All a surferboy needs

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All a surferboy needs

Post by DanielH » Sat Oct 10, 2020 6:28 pm

Hi all,

I am new to this forum and therefore, I would like to introduce both myself and and the story I would like to post here. I am from Germany and although I like watching guys in wetsuits, I have never tried a wetsuit so far, however I would like to do so. From a sexual point of view I am gay, I live in a long-time relation with my boyfriend and my interest in wetsuits is primarily sexually motivated although I really like swimming and I already made several attempts to try windsurfing which have not yet worked out but I will keep things going in this sense. I have been written stories with sexual and gay content for more than a decade and wetsuitlads is not the first forum where I post such stories.

The story I would like to post differs to some extend from the wetsuit-related stories I have read in this forum so far. Many stories in this forum are related to kind of something which I call ''dominance-submission-plays'' for myself. I have read here a lot about people being locked in a wetsuit or being forced to do things according to the commands of their masters. From this point of view, this story is completely different. It is of course wetsuit-related but it is also related to love, tenderness, sex and the development of self-confidence of a boy.

The names of the characters may appear a bit odd to the reader as well as the language. This story is setteled in Germany and I originally wrote it in German - therefore the characters have German names which I have not changed. I am a German native speaker but I am using English in my daily work or more than a decade. Therefore I consider myself to be fluent at English, however I am not sure whether my English is good enough to translate any kind of poetry. Therefore, translating this story was a lot of work with dictionaries and also with lists of idiomatic expressions. However, I am not sure whether the translation is really good. I am grateful for any advice in this sense. But now enjoy the story!

All a surferboy needs

Daniel Just, Markus Schopf, Andreas Wagner and Tobias Lork could not help to flash a smile when they watched the two boys who hugged and kissed each other. Niklas Rockwinkel and Dominik Katrepel, who were both members of their clique had been a couple for a bit less than half a year.

"Did you enjoy it?" asked Daniel, who considered himself to be something like the leader of the clique. Dominik, Markus, Tobias, Andreas and Daniel had been keen surfers for several years. Whenever time and wheather permitted they took their surfboards and rigs to the sandpit pond and during the last two summer holidays they had taken a trip to Amrum, a little island off the German North Sea coast where there was a huge beach and a lot of wind which offered excellent surfing conditions. Up to now Niklas had mainly been keen of Dominik but he had always liked swimming and therefore he had decided to try out the favorite sport of his boyfriend. The fact that Dominik was a surferboy had belonged to the many things he had liked about him before the really got to know him. Though he had never come to the idea to try windsurfing himself. From his point of view, surfing was a sport of handsome, cool guys and not for nerds with curly hair and round-eye-glasses as he was. However, since he was with Dominik, his self-esteem had improved significantly and now he had just finished the first day of a two-day beginner's course, he had returned his borrowed wetsuit and wearing an aussiebum-swimming brief, he stood in front of the five surferboys who all looked extremly good although his boyfriend was his undisputed favorite among them.

Instead of answering Daniel's question, he grinned and approached Dominik. "It's like being shagged for the first time," he whispered in his ear. "I doesn't fell bad but I still have to get used to it."

Dominik started laughing while his friends remained persistent. "Spit it out! Did you enjoy it or not?"

"Yes it was good," Niklas replied. "Next week I will take the advanced cource."

"Let's have a beer on that!" Daniel proposed and opened the cooling box which stood at their spot on the beach. It was already late afternoon and the five boys had taken their surfboards ashore and peeled of their wetsuits which were lying in the sun for drying.

"Let's drink a toast on our emerging surfer," he said as they sat in the sand and he had handed every one of them had a bottle of Erdinger Alkoholfrei(Famous German beer brand: A non-alcoholic wheat beer which is especially popular among sportsmen.) and they clicked them - at the bottom of course as Daniel, Tobias and Andreas were conviced that "beer and girls are hit at the bottom".

"I would have never expected that you could ever become a surferboy," Markus admitted. Markus and Niklas had been friends since primary school but the curly headed guy never came to the idea to follow him in this sense.

"He is not yet a real surferboy," Daniel clarified. "A real surferboy needs at least one girl to fancy him." He grinned towards Dominik. "And Dominik is not a girl!"

"The girls don't know what they're missing," Dominik replied and wrapped his arm around Niklas.

