Films with guys in wetsuits

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Films with guys in wetsuits

Post by wetsuitlad »

I am trying to make a list of films were you get to see guys wearing wetsuits. So far I can only think of:-

Point Break (1991) with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves etc
Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach (1995) no idea of their names.
Blue Juice (1995) with Ewan McGregor etc

If you can think of idea, then post here!
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Post by punkafish »

The films I can only think of is

The Bourne Identity (very brief scene of Matt in wetsuit at the start)
Some of James Bond film had him in a wetsuit I think
Austin Power 2 (When Austin and Felicity swam to Dr Evil's Volcano Lair)
I am not sure but I think some guys wore it in Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle when all 3 girls were spying on a blonde guy surfing

That all I could think of really... If I think of anymore, I will put them here!
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Post by Josh »

Our lips are sealed. Surfer film with the Olsen girls in. Loads of wetsuits in it
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Post by gaz_a »

petertpipe wrote:there was a film on sky movies a few months ago with the Brewer Twins in there wetsuits, mow that was mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:

The only thing i cannot remember the name of the film sorry guys. Anyone help out?
"Nowhere" ?
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Re: Films with guys in wetsuits

Post by kevsomerset »

There was an old Alistair McClean based movie called When Eight Bells Toll with the lead character played by Sir Anthony Hopkins about sunken ships and stolen bullion in Scottish waters. That one has stuck in my mind for some reason.
I'm sure there are loads more, but people can't remember (or don't want to say). Probably quite a few TV series as well. That's just reminded me... I think there was an old American TV series that had a launch movie called Voyage to the bottom of the sea. They had guys in the old two piece wetsuits like those in the early James Bond movies but in various bright smooth skin colours.

Whilst not a true movie, the you tube link below is all wetsuit short film. My favourite type of wetsuit....
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Re: Films with guys in wetsuits

Post by surfydude »

James Bond films (one of which had Pierce Bronson running around in a full suit after an underwater fight scene with hostile scuba divers)
Abyss had wetsuits/drysuits and dive helmets
Sphere was similar

Malcom Douglas did a number of Australian documentaries, some of them he wore smoothskin beavertail wetsuits, scuba wetsuits or lycra dive skins.
A local TV show in my youth called "Brownie's Coastwatch" often featured wetsuits in their surfing and diving sections of the show. It was my introduction to wetsuits and the underwater world at the time.

And the link to the short film above if you can't see it. Well worth watching!
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