Open-Cell Wetsuits?

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Open-Cell Wetsuits?

Post by skyler »

I've been looking at spearfish diving wetsuit, usually they come in two pieces, and need to be lubricated in order to slip inside.

They usually get described as 'more comfortable' than a regular wetsuit, but I was wondering if this was on dry land? I've also heard it feels like a prison out of water, which does sound appealing.

Has anyone had any experience with open-cell wetsuits.
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Re: Open-Cell Wetsuits?

Post by surfydude »

Sounds like an interesting experience. I haven't tried one but I think the comfort has to do with the nature of the suit.

-The 2 pieces can be sized separately for better fit and independent of torso length.
-Only the outside has lining, so it is more stretchy. The smoothskin also seals tightly inside so it's warmer in the water with less thickness. But I have seen a reversable suit. Freediving suits are just the reverse, and a few have no lining whatsoever.
-They have an attached hood and 2 layers around waist and crotch, so even toastier

Getting lubed up can be messy, if you're not getting in the water. I'd definitely avoid soap
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Re: Open-Cell Wetsuits?

Post by kevsomerset »

I like the open cell interiors in the freediving & spearfishing suits. It does need a quite lot of lube to put them on and I have found mixing up some J-Lube to be very effective.
There are freediving suits that are smooth outside and open cell inside. Most of these have a fine nylon layer sandwiched in the material to give it a degree of durability, but they are still quite fragile, often more so than a triathlon wetsuit.
There are one or two companies that make these suits without the reinforcement in the foam, like some of the Spetton suits. The rubber is so light and flexible you don't really feel the suit, its just like having a rubber skin! Loads of lube needed to put these on and take them off.
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