"Don't worry! You'll also find your admirers," Markus laughed. "To be honest: You have changed so much since you're with Dominik... Some months ago I would have never believed that you would ever sit in the sand, drink beer together with us and wear nothing else than a swimming brief and your glasses." Instead of saying something, Niklas cuddled up his head on Dominik's shoulder. His old friend was right. A bit less then three years ago, when they had changed to senior high school, he had seen Dominik for the first time and he immediately started fancying him. For two long years he was sure that he would never ever have the lightest chance to get closer to him as he was not good enough for the cool and handsome surferboy. His coming out and Dominik's affection had given him a lot of both self-confidence and and light-heartedness which he had never felt during the years before. "The chicks at our high school may take you as a nerd, however the ones you meet here in your surfing lessons might have a completely different look at you." Niklas had always been a very good pupil and his schoolmates considered him to be a nerd which had never bothered him. Sometimes Dominik even used "nerd" as a pet name for him.

"From my point of view, a real surfer boy first of all needs an own wetsuit," Dominik chipped in. "You do not want to know how many people have already peed into these surfing school suits which can actually not fit well. They are rubbish already from a hygienic point of view!"

After they had finished their beers they got dressed and went to their cars. "Good for you that you enjoy surfing," Dominik said as they had put their stuff into the car's boot and he started the engine. "And I think you're gonna enjoy something else, right?"

"What do you mean?"

"You had quite a bulge when we were sitting together."

"Does this surprise you if I'm just among tasty, half-naked boys - with you being the tastiest? You also had a nice bulge by the way."

"Sure. I was among tasty boys myself..."

Niklas murmured and grepped the package in his trousers. They were completely faithful with each other and the four other boys were 100% straight. However, this was not an obstacle for them to have favorites among their mates. Niklas had a bit of an eye on Markus while Dominik considered Daniel to be extremely sexy. They talked about their preferences very openly and sometimes they also used them to jolly and even to ensnare each other. If it was after Niklas, who once again grepped his bulge, he would do so immediately to get his boyfriend laid. His surfing lesson had been with a group consisting mostly of boys and the wetsuits they had worn had accentuated their bulges and he had got an idea of some really nice dicks which had hidden in them. And a nice dick was also curling up in Dominik's pants and he got more and more lust to caress, to massage, to kiss, to lick and to suck it.

Therefore, he was really surprised when he realized that Dominik had different plans. "If you want to continue with the course, you should really go for an own wetsuit," he said. "Should I directly drive to Intersport? They have a good selection of wetsuits."

Niklas grumbled. "We might have a look," he responded although he would have preferred to get it on with Dominik as soon as possible but maybe he was right to see what was on offer there. He had enough money to buy one as during the past weeks, after the final school exams had been over, he had worked a lot at his parent's petrol station. The beginner's course really had been fun and if he stayed with it, he would do a lot of surfing and swimming during summer. Civilan service would start not earlier than September and during the whole of August the whole clique wanted to go to Amrum and use the enormous beach and good wind conditions there for surfing.

About 15 minutes later they stood in front of a clothes rail in the sports shop. "You should take a smooth wetsuit," Dominik advised him. "You also do a lot of swimming and with a smooth one you are faster."

Most suits were black with white, red or blue emblems on them and it did not take long until a vendor joined them who meaured Niklas and then selected three suits. "Have you ever tried a wetsuit before?" she asked.

"Yes, earlier today," Niklas replied. It had taken him more nearly 15 minutes to squeeze into the suit.

"Then it will be much harder for you to get into this one," she explained. "New suits are always tighter than used ones and a good wetsuit has to be like a second skin. Should I help you putting it on?"

"I can do it," Dominik intervened. "I have experience with that."

In a small changing room Niklas got off his shorts and T-shirt and started to get on the skintight suit. He squeezed is feet through the openings and his hands through the sleeves. As Dominik was advising him and he of course also had no problems to touch him it was much easier than in the surfing school and after five minutes Niklas left the room. The vendor started to inspect the suit on him thoroughly. "Lift your arms please," she asked and had a glance in his axles. Then she asked him to spread his legs a little bit while she hunkered down and looked in Niklas' crotch. "It fits extremely good," she said. "Please go around a bit to have an impression how good you can move."

