Gordon’s profile


Personal Information

Name: Gordon. I am the one who runs this website.
Age: 38.
Star sign: Libra.
Height: 5’9″.
Location: Stamford, Lincolnshire, England.
Hair colour: Blonde.
Eye colour: Light brown.
Shoe size: UK 9.

Tumblr: gsvalentine.tumblr.com.
Twitter: twitter.com/gsvalentine.
YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/gsvalentine.
Website: www.gordon-valentine.com.

General Information



Ideal man
Someone one between 18 and 25. Ideally with blonde hair, blue or blown eyes. And of course he should look good in a wetsuit.

Wetsuit Information

What celebrity would you like to see in a wetsuit?
Cristiano Ronaldo he look’s great in his football gear, so he would look even better in a tight wetsuit.

Had you ever worn a wetsuit before modeling for this website?
Yes, of course. But not going to say why!

What is your favourite wetsuit make?
O’Neill because they do so many sexy ones that I would love to own.

What wetsuits you do own?
O’Neill Hammer Spring Suit, O’Neill Gooru 2/1 Shorti, Orca speedsuit and Gul.

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