Future Gear

Below is a list of gear, I am hoping to get in the future…

Puppy Cage

With the following options:-

  • Powder Coating – black.
  • Opening – end.
  • Rubber Floor Mat.

Puppy Cage

REGULATION Rubber Bondage Ankle Cuffs

With the following options:-

  • Red trim.
  • Plus 2 padlocks.

REGULATION Rubber Zip Mitts

With the following options:-

  • Size – small/medium.
  • Zip option – locking.
  • Contrast side panel colour – red.

Rubber Catsuit

With the following options:-

  • Black.
  • Shoulder zips.
  • 0.6mm – going to pay the extra.
  • Crotch/Ass zip.
  • 40mm collar.
  • No socks.
  • No gloves.
  • Locking Entry Zips – costs more, but stuff that locks is way better!

Please post your comments on this page, about my future gear ideas.

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