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Post by rubrguy21 »

Someone turned me on to using baby shampoo as a lube, and it is great! Make sure the suit is wet (at least the crotch). A bonus is that cleanup is an easy rinse. It's not for those who like a lot of friction though.
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Re: Jerking in a wetsuit

Post by nikepro74 »

I always keep the suit on when jerking. The rubbery feeling and the tightness on my cock really turns me on. I have a few suits with smooth lycra inside linings that feel really nice rubbing through them.

I usually jerk two ways:

1) I get on my front and hump until I cum inside. I put pressure on my crotch so my cock pushes against the neoprene. The neoprene provides enough padding. As I move around, tense up my muscles, and thrust, the neoprene gets tugged side, massaging my cock. Often times no hands needed.

2) I get on my back and feel my smooth neoprene covered body. I rub the crotch with my hands and tug on the neoprene material. It pulls the head of my cock in and out of my foreskin on the inside of the suit. If its a smoothskin suit, have to be careful not to be to rough or your nails will damage the suit.
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Re: Jerking in a wetsuit

Post by surfydude »

I enhanced the above motion by wearing a latex brief with attached skintight sheath, under a wetsuit that's completely snug and tight all over, including the crotch. The suit compressed every part of my body, and my rubber coated dick is gripped by latex on the inside, neoprene on the outside. The grip meant I could jerk myself hands free just by thrusting back and forth. It was extremely pleasurable and contained the jizz for a while.

Even just plain massaging my crotch and body is wonderful, especially when the suit is also wet and shiny.
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