A New Life

This story was written one of our fans.

The Story

How did I end up like this, stuck in a wetsuit for life, and not having control of my life while being the property of three other men which I only met a week ago, was the question Jak was now asking himself as he woke up, yet again locked in his cage.
He started to recall how this had come about, Jak had been in care most of his life live in some home or the other being passed around like some unwanted bit of rubbish and had turn eighteen a few weeks ago. As he had spent all his life so far living a big city miles from the sea when it came time for him to move out of the care home and into a place of his own, (a small smelly bedsit) he made up his mind he would move to the coast so with help for the social service that’s what he did.
Jak was fit and like swimming so he thought he could get a job as a lifeguard once he had move his few bits in to his now home. The first day he move he went to the beach and stood on the sand looking at all the people having fun, but his eye kept looking towards the group of guys body boarding, was it that he want to have a go or was it the tight black rubber wetsuit shinning on those fit bodies showing very detail.
He took of his track suit bottoms and went for a swim in the only pair of swimming short he had, bright red speedos, which a few years old and only just about cover what they needed to. When he came out of the water he just stood there looking around while he dry a bit, he had forgotten to bring a towel, as he stood there Mark, Tom and Andy saw him all there were gay and lived together and would spend as much time as they could in there wetsuits on the beach doing a bit of boarding or just eye up the other guys there.
Tom turned to Mark and said “hey new meat on the beach” to which Andy added “and he is hot, just look at that body can you imagine it in a wetsuit” Mark had is hand over his crotch trying to cover up the fact his cock was trying to get out of the wetsuit by pressing as hard as it could against the rubber.
“We will have to find out who is and where he lives “Mark quickly remarked, with that Andy was off he walked slowly across the beach towards Jak, all the time trying to think what he could say to him.
As Andy came face to face with Jak he looked at his deep blue eyes and blonde cropped hair, when from Jak mouth came “what the fuck you want” ( a sign of his inner city care up bring) “ well “ Andy said thinking on his feet “ I not seen you here at the beach before and you are a great swimmer I was going to ask you if you would like to join our body boarding club , but with a mouth like that I am not sure” Jak really want to make some fiends and he also want to try on a wetsuit now there was one even closer for some reason which could not work out he could feel is cock jumping in the speedo just dying to straighten its self but in those tight speedos there was not a hope. “Hang on” he replied softly “sorry about that, but was not sure if you had come over to kick the shit out of me” going on to add “well I would love to try it out but I do not have any money or even a wetsuit” thinking to himself that will be the end of that as Andy turn to face the other lads and shouted “ he has not got a wetsuit “ a quick reply came back “ well we have loads he can brow one I am sure we can find one to fit, invite him around to our house and we will sort him out”
So Andy gave Jak the address and said “see you at 8pm mate”
Jak could not wait ,but he had to, back at his bed he paced the floor like a caged animal, he had a wash and a clean white vest which showed his young body to its best he left on his speedo and track bottoms.
It was now 7:30 and time to head off to the address he had been given as he walked up road which was much the same as the one he lived in large Edwardian houses on both side some that had be converted into flats and bed sits he thought the guys he was about to meet are living in much the same way he was, he check the address there was no flat number on the bit of paper, bugger how will he know which flat it was.
As he got to the house it was one of the few which had not been converted, wow he thought 3 guys live in this house, it was bigger than the last care home and that had 12 kids and 3 adults in it.
He put his foot on the first step and the door open,
Andy was standing there still in his wetsuit “come on in” Jak followed Andy into a large room at the back of the house “do you want a drink” asked Mark “yes please” he reply “so polite “ said tom from behind the door as it closed. “well mate let get you into a wetsuit” Mark said as he handed Jak a large beer, Jak started to down  it as it was going down he said it tasted odd. Jak looked around put his glass down while Tom hand him a wetsuit with Orca on it.
“Where will I change?” he asked “well in here your not shy are you?” replied Andy at this point Jak was not sure but he really want to try on the suit so he took of his trainers, socks, vest and track bottom, he was now just standing in his red speedos when Tom said “you need to get rid of those as well” Jak was not sure about this but after looking around at the other guys he could see they all had a hard on in the suits and looking at them, they to must only be wearing wetsuit only,
