Went in the pool in my wetsuits

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Went in the pool in my wetsuits

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Decided to wear my Hevto Coral I 3/2 under my O'Neill Reactor 3/2 (my favorite suit) with gloves, booties, and a hood. So I was head to toe in neoprene, exactly how I like it.

As soon as I got in I immediately floated, it was AMAZING. I didn’t have to do anything to stay afloat, it was hard to kneel because my suit would force me to the surface. I kept pretending I was skydiving and getting in fetal position, bobbing up and down. I’ve always dreamed of being an astronaut, trapped in a spacesuit, walking on the moon, and this was by far the closest I’ve felt to being an astronaut. I loved the feeling of being in zero gravity in what was essentially a spacesuit. The water temperature was about 75 but with the 6 millimeters of neoprene I barely felt it and when I took the suits off my arms, legs, and torso were completely dry. I was so warm all suited up in that pool it felt amazing. I just wish I could go somewhere where the water temperature is in the 40s or 50s and do this, like the ocean in Canada.

The only bad things were because I still live with my parents, I had to do a lot of checks to make sure I wouldn’t be caught, and it was very nerve wracking, and also my pool is a tiny pop up pool with a cover on it that I was in no place to take off. Between getting the suits, suiting up, setting up the pool, getting out and getting the suits off, and showering to wash the chlorine out, it was probably 90 minutes. Plus I ended up with quite a few mosquito bites on my face during the whole ordeal. I won’t have to worry about that in a few years though, and who knows? Maybe I’ll find a girl who wants to join in on my kinky wetsuit fun. I would love to find a girl like this: https://m.tnaflix.com/hd-videos/Head-to ... deo3940987
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Re: Went in the pool in my wetsuits

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Wow, what an incredible experience! I've only gone as far as a 1 full suit at a time (an Orca or a 3/2) and while it floats, it doesn't float that much like a cork. Somersaults and floating on your back/tummy is a lot of fun. I add mask, snorkel and fins so I can see underwater and glide around like a fish. The extra floatation would be a ball!
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