A Weekend Away From College

By tightjerseyboy.

The Story

It was Friday morning, and classes had been canceled for the day. I was lying in bed, waiting for something to wake me up when my cell phone started to vibrate. “Oh good, my alarm is going off,” I though to myself and picked it up from next to my pillow. To my surprise though it was someone trying to call me. Through my hazy vision I tried to make out the name on the front screen, but it was too late and the phone stopped vibrating. I got out of bed, put on a shirt and a pair of jeans and took another look at my phone.
“Oh, it was only Nick,” I said to myself. Nick and I had been acquaintances for a few months. Nick while older was a good friend and a good person to have around when you needed someone to buy alcohol. We met during an orientation program the college held for incoming freshmen, which was where I stood in the school.
“I wonder what he could want,” I said as I flipped open my phone and hit redial. He said something about going home for the weekend due to classes being canceled. I wondered if he had come back already. One ring, two rings, then three. Was this kid going to pick up?
“Hey Brian,” a voice came across the line.
“Oh, hey Nick, I got your call, what’s up?”
“Yea, Me and a couple of friends were wondering of you wanted to take a trip down to visit for the rest of the weekend. We were planning a few guys nights and I figured you might be bored at school.” I thought about it for a few minuets, but it didn’t take long for me to come up with my answer. Almost the entire school had vacated campus for the weekend, and I was only stuck here because all my friends from back home were still away at school.
“Ha, sure,” I answered, “What’s you address, I’ll mapquest it”
He gave me his address and told me it was the only green house on the block. He also said to look for his neighbor’s garden gnomes which were on both sides of his house. Apparently, they had given names to the weirdest looking ones, but I was to busy mapquesting the directions to remember what they were named.
After I got the directions from Nick, I told him I would be there in a half an hour. He told me he would leave the door unlocked, and I could just walk in and we hung up the phone.
“Hmm, guys night,” I thought to myself, “I wonder if I need to bring anything? Nah, I’ll just pack 2 days worth of clothing in case we don’t get back here at some point.” I grabbed my school backpack, threw a pair of jeans, boxers, a few socks, and a few shirts in. I took my keys from my desk, slung the backpack over my shoulder and was off.
The drive over wasn’t as long as I though it would be. The highways weren’t crowded at all, and my little Honda got up to speed with the best of them. I took the exit from the instructions sheet I had printed out while on the phone earlier, and soon found myself in a very residential neighborhood. A turn down Maple St. and one more down Garden Rd. left me right in front of a green house with garden gnomes on both sides. I parked my car in the road so as to not block his driveway, and took a second to roll up my windows. As I got out, I noticed the front door was left ajar, and a note was sitting there.
“Brian, we’re upstairs watching TV, just come on in.” was printed on the note. I walked into the front door, and saw what looked like a main staircase directly in front of me. It was not a very large house, but it did the job. It looked as if it could hold a family of 4 easily, which was average for the area we lived in. I took my first steps up the staircase to hear them creak a little, and soon arrived at the top. From the look of it, it was just a bunch of bedrooms with closed doors. Which one was Nick’s? I didn’t hear a TV going, only the sound of a shower.
“Hello?” I said, but no one answered. I knocked on the bathroom door where the shower sound was coming from but there was no answer. This door was also slightly ajar, so I slowly pushed it open. The sight I was to witness next would mold the weekend for me.
One of Nick’s other friends who I recognized as one of my classmates named Greg was sitting on the floor of the shower. He had on a new Orca wetsuit, and his hands and feet were locked together in a stockade. A chain also ran between a collar around his neck and a pair of handcuffs around his wrists. His feet were covered by cold water boots, and his hands were in locked rubber mittens. A thick rubber square also covered the bottom front of his face, which looked like it could have been attached to a gag on the other side. A sign was placed on the floor next to him saying, “DO NOT RELEASE.”
I looked around to find that no one was around me, and keys sitting on a shelf by the sink. Greg looked uncomfortable to say the least, so I took the keys and soon found one which opened the lock on the stockade and another which undid his hand cuffs. I was trying to help him with his gag when I heard a familiar voice from behind me.
“Looks like someone needs to learn to read signs,” The voice said. I turned around to see Nick and another friend of his who would later be introduced as Aron. “It’s a shame that you released Greg, it was his turn to play slave,” Nick continued, “Now that he has been released, it looks like we need another.”
As he said this, all three of them walked toward and surrounded me. Nick took the hand cuffs from the floor where I left them, and grabbed one of my hands. He swung me around, putting both hands behind my back, and I felt the warm wet metal bind my wrists together.