So Jak pulled of his speedo and sat down on the chair forced his right leg down the long smooth neoprene rubber, it slipped down with ease then the left leg, as he stood up and looked the body he saw it all looked wet, he paused.
“It is ok Jak” said Mark “we have put some water based lubricate inside the suit to help it on”, Jak pulled it up, it was tight, the other guys helped him get into to right are left arm with a quick pull from Tom it was over his shoulders it was hugging very part of his body as the guys at the back of the suit zipped it up he could feel it moving all around his body. He did not know the suit was a size to small for him.
Now with every move the he could feel the rubber pulling over his already hard cock, the guys told him to walk around and bend over a bit, but with every move he could feel his cock getting harder and harder.
“I told you Andy to was not the body boarding he wanted it was the suit” said Mark with that Tom grabbed Jak wrists and pull them behind his back, Jak started to struggle as he did he could feel something being put over his hands as what ever it was pull tight over his hands by Mark forced his hand to close as each hand was done he heard a click. Then his hand where brought forward now he could see his hands were in leather mitts and the click was a small padlock on the strap which fasten them to his wrist.
Mark went to the side of the room and open a curtain , there on the walls were ropes he started to fiddle with one and he saw Andy look up there was a hook coming down Mark fixed the mitts  to the hook as he did he could feel his arms being pulled up above his head, now Mark and Andy were tying ropes around Jak’s ankles, these rope went through rings on the floor at the side of the room, they pulled Jak’s legs apart, as he was fighting he could feel himself getting harder. Mark went over to were the rope was which was lifting his arms , he was soon join by Tom who helped him to lift him off the floor by his arms.
Now any movement and the suit would rubber his already hard as steel cock, Andy, Tom and Mark took it in turn to rub his cock.
Mark looked at Jak and said “you might be wondering why when you have been trying to shout nothing has been coming out? Well that’s easy the beer you drank had a drug in it, which stops your voice from working it will last a few hours”
Jak did not really care at all he wanted was to cum.
“Now” said Andy “we are going to ask you some questions and they are yes no type answers so nodding and shaking the head will do”.
“Do you live alone?” Jak nodded
“Do you live in town?” Jak nodded
“Does your family live near by?” Jak shook his head
“Do you have a girl friend?” Jak shook his head
“Do you have a boy friend?” Jak shook his head
“Do you have a job?” Jak shook his head
“Would anyone miss you?” Jak was worried by this question if he told the truth they would know they could what they like and no one would come looking for him, while he was thinking if to shake or nod Andy gave Jak ball a hard squeeze  answer the dam question boy. Jak shook his head, anything to get Andy’s hand off his balls.
“Do you like wearing the wetsuit?” Jak nodded
“Would you like to wear it a bit longer?” Jak nodded
“Would you like to try something else?” Jak thought by this they meant another wetsuit but they would let down that he could get his hands and legs free so ne nodded fast.
Suddenly he felt someone pulling something over his head it was a rubber hood, it had only a mouth hole not that big as felt it with his tongue, next he could feel something else being on his face on the outside of the rubber mask what ever it was it was pulled up tight behind his head.
Then Tom told him, it was a gas mask but with out the filters just a breathing tube which they can turn on or off and the tube could be used to get him to breath in anything they would him to.
With this he started struggle has he did they turn off his air and told him to calm down he was aware of 2 things 1st he need air and the second his cock was getting much harder so he stopped moving and as soon as he did they let him have air.
Now help felt really helpless, he could not move much with his arms pulled and apart hanging from the ceiling and his legs pulled down out to the sides of the room at floor level and not being able to see and his air being controlled by one else. He must look like a big rubber X in the middle of the room just hanging there.
Next he could feel hands all over him rubbing the inside of his legs, gently squeezing his balls and rubbing his cock, tickling his side, he could feel the need to cum more and more, he tried to wriggle and move to get friction on his cock so he could cum but no it was just happening, the closer he got to that point the less the hands would do, the hands would stop just before he came and then restart all he could think of was the need to cum and how nice it felt being completely covered in rubber squeezing his hot body he could feel the sweet running down inside the suit, be controlled by others, but by god he needed to cum then it all stopped,
