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Re: Wetsuit survey

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1. Age: 19
2. gay/bi/str8/curious? gay
3. Ever worn a wetsuit? yes
4. What kind of wetsuits do you own? quiksilver zipperless 4/3. had to sell my nicer one :(

5. First time wearing a wetsuit (Age)? 15/15
6. For what have you used it? fun

7. First time "masturbating" in your suit? years ago
8. Did you cum, or was it too dificulty? easy
8a. Have you ever masturbated under water (scuba diving or so.)? no

9. Ever experimented with another guys in wetsuits? no
10. How old were you? N/A
11. How did it and what did happened? N/A

12. Ever worn similar suits (lycra, latex) no

13. Craziest place wearing your suit? wore it to work under clothes because i had the day to myself and it was cold
14. Longest time wearing your suit? 8 maybe 9 hours
15. Ever slept in your suit? i tried but didnt manage it. maybe because it was middle of summer?

16. When did you start loving wetsuits and how did it start? cant remember
17. Have you tried alternatives (lycra, tight clothes, rainclothes, and so on) before you have worn your wetsuit for the first time? no
18. Have you ever worn your suit in school or work. What was the reason? work because i had the day to myself and it was cold
19. Did you start a sport for wearing wetsuits? no but i would if i had someone to go with
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