A Weekend Away From College – Part Three

By tightjerseyboy.

The Story

I awoke the next morning to the smooth feeling of Nick’s lips against mine, and the unmistakable sensation of his tongue entering my mouth. Opening my eyes I found it was him. He had apparently taken the gag off of my mouth for this purpose, and when I realized what was going on, I responded in kind. We must have made out for half an hour before we heard noises coming from Aaron and Greg downstairs.
“Time to put this back on,” Nick said as he picked the gag up from the pillow. The cum had mostly dried up at this point, but I did not what to know what Aaron and Greg would have said if they saw it off.
Knock, Knock, Knock sounded the door as Aaron and Greg entered the room. “Sleep well?” Aaron asked as he looked toward Nick.
“Like a baby,” responded Nick, “Haven’t had that good of a night in a while.” As he said this, he began to rub my nipples again, making them hard under the neoprene. As I was enjoying this however I looked over to see Greg smiling maliciously.
“Looks like Brian needs some breakfast,” Greg said.
“I think I know what he might like,” Aaron retourted, “after all, that cum in the gag must be dried up by now.” As he said this, he walked over to the bed, and with the help of Nick and Greg, they slowly undid the gag that Nick had just replaced. Aaron then mounted the sleepsack I was still in with one leg on each side. Pulling his cock out he looked at my face and told me, “Relax, you’re going to enjoy this.” He then grabbed a bottle of lube from beside the bed and began to stroke off his cock right in front of my face. Harder and harder he went until he exploded all over my face. He got a pretty good spread. Managed to get some in my mouth, all over my face, and even a few drips in my hair. Feeling this was amazing, but just as I was enjoying the feeling of having my face covered in cum Greg walked over.
“You think he’s ready for another one?” Greg asked.
“Absolutly!” responded Aaron.
Greg then followed Aaron’s example, but this time exploding all over my forehead and up into my hair.
“Your turn Nick,” said Greg as he dismounted my sleep sack.
“I think I have another idea,” said Nick. “Why don’t you two go downstairs and fix us some breakfast” Aaron and Greg looked at each other for a few seconds before deciding to follow Nick’s instructions and smiled as they left the room. When the door was shut, Nick laid down right next to me on the bed and grabbed the keys to the locks holding me in my sack. He unlocked me and helped me out without saying a word. Immediately after being released however I grabbed him in my arms with the a bear hug and with cum still all over my face began to make out with him. He followed suit, and before I knew it both of our faces were covered in cum. Nick then stopped me and said, “Let’s get you out of this gear so we can have some real fun.”
“YES!” I responded as he began to unzip the wetsuit and took off my gloves and boots. The wetsuit came off easily with all the sweat I had poured into it. Then it came time for the plug harness to come off. Gently he pulled the plug from my ass, looked at my now wide hole, and smiled.
“Lay on your back,” He said as he grabbed the bottle of lube and a condom from his nightstand drawer. I did as he said, and after stripping off his clothes he slowly slid the condom onto his rock hard cock.
“I want you inside of me,” I whispered to him as I felt the sensation of his fingers and wet lube over my ass. Slowly he entered me, and only stopped when he was all the way in. Just as he made it all the way inside he bent over and kissed me.
“I want you to know that I have dreamt of this moment ever since the first day I met you,” Nick said. Not able to speak from the sheer amount of information going through my head, I bent up ever so slightly and returned his kiss. He pulled up slightly and with motion that only he could provide, he fucked my ass until he exploded. Pulling out, he laid next to me in bed. He inched over toward my face and continued to make out with me as we had done before.
We eventually made it downstairs and after that, the weekend was relatively uneventful. Greg and Aaron are awesome guys, and Nick is just amazing. We continue to play around together, and I look forward to every meeting. Seeing the guys around campus, no one would guess how we spend some of our free time. Our secrete however is one for the record books.

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  1. Really great Storry! No Part 4?

    I wonder if this gag (penis-shaped with reservoir) is somewhere available or if it is fiction only?

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