What had happen he thought, what seamed like ages but was properly only a few minutes he heard 1 of them ask, “how much to you want to come?”, “lots” he answered the his rubber mask, he had not realized that he had be moaning and grunting for a while, the drug in the beer must have worn off.
“Will you do anything if we let you come?”, “yes anything please, please let me cum”
“All right then here’s the deal you are live here with us, you  will keep the house clean and do the washing, etc but you must wear the house uniform at all times, do you agree? “ , “YES anything just let me cum”
“OK then get ready boy”
And with that the hands went back to work on his body slowly up down the inside of his legs pushing right up close to his crotch, Jak cock jumped straight up pushing hard against the tight smooth sweet filled rubber, these kept working all over his body but not touching his cock, when O when were they going to rub is thicken hard shaft so badly need the slightest touch for it firer all that he got he his aching balls.
The hands stopped and just one hand grabbed his cock so tight the rubber from the suit almost made it all the way around, at the same time the air to his mask was switched off, with a few rubs up down his shaft, he could feel the hot spunk rushing up his hard cock and filling the wetsuit and running down his legs as all this was going on he past out.
The next morning Jak wakes up to find himself loosely tied to a bed cover from head to foot in rubber. A few minutes later Andy walked in, “so you are awake now”, “yes”  he reply “No, that’s yes sirs and you remember that slave”, what Jak thought but before he had time to speak Andy had put a large gag in Jak mouth and pulled a zip across it closing the mouth hole on the rubber hood and added a small padlock it could not be undone unless you had the key. “Now then you listen here are some things you need to know, you are sealed in a wetsuit that we have made just for you, there is no zip at the back it glued and stitched, there are zips back and front, the back one will be unlocked for 1 hour a day and the butt plug will be removed so that you can do what you have to and wash that area, the front zip will only be unlock if we think you been very good and can have some reward, if you look at your wrists under the rubber there bands if your hands get to close to you cock area you with get a nasty shock, we also have remote controls for this” with is Andy pulls out of his pocket a small remote control unit and pushes a button on it, Jak feels like someone has just put his balls in a vice the longer Andy holds his finger on the button the pain Jak gets, Jaks balls are burning has he screams into the gag in is mouth. “Now to continue if you go to leave with out one of use with you the system triggers with one other added bit the nose bit of the hood is fitted with valves which can be closed cutting of your air this what the other button on the remote is for” Andy pushes the red button on his remote control with that, Jak air has gone as much as Jak tries to breath he can’t it will let him breath out but not in he start to panic, Andy tells him to “clam down it will only give you air if you are still if you head is moving the valves stay shut”, Jak lays still and the valves open giving the much need air.
Now lets get you up, Andy release Jak from the bed and tells him to stand up Jak see himself for the first time he is covered from head to toe in rubber, the wetsuit  must had been made for him every last part of his body is covered in neoprene, tight all over down to the gloves and socks.
“Now follow me” Andy ordered Jak followed him through the door back into the room where it started last night, Tom told Jak to wrist and ankle straps on, Jak did as he was told, once they were all on Tom pulled on the ropes pulling Jak into the same position he was last night, but with time was for some he was not ready for as the zip on the arse was undone and Jak an enema and after he was clean and empty they push the biggest butt plug up his hole that it would take closing and locking the zip to make sure it stayed in.  Mark walk across the room as tom lower Jak down put a collar around Jak neck with a chain on and led into another room in the centre was a cage, Mark told this is your room Jak looked around “No the just the cage that were you will sleep and when nor doing anything for you wait now get it” as he got in Mark slammed the door shut adding the lock before leaving saying “we all have to go work now you wait there until we get back”……

To be continued…

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  1. I love this story, hope i’ll live one like that one day 🙂
    Where can you find/ (or make) a suit with gloves and sockes ?

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