The Triathlete - Part 3

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The Triathlete - Part 3

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As promised in my last post here is part 3! Hope you enjoy and let me know what you would like James and Zane to get up to next!

The Triathlete- Part Three

For the next several hours James continued to writhe around in his sweat soaked lycra and neoprene as his hole was intermittently zapped with electricity. As time drew on it felt as if the plug was growing larger and larger but no matter how hard he tried to engage his abdominal muscles squeeze the plug out and free his hole it didn’t budge an inch. After what seemed like an eternity, James began to hear footsteps and loud merry-sounding voices approach the door. The doorknob began to turn and as the door was slowly pushed open James heard a booming voice that he didn’t recognise exclaim, ‘Well it sure smells like a neoprene gimp is hiding somewhere in here!’. As the door opened further another voice, again unfamiliar to James, bellowed ‘Look! There he is! You were right Zane, this one looks like he’ll be up for just about anything…not that he’ll have much of a choice!’. This comment was met by raucous laughter from what sounded to be at least 5 or 6 men and James felt pins and needles run across his whole body as he realised there really was nothing he could do to escape. James could hear the men begin to approach him and suddenly there they were standing over him; 6 gorgeous men dressed in sleek triathlon wetsuits. James’ member automatically stood to attention and his neoprene captors burst into laughter once again. ‘Looks like you could just touch that thing and it would explode’, said one slim beach-blonde man in a Roka Maverick X2 suit that showed off every muscle in his body and what may as well have been a third leg that rose almost as high as his ribs. The same man reached down next to James and ran his hand across the now sweat slicked rubber bed that James was lying on, ‘hmmmm looks like he’s lost quite a bit of fluid here Zane, think we should get him something to drink?’, he said while raising his eyebrows to the group. ‘I think that’s exactly what’s in order’, Zane replied. Suddenly James felt another huge surge of electricity run up into his ass and travel throughout his whole body and he thrashed against the restraints and let out a wild moan. ‘Oh, and don’t get too comfortable gimp, your ass is still mine’ Zane chuckled.

With that 2 of the men stepped closer and began to place fist mitts over James’ hands and rubber boots with little metal hooks attacked to them on his feet. Once they were finished, they placed their hands on either side of James’ chest and waist to hold him firmly in position as the other 4 men took a limb each and began to remove the leather cuffs. Once all the cuffs had been removed James’ arms were placed by his sides and his legs were pressed together as the men lifted him off the bed and started carrying him towards an object he had not noticed when he first entered the apartment. It was a rectangular metal pole that ran from the floor to the ceiling of the apartment with metal rings spaced out along each side of the pole and several more metal rings drilled into the floor at the base of the pole. James was forced to his knees with his back pushed directly up against the metal pole and before he knew it his rubber boots were being secured to the metal rings on the floor and his hands were stretched up above his head with his fist mitts being secured to the metal rings on either side of the pole. On top of this, leather straps were wrapped around James’ waist, torso and chest and secured tightly around the back of the pole making it almost impossible for James to move.

Zane stepped forward and knelt down, so he was face-to-face with James who inhaled deeply, taking in the incredible scent of neoprene, sweat and precum that was wafting from Zane’s suit. ‘I think it’s time we get that gag off you gimp’ he said as he reached around the back of James’ head and began to undo the strap. ‘Thank you, Sir,’ James uttered as the ball gag slid out of his mouth and a torrent of saliva cascaded all over the front of his wetsuit. As James opened his mouth to speak again, the man next to Zane stepped forward and shoved another gag into James’ mouth, except this one appeared to have a tube with an open funnel connected to the mouthpiece. James’ eyes widened with surprise as Zane chortled, ‘I never told you that mouth of yours was going to get a break, these boys have been drinking all night and the toilets at the bar were out of service, so it looks like we’re just going to have to use you instead’. James’ eyes widened even further, and he began to howl into the gag in protest as he tried desperately to free himself from his metal restraints. As he was doing so Zane began to unzip the crotch of his modified wetsuit, pulling out his enormous member and aiming it towards the funnel that floated above James’ head. As James looked up towards Zane, he heard the sound of liquid hitting the rim of the funnel and felt a few small drops of Zane’s piss hit the top of his head before his mouth was suddenly filled with its salty, bitter taste. There was nothing James could do except swallow but to his surprise the more he drank the more he wanted. ‘I knew he’d like it!’, one of the men towards the back shouted as he pointed towards James’ now engorged shaft. James sucked down every last drop of the incredible golden liquid and as Zane stepped back and began to zip his cock back up, James moaned into his gag hungry for more.

One by one the wetsuited men began stepping forward and forcing James to guzzle down their piss, although James was more than happy to oblige. As they were doing this James noticed Zane begin to fiddle around with his pipe sliding on what appeared to be 2 rings attached to wires (one to the base and one closer to the tip). After he had done this, he walked around to the back of the pole and began to feed two wires with metal clips attached to them inside the front of James’ wetsuit and trisuit and James let out a small yelp as each of the clips were snapped shut on his sensitive nipples. As Zane walked back around the pole the last man was shaking the final drops of piss into James’ funnel. ‘Hopefully you’re feeling a little more hydrated gimp!’ said Zane, ‘but these guys have been trapped in their suits for hours getting hornier and hornier…I think it’s time that you help them get some release’. Zane bent down and removed James’ piss gag as the wetsuit clad men behind him began to open their crotch zips and remove their members, edging slowly forwards. Some began jerking off and running their shafts over James’ face and body while others found use for his now free mouth as a human fleshlight. At the same time several of the men picked up boxes with small dials on them and began switching them on which James soon realised sent pulses on electricity to both his shaft and his nipples. His ass was also fired up again and James squirmed around in a state of sensory overload as his whole body began pulsating with the electricity that felt as if it was coming at him from all angles. His neoprene encased captors began shooting their loads and groaning in ecstasy as their nectar shot over James’ face and body or down his throat.

Finally, the electric pulses through his ass, cock and nipples ceased and James slumped back against the pole, exhausted from what he had just endured. His cock however, continued to throb as if begging for more. ‘Well, well, well’ Zane exclaimed ‘I knew you’d be tough, but I had no idea you’d be a full blown gimp on night one! I think it’s time we get you dressed and ready for bed.’ As he said this the wetsuit covered men descended in unison and began removing his cock rings, nipple clamps, butt plug, rubber boots and fist mitts at the same time as they were releasing him from his restraints. He was lifted to his feet and carried towards what he now realised he would be wearing for the night; an orange drysuit with attached gloves and boots. James was hoisted into the suit, his arms and legs slotting quickly into place before the suit was zipped closed and James heard the familiar snap of a lock closing which meant he wouldn’t be getting out of the suit anytime soon. James was ushered towards the now open metal cage to the right of the bed before being bent over and thrust headfirst into the cage. By the time he had swivelled around to try and make a break for it the cage door had already been slammed shut and locked tight with three separate pad locks. Zane and his wetsuit gang started to head towards the door. Just before he left, Zane turned back and spoke to James directly, ‘try to get some rest gimp, I’ve got a big day planned for you tomorrow…oh and all the sweat and piss that you collect in that suit of yours tonight is going straight back into the funnel and down your throat tomorrow morning’. As James heard the door shut, all the piss he had swallowed earlier that evening began to gush out of his cock and into the suit. He was in for a very long weekend.
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