Nick explained, “Now that you are our new slave, it’s important you know a few ground rules. No one does anything they feel uncomfortable with, but you as the slave will feel comfortable with everything. If you do, the safety word is the name of my favorite garden gnome.” He turned to Greg, who was still dressed in the orca wetsuit and full gear and said, “It looks like we will be needing your uniform.”
Nick and his friend brought me into another room which looked like Nick’s bedroom. Without saying a word. They attached the cuffs binding my wrists to the top of the bed, and forcing me to lie down, chained each of my legs to separate corners leaving me lying on my back to watch them undress Greg. Nick started by taking off Greg’s collar which also held his wetsuit zipper by a lock at the top. He then took off the rubber mittens, and boots which looked like they kept his appendages hot as sweat glistened from the insides. Greg then unzipped himself and took down the wetsuit to reveal one of the sweatiest bodies I had ever seen and what looked like a leather strap thong, except the front was open by a cock ring, and the back was attached to a butt plug. Nick took the set of keys again, and unlocked this belt from Greg. They slowly helped Greg pull it off, and to my surprise, he seemed to be enjoying it. After that was off, Greg took a pair of boxers and shorts and got himself dressed while Nick searched for the key to his gag. By the time Nick found it, Greg was standing their shirtless with a pair of shorts on. Nick unlocked the Gag, and to my surprise, a large rubber penis shaped gag was attached to the other side. It was covered in saliva and a white substance, which I knew to be cum. Greg then turned to me and said, “I hope you have as much fun in that as I did.”
The thoughts of what was about to happen to me were stirring in my mind. They clearly did this often and were very good at keeping someone restrained. Nick turned to me and looked at my face. “I think he’s going to like this,” he said. I realized that I was smiling at the thought of being locked in this slave’s uniform. I quickly got worried, but Nick’s smile back eased my tensions.
Nick looked around the room at the other two, and as if to waste no time said, “Ok, lets get him into bondage.” Greg and Aron took turns holding one of my feet while the other took off a pant leg. First my pants went, then my shirt in the same fashion. Then my boxers and socks, and within a few minutes I was laying handcuffed to a bed completely naked. I wondered why they weren’t putting on my uniform, but I soon found out. Nick picked up the gag, and unscrewed the rubber penis from it. The attachment was about an inch long, with what looked like a small reservoir in the middle. Nick took the attachment and showed it directly to me.
“This is our little reward for any struggling you may do,” he said, “We are going to fill this, and every time you bite down, a little juicy surprise will come out.” As he finished explaining this, he handed it to Greg and Aron who were waiting for the chance to fill it. They pulled down their pants, and pleasured themselves until the brim was overflowing. They then screwed the attachment back onto its base, and Nick told me to open my mouth. A little fluid had already leaked out of an opening in the front due to the overfilling, but I did as I was told and soon had my entire mouth filled with the taste of cum. A small locking noise made me realize that this would probably not come out for long over the course of this weekend. Nick then, replacing the condom on the butt plug carefully slipped each of my legs into the leather thong, and slid it up to my waste. Nick drew my manhood through the ring in the front, and the three of them rolled me over to insert the other end. The feeling wasn’t to new to me as I have played with stimulation before, but I never had anyone do it for me. When I felt it go in and Nick tighten the belt, another locking noise told me I was also into this until they saw fit to release me. After that, they un-cuffed me from the bed and stood me up. The wetsuit was being held up in front of me by Greg, and the inside was covered in his sweat. He walked it over to me, and slipped my leg into the correct hole. I felt it slide right in with the moisture left over from Greg, and soon the other leg was in. The wetsuit being pulled up to my waste was a new feeling to as it added pressure on the belt I had been encapsulated in as well. Soon it was up though, and Nick offered the sleeves to me. I placed my arms through and then was zipped up. The collar came next, which was only tight enough to ensure it would hold up the wetsuit on. Boots and Mittens were then duck taped and locked to my feet and hands.
“Looks good guys,” Nick said.
“Yea, looks even better then me,” retorted Greg.
I was now theirs to do with as they pleased. Throughout the dressing process I had been careful not to put any pressure on the rubber penis which was resting between my teeth. Just as they were leading me out of the room though, Aron took his hand and pressed against my chin just enough to release some of the contents. The warm taste filled my mouth, and I shook my head a little to get it down. As I was shaking though, even more began to pour out. I soon realized that any struggling was going to fill me up with cum, so I soon stopped and took what had already entered my mouth. The wetsuit was still rather moist from the shower but it was warming up fast. I could feel myself start to get hot. Nick realized this too, and brought me to the shower. He turned on the water and told me to sit down. I did as I was told, and he locked the stockade around my now neoprene clad feet and hands.

To be continued… In part 2.

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