How many own Sailing Wetsuits?

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How many own Sailing Wetsuits?

Post by ghuntermac »

My attraction to wetsuits has always been the tight neoprene of varying thicknesses and not so much the shiny black finish, (although I do own 6 triathlon suits).
The reason I ask is apart from sailing uses, quite a few manufacturers have for the past 15 years provided "access"!
Obviously the flap can fold away. And its not just Gul who make them, I have 5 Gul full suits with varying flaps/slits, 2 Helly hansen with velcro crotches, 3 Rooster suits again velcro and 3 Zhik suits which also have tubes. All allowing you to use your appendage for..... Going to the toilet obviously!
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Re: How many own Sailing Wetsuits?

Post by kevsomerset »

Oh, I've not seen this before. I suppose its a bit different if sailing as you're not really 'in' the water, even if its cold.

I see GUL make (or made?) a winter steamer with a pee zip.... ... -5922.html

Not sure I would want a surf suit with one in, especially in winter in the sea around Britain. Zips are not really waterproof and allowing icy sea water to seep in would be taking the 'keep the jewels cool' to a new level. For warm water or 'other activities', fine.
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Re: How many own Sailing Wetsuits?

Post by surfydude »

Interesting. I've never seen flaps like those before. How do they fold away and do they keep water out? A cold leak wouldn't be very nice (like Kev said).

I've seen some spearfishing wetsuits with tubes (and pics here too). Omer once had 'pissettes' that could be fitted to existing suits and hidden away under the beaver tail when not in use. That would be interesting to wear.
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