A Willing Captive

By alfiej_uk.

The Story

I’ve been encouraged by the appearance of new stories recently to try my hand again. Comments appreciated!

A Willing Captive?

Colin followed Martin into the changing room. Both boys were sweating from the work out that they’d just done. Colin was impressed with the gym’s facilities, it was his first visit, as he was staying with his friend for the week during their summer break at the end of their first year at Uni. Martin lived with his mother in a large detached house, but the boys had it to themselves for the week as Martin’s mother was away on holiday herself.

Martin sank down onto the bench in front of his locker. It was just after lunch and the changing room, like the gym, was empty.

“That was a hard work out” he said “Shows the benefit of having a training partner”

Colin reached into his pocket, took out the locker key and unlocked his locker. He stripped off his T shirt, which had a patch of sweat running across the shoulders and down the spine. Wrapping the towel round his waist he removed his shorts and underwear under the towel. Reaching inside the locker again, he removed his shower gel and shampoo and went to lock the locker.

“No need for that, mate, I’m going to sit here for a few minutes and catch my breath, I’ll watch your stuff” Colin looked at Martin, who was leaning forward, elbows on knees and hands in head.

“You OK?” he asked

“I’ll be fine in a few minutes, go and have your shower”

Colin turned and walked into the shower area. Dropping the towel on the table provided, he proceeded to wash away the sweat of the session. Finally satisfied that he was clean, he towelled himself down and, making sure that the towel was wrapped around his waist, made his way back to the changing rooms.

He was surprised to see Colin dressed in the tracksuit that he’d worn to drive to the gym, and he was leaning back against his locker with his hands behind his head and with what Martin thought was a hint of a smile. Colin made no comment and went to his locker. The door was closed with the key in it, which struck Martin as a little odd. He opened the door and stepped back sharply. The locker was empty. Well, actually not quite, there was a black object hanging at the back. Martin recognised it immediately, it was a wetsuit! Immediately he felt his cock stiffen.

“Problem fella?” he heard Colin ask.

“What’s this about, where’s my stuff?” Martin realised that he couldn’t turn and face Colin, the bulge in the towel would betray him.

“Oh that’s safe enough, it’s all in my rucksack, phone, clothes, wallet”

A pause

“What do I wear home then?” Martin realised as soon as he spoke the words that he knew the answer.

“You’re looking at it I think” Colin sounded like he was enjoying himself.

“You’ve two minutes to get it on and I’ll let you wear a pair of waterproofs over the top so it doesn’t show when you run home”

Martin turned and was about to say something, but Colin beat him to it

“Nice bulge” he said approvingly, “You’re down to a minute 45 if you want the cover”

Martin turned back and grabbed the suit. It was, he recognised, a Speedo Tri Event full sleeved suit. He noticed that instead of the tape connected to the zip normally associated with wetsuits, this had a short chain attached to the zip. His cock felt rock solid. He new instantly what it was for and what was about to happen. He’d read stories on Wetsuitlads and other web sites about guys being forced to wear wetsuits and even people being locked in them, always fantasising that he was the victim, never realising that his fantasies would become reality.

“Hurry up, 90 seconds left” Colin had stood up and was now standing behind Martin

“I’ll give you a hand” he said, whipping the towel from around Martin’s waist. He was anxious that Martin get into the wetsuit as soon as possible so that he could continue with his plan, and there was always a risk that someone could come into the room at any moment.

Colin relaxed slightly as Martin started to pull the wetsuit on. In truth, Martin realised what was about to happen and his rock hard cock, now full exposed, gave the game away that he was not going to be an unwilling victim. He pulled the suit up over his legs and gently levered his cock into the suit. Colin helped him get his arms in the sleeves and pulled the suit up over Martin’s shoulders. Pulling the zip up, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small padlock. As the zip reached the top, Colin, in one smooth movement looped the chain around Martin’s neck and locked the two ends of the chain together.

Without pausing, he went back over to his locker, pulled out a waterproof top and trousers and threw them at Martin.

“Get these on, before anyone comes in” Colin’s tone finally betrayed his nervousness.

Martin did as he was bid, and while he was doing so, Colin went back into the locker, removed Martin’s trainers and put them on the floor.

Adjusting the waterproofs, Martin put on his trainers and then checked himself in the mirror. He adjusted the collar on the waterproofs and, satisfied that the suit was concealed, turned to Colin.

“What’s all this about”? he demanded angrily.

“Don’t be so stroppy, you’ve got a raging hard on, so I think you’re enjoying this” Colin countered. “Remember that time you let me use your computer to print some stuff out? I had a quick look at your browsing history…” he let the words hang.

“You and me are going to have some fun this week, and turn some of that stuff you look at into reality” he winked and smiled at his new captive.

Martin paused for a second “Yes Sir”. Another pause “What now?”

To be continued… In part 2.

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