what the suits called their club HQ it was the building Arthur pointed to on the market, it was an old metal factory just off-campus. The factory was large With priring above most buildings in the city an old chimney. At the door of the factory there was already a group of men waiting to get in. Liam made small talks with most of them, When the giant metal doors swung open. They were greeted by a fire lit work floor, at the end of the hall there was a raised level where the manager office would have been that know occupied 25 or so good looking gentleman. Liam and the boys walked approached the level but then it went silent. After a couple of minutes one of the men that looked like he would be some kind of leader for he was the only one wearing a very visible necklace stood up. “It seems we are missing four initiatives, we will wait for their arrival”. Liam thought about Arthur and what kind of a mess he got himself into. Then a garage door swung open and a black van raced across the floor, just before they hit anyone the van came to a screeching halt. The side door flew open and four boys were pushed out they all tumbled over one another on the floor. The man that alked before stood up once again and began his speech.
“Welcome initiatives this will be the first day of you new future.
The suits are are an organization spread throughout the nation with different chapters in every major city, we are the backbone of this nation supplying precious resources to keep us going.
Today we’ll start with three trials determining your roles within the organizations, as you see from our latecomers you must complete the three trials, then, you have one last opportunity to leave before becoming a member of Suits.
The first trial is right here right now for we need to determine who gets special privileges in future trials.
The strong must be separated from the weak and thus we will have a one on one fist fight to determine the top 5 of you.
Before we begin my name is Master James but you will be calling me Master for the foreseeable future, the gentleman around me you will address as Sir at any moment”.

A board was revealed with all the names of the initiatives. Liam took a quick look and saw his name next to Arthur’s name, they will be fighting in the fifth round. Arthur approached Liam and said look bro I am not going to fight you. Liam responded I know I know we will figure something out. He took a quick look through the room and could see 10 guys who would easily outmatch him not including Arthur. Liam tucked on Arthur’s shirt and said look when we have to you will hit me in my stomach and I will go down, I have no fighting change with all these larger boys but you do. They agreed. The first four fights were brutal, not because of the fights but the lack thereof. The initiative refused to fight, this was quickly shut down for three of the Suits came down with electric taser sticks giving them the incentive to fight or they will be tasered to the ground. Arthur’s and Liam’s fight went as they agreed, Arthur giving Liam only a small punch in the stomach to which Liam went to the ground immediately. The Suits didn’t think this was a good fight so they started tasering Liam to get up and fight, but he had no energy nor will power to stand up. Liam was dragged aside with the others who lost their fights. Arthur was actually kicking some ass outsmarting everyone who was bigger and just overpowers everyone who was smaller. An hour went by of fighting, by that time Liam was standing on his feet once more watching Arthur progress through his fights. Yes, Arthur became one of the top five, Liam thought when the fighting was over. Master James stood up happily after an hour of cheering and shouting at the initiatives. “Looks like we have our victors, you will be taken separately and be briefed on the other two trials, also you will find accommodations that are more suiting for your stature. The rest of you will be taken to the sleeping hall where you will stay this weekend preparing yourself for the next trials”. With that Arthur was being escorted to another hallway before Liam got the change to congratulate him. Follow Me! a Sir shouted still holding his taser stick. The rest of them were escorted to what used to be the staff area and let down a set of stairs that looked like it would continue forever. This factory was way larger than Liam initially thought with all the subterranean levels. Everything was dark and they could barely see in front of them when they finally took a couple of turns entering a room that looked like a shower area. Undress and take a shower the ones with serious wounds and cuts can come over to have them patched up. Liam didn’t mind it that much showering together it reminded him of the dreaded showers at his high school. When Liam left the shower he discovered that his clothes had been taking, and not just his but of everyone. Instead there was a neat pile of black suits awaiting them. Liam didn’t recognize the fabric at first but then he remembered all the nature documentaries he had seen, these were black wetsuits. “we have taken your clothes to wash them and get the bloodstains out they will be given back at the end of this weekend. Until then we have provided you with a suit that will keep you warm down here”, said one of the Sirs. Reluctantly everyone found their right size and put the suit one. they moved through another couple of hallways, the cold concrete becoming almost painful to Liam’s feet. The final turn brought them to a sort of canteen, with a long table in the middle of the room at the back there was one last metal door. one of the Sirs opened the door and before turning on the light switch said: “I hope you will find your sleeping arrangement more than adequate.” When the light turned on Liam was shocked by what he saw. It was a long room almost like army barracks but instead of bunk beds there was a neat row of twenty black cages lined up. these were not ordinary cages but heavy bared with barely enough room. in every cage there was a thin mattress, a pillow and a blanket. The boys up front started to protest but they were simply reminded of the tasers the Sirs had. After everyone had crawled into their cages and automatic lock locked all the cages at the same time. “it is sleeping time now, no talking or anything you will need you energy for the weekend has just begun.” With those words the door closed and left twenty young men caged. Liam couldn’t sleep, what had he gotten himself into, he wanted to leave his old life behind only to find himself locked in a cage wearing a wetsuit by some kind of cult that forces him to complete trials. Only two more he thought before he could leave this cult, just two more. A couple cage over a couple of the boys started talking to one another about this situation. AAGGHHH! A scream filled the room, the cages were the boys who started talking electrified giving them a painful shock through their bodies. A speaker came on told them that there is no talking in the sleeping area and if they would not stop all the cages would be electrified, NOW SLEEP! It was silent after this and Liam somehow must have fallen asleep for he was rudely awoken by a Sir hitting a stick against the metal bars of the cages.

Get out, there is breakfast waiting for you in the next room as well as a little gift. You will also have time to go to the toilet. After this you will be split into teams of four and moved to your briefing room said a Sir as he walked back into the cantine. Liam had pain throughout his body from the events of the day before as well as the crappy night sleep. In the next room two bowls sat in front of every chair, one filled with some kind of brownish paste and another with water. In between lay a black leather band with a number on the side. The Sir started speaking again when everybody sat silently looking at the food. “this is nutrition paste, it holds all the vital things your body need yet none of the flavors. The black collar in between is now part of your suits these collars give you access to the areas you are allowed to go, the doors automatically register your collar id. Everyone knew that making a problem would get them tased so they started eating in silence. There was also a weird rumbling on the background, it almost sounded like the factory had never closed. Liam tried on the collar which had printed the number 534 in the side and before he could adjust it the locking device at the back locked shut, Guess I won’t be taking this thing off anymore. The nutrition paste was not disgusting for it had no flavor but was not pleasant either and difficult to eat because there was no spoon or fork given. After breakfast and taking a quick toilet break they assembled in the cantine. One of the Sirs moved forward and started reading from a list. “Behind me you will find a hallway with five doors, every door belongs to a team where you have been put in, here you will work together on your next trial. Team one; 348,694,984,...... finally Liam heard his number he was in team five. The team rooms were small, there was only one round table with four chairs facing a television screen. The boys sat down and before they could talk about their situation the television screen switched on. It was Arthur sitting at a desk. Liam was happy to see that Arthur was doing okay, but there was something weird. Arthur was not wearing a collar and dressed in a normal white t-shirt. Guess it was a one-way stream for Arthur surely would have reacted to seeing Liam sitting in a room with a black wetsuit and a collar around his neck. Arthur started talking…….


Part 2?

Please leave a comment on what you think about the story so far and leave some feedback. The more the comments the faster I will start working on part 2.

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Re: The descent

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I like the story and I want to know how it goes.

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