There are more still deep waters than only those of the seas

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There are more still deep waters than only those of the seas

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Elias had that day with Zhìháo, a Taiwanese business visitor who like himself was only a little over 20 years old, and whom he was allowed to look after because of his good connections to his boss in the German company Elias worked. Zhìháo for simplicity's sake just called Chih. Elias just wanted to go a little bit swimming with his guest in the lake near his house to spend this sunday, but he didnt know about the sexual fantasies of his guest.

What Chih on his side did not know at that time was the fact that not only the water of the lake could be deep, still waters in general could be very deep.

As the two swam, Chih's sexual distress grew, and he had to stop swimming again and again only to then try as calmly as possible, keeping himself above water with only his arms, to prevent an orgasm into the suit Elias had lent him. This went well until the two went back to shore, and Elias decided to run the last few meters to the locker room. Chih ran after him, not realizing what the friction of the suit was doing to his already terrible distress between his legs as he ran.

When the two arrived in the locker room, Chih was on the verge of the orgasm his body and his overflowing balls were longing for. Chih glanced at Elias, but that was not a good idea, Chih had found Elias incredibly sexy ever since he first saw him, but now he could hardly stand it, the industrial mechanic stood in front of him in the suit still shining from the water still clinging to it, and under the lighting inside the locker room Elias looked even sexier in the wet wetsuit than he already was to Chih. Chih caught a glimpse of the bulge between Elias s legs, and wondered if perhaps Elias was also in as much need as he was; on the other hand, Elias had never shown any signs of sharing Chih s fetish. Chih tried to look away, as the sight of Elias would only bring him closer to orgasm, and the inside of his bulge was now wet anyway, but much to the Taiwanese's chagrin not only from the water of the lake. This wetness was warm, and made it almost unbearable to endure in the tight suit without coming.

Elias startled Chih by asking, still standing in front of him in the sexy suit, ``Won't you change?'' Chih was jolted out of his thoughts by this, and was about to contort himself to get to the zipper strap that was on the back of the suit, but quickly realized that this was not a good idea. The movements brought the Taiwanese's penis, already almost crazy from the previous stimulation, even closer to the edge of orgasm, and Chih immediately stopped in his movement to prevent what was already inevitable. Elias responded with ``Should I help you undress?" and set about placing his hand on Chih s shoulder to unzip His with the other. However, before Elias could pull down the zipper on his back, Chih said in a trembling voice ``Please don't touch me'' Elias immediately removed his hands from Chih s body, stood in front of Chih and asked anxiously ``What's wrong? Did I do something wrong, are you not feeling well?'' Chih did not know what to answer and tried to look away. He was screaming inside at that moment "ELIAS FINALLY RIP YOUR BOW INTO ME OR HELP ME WITH YOUR HANDS I'M PLACING" But he didn't say anything. Elias continued to eye Chih, and saw the pulsating bulge in the Taiwanese man's suit.

Suddenly the industrial mechanic's expression changed from worried to devious, Chih reacted by saying ``Sorry, I can't take it anymore, no matter what you think of me now I have a fetish for these suits you are so sexy I can't take it anymore, please go outside I have to masturbate or I'll burst, I don't want to bother you with this''.

Elias made an effort to leave the cabin, and just as he was outside Chih started rubbing his bulge with both his hands to shoot the semen pent up by 3 weeks out of his balls. Suddenly he felt a much larger body nestle against his back, then he heard the voice of Elias saying in a kinky tone that you certainly wouldn't have guessed Elias to have at first glance ``So you need to go for kinky boys little man, did I get that right? I can understand your distress, the flight from Taiwan to here, the work in the company, and in the hotel room you can't just rub your cock undisturbed, who knows who hears you there? But at some point the semen wants to come out of you, and then there's this sexy German guy standing in front of you, in a wetsuit, while you're wearing one yourself and your cock is going crazy just from the movements and the rubbing of the suit on your member, isn't it?" Chih didn't know what else to say, he was on the verge of orgasm and could hardly stand it. He had stopped rubbing his bulge out of shock when he felt Elias' body in his back, but Elias' body in his back and the suit, and the way the prophet with the fire carriage used to talk to the Taiwanese brought him unceasingly closer to orgasm.

Elias grabbed Chih by the waist, and turned I so that Elias could sit on the bench in the locker room, and have the Taiwanese on his lap. Then Elias began to play with the nipples of the Asian until he said ``Please touch me between the legs, it is my greatest desire I must come otherwise I burst.

Elias ran both his hands over the rock hard bump between Chih s legs. He quickly sensed that the Taiwanese was in great sexual distress, and was having every effort to somehow hold back the load he had been piling up for 3 weeks. Chih said in a trembling voice ``Please rub faster I can't take it anymore''.

Elias answered him back ``Ok you sweet thing, prepare yourself for your orgasm, let it all out it's all good, I want to undress you later and see your penis and crotch covered in white semen''

With that Elias rubbed faster, and Chih shot his load with all his might in an orgasm that shook the whole young man into the suit he had borrowed from Elias. He felt it grow warm around his penis, and his sperm filled the available space between the suit and his member. When his orgasm finally subsided, he let his back fall against Elias' chest. Elias continued to stroke the now slowly softening bulge of the Taiwanese, and after he had begun to carefully rub the Taiwanese's balls with his fingers through the suit, said ``I don't think you're empty yet, you've kept it up way too long for that, we'll keep the suits on, at home we can have some more fun together'' With these words Elias ran his fingers under Chih's crotch and stroked the young Asian's rear exit through the suit.
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