Mike’s profile

Personal Information

Name: Mike.
Age: 26.
Star sign: Sagittarius.
Height: 6′ 0″
Location: Peterborough, England.
Hair colour: Blonde.
Eye colour: Blue.
Shoe size: 13.

General Information



Ideal man
Adventorous and charming, willing to go the extra mile for me but still looks after his own interests, not just someone who’ll follow me blindly. A man who is honest and forthright, who will love me and protect me, but who will also accept my help and be open to my emotions.

Any fetishes?
When I get going, I can be a bit of a pain slut ; ) You scratch my back…

Wetsuit Information

What celebrity would you like to see in a wetsuit?
Pavarotti. Why? Because it’d be funny!

Had you ever worn a wetsuit before modeling for this website?
In school for lakeside canoeing

What wetsuits you do own?
I don’t own any.