Dominik watched his boyfriend walking in a circle in the black and dark red suit before they went to the changing room again to get the suit off. About ten minutes later Niklas had settled for the suit and and the vendor joined them to the check-out. "A wetsuit must take away your breath," she asserted as she packed it into a plastic bag. "Not because it's so tight but because it looks so good."

Some minutes later they were sitting in the car again. Niklas' lust for his boyfriend was gone as getting into the tight suits he had tried had been quite exhausting. Dominik had helped him anyway, however he knew the handsome sunnyboy good enough to know that he would never ever get anything started without absolute intimacy. Among his mates Dominik was really cool and charming but behind this facade, he was sensitive, tender and also quite shy. They had a lot of fun together but this worked in intimate togetherness only. "She wanted to know exactly what is what," he said and in his voice Niklas could hear that he found this a bit weird.


"When I bought my wettie the vendor had also looked whether it fits but I have never experienced that they look in your crotch."

"Okay." Niklas was a bit puzzeled. In his opinion the vendor had tried hardly to provide good service.

The way to the house of Dominik's mother was not far and when they had reached it they first emptied the boot of the car. They put the surfboard in the garden for drying and Dominik's wetsuit was hanged up in the bathroom. "Come on, put on your on again," Dominik said when they were done.

"Why?" asked Niklas. He considered it to be very hard to get the wetsuit on and of.

"It's getting easier every time. First as you get more and more practise and second as it widens a little bit." Niklas was a bit grumpy when he got off his shorts and T-shirt, threw them on the sofa in Dominik's room, got the bag with the wetsuit, folded it apart and eyed at it sceptically. "Get to it! Put it on!" Dominik insisted. "And try it on your own. You already have a bit of practise."

The surferboy watched how his boyfriend struggeled to squeeze into the skintight black and red suit and finally closed the zipper on his back such that the neoprene suit cripped to him like a condom covering most parts of his body and wherein it got very warm. Niklas looked at his boyfriend and a bright smile spread over his face as he was watching him. "You look good enough to eat...," he swooned and made three steps forward towards him. "Just the way I am...," he murmured and grepped the bulge which was well visible in the wetsuit. While his right hand caressed Niklas' dick, his left hand stoke over his back and they immediately started flickering tongues. "You're extremely sexy!"

Niklas beamed with enthusiasm and started undressing his loved one. "I love your surfboard," he whispered when he had grepped Dominik's boner.

"And I love your petrol nozzle," Dominik replied with a laughter. Already during your first night together, their dicks had become nicknames.

I spite of all his lust for the "petrol nozzle", Dominik pressed his body against Niklas. "Woooooooow! This feels so good! I want you, Nicky!"

Niklas was quite surprised how much his boyfriend seemed to be into wetsuits but his lust was kind of infectious. He felt warmer and warmer in the skin-tight suit but at the same time he found himself enjoying the wearing feel. Domminik was pressing his rock hard boner against his body in rhythmic moves while Niklas tried to catch his eyes. "Surfing or fueling?" he asked with a grin. They had their own expressions also for the "gay supreme discipline".

"Show your butt," Dominik supplicated. Niklas, who was extremely flattered, turned around. "Yeah, I want to surf," he whispered and grepped Niklas' left ass cheek before he pushed is loved one towards the bed. "Get that thing off, I have to do it."

They undressed Niklas together and it took them just a moment to do so. The wetsuit was laying on the ground turned inside out while Niklas layed on his back. Dominik took a condom and quite an amount of lube. He was on his knees between Niklas' legs and he was happy to notice that it was routine what he would be doing now. The nerd wrapped his legs around the boy of his dreams who bent down to him while he started to penetrate him tenderly. "Yeaaaaaaahhhhhh!" Niklas exulted. "I do not have to get used to this kind of surfing. That's so good!" He stretched his head upwards in order to be able to flicker tongues with Dominik and to look into his eyes. The surfboard was deep inside him and his owner was moving slowly and carefully but stimulated his prostate gently which made Niklas to moan with pleasure.

Dominik felt like intoxicated. He could not stand to smother his loved one with kisses. His moves in his boyfriend's ass became faster and it was so good to feel what they did with Niklas. This boy had already been awesome without wetsuit but in a wetsuit he was irressistible - was well as his warm and tight hole. It felt so good to be in so close body contact.

Before he got together with Niklas he had been with Lars with whom he also had very quick sex while standing or in doggy style. However, after he had came together with Niklas he noticed that he had never been in love with Lars - and how good it was to really enjoy the combination of love and sex and to be really close to the body he was longing for and which he not only penetrated but which he felt with a large portion of his own body. The lust for the nerd in the wetsuit brought him close to craziness but his physical proximity was exciting and soothing at the same time and therefore, he could give his boyfriend the amount of commitment he deserved.

The kisses they exchanged were as warm, tight and wet as Niklas' hole which felt as if there was a whole bottle of lube in it. Dominik could not imagine a better place for his dick and for gratefulness alone he could not stop kissing his boyfriend.

Niklas was winding for lust. The imagination of the mighty surfer's dick inside him drove him crazy but the longer it tickled his prostate the more he drove him out of mind. He felt something rising in himself and he was sure that he would not be able to stand it for long. He cripped on Dominik's body and a moment later he exploded in a wonderful orgasm which right afterwards also captured Dominik.

"Ohhhhhhh Nickyyyyyyyy!" he moaned when he flooded his condom with cum deep inside his boyfriend who already had calmed down and could enjoy the experience of having done it to him. He wrapped his arms around Dominik, they exchanged a lot of kisses and a moment later, Niklas felt how Dominiks cock slipped out of him. Tenderly he took it in his hand. "Surfboard in a wetsuit," he whispered.

"You look terrific in the wetty, sweetheart," he stated and had look on the floor where the wetsuit was still lying. "We're gonna have a lot of fun with it."

"Was that the reason for you to push me to buy one?" Niklas asked.

"Yes, it was," Dominik confessed. "I watched you several times during the course and you already looked extremely good in the matt one you boorrowed there." The wetsuit Niklas had worn during the course had been covered with fabric. "But in the shiny one you are just amazing. And you will notice: surfing is better when you have your own wettie." Dominik gave him exactyl that wonderful, little nasty grin which had made him to fall in love with the cute surferboy. "And if I say surfing I mean surfing on water and surfing in bed." He laughed and kissed his loved one.

For a moment they just enjoyed touching and looking at each other and have a breather before Dominik stepped out of bed and Niklas did the same. He immediately picked up his wetsuit and turned it back to the outside. "What's that?" Dominik asked, picked up a little card from the floor and eyed at it for a moment.

'What's the matter?" Niklas wanted to know. Instead of saying anything the sunnyboy handed the card over to him which showed the contact data of the sports shop where they had bought the wetsuit. The name "Katinka" was written on there with a ballpoint pen together with a mobile number. The curly headed nerd seemed to be quite puzzeled when he stared at his boyfriend who tousled through his hair. He grinned like a Cheshire cat and kissed Niklas who was still very puzzeled. "You've got an admirer, Nicky! Congratulations!"

The nerd had another look at the card. He had no idea how old the vendor was but she could not have been much older than Dominik and him. She was small and a bit chubby but her face and her long blond locks had looked really nice. Nice but absolutely not more. He could not help to feel a bit flattered. Had had been 15 when some of his friends had started to fancy girls. Every now and then they had discussed how which girl looked. Markus had told several times that girls had taken his fancy. This had never happended to Niklas. Already back then he had had the reputation of a nerd and he was convinced that girls would not be interested in a boy wearing curly hair, round-eye-glasses and ringed sweaters. But this did not really bother him as he was absolutely not interested in girls. However, for the same reason he had also been sure that he would have no chance to get together with Dominik but this had turned out to be an error about half a year ago. When he looked at the card he was wondering what he should think. Should he just take it as a compliment and be happy? Or should he feel sorry for Katinka as he had to turn her down? "Do you think I should call her?" he asked.

"Do you want to start something with her?"

"No, not at all. I've got you, honey!" He looked at Dominik with the eyes of a dog.

"Then you do not call her. You just bring her to stupid ideas! But now we know why she looked at you so thoroughly." He had to grin once again. "She found you sexy and she's so right."

For this compliment Dominik got another hug and a kiss and although he was not completely comfortable with it, Niklas was a bit proud. "Anyway, now I can be sure hat I got all a surferboy needs," he said with a smile.

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Re: All a surferboy needs

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Great story, hope it develops....

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