A Willing Captive – Part 2

By alfiej_uk.

The Story

Martin smiled ‘Good response, you can call me that when we’re in private’ he said. He pulled out two sports bags from his locker and, after removing the pound coin from the locker door, turned back to face Colin.

‘Let’s get out of here’ he said.

Colin followed Martin out of the changing room feeling very self conscious. Although the wetsuit was concealed, he realised that he might stand out wearing a full set of waterproofs in the middle of summer. His cock was still rock solid and it rubbing against the inside of the wetsuit was making things even worse.

He followed Martin out of the gym and was relieved when no-one gave him so much as a second glance. The wetsuit was very tight and, and with the layer of waterproofs over the top, was already very warm causing him to break into a sweat.

Martin unlocked the car and put the bags in the boot. ‘I don’t suppose that you remember the way back to mine?’ he asked.

Colin shook his head.

‘Shame, I had intended to have you run back, get you nice and warm and sweaty’

Colin was relieved. The wetsuit was tight, he was not sure that he could run very far or very fast in it, especially as he’d just done quite a heavy workout.

He looked at Martin and the thought struck him that Martin was ever so slightly shorter than he was. He’d always thought that they were the same height and build, Neither lad could be considered muscled, but they both worked out and were physically fit. The height difference would be why the wetsuit was tight, and he suddenly wondered what Martin would look like if the positions were reversed.

‘Put your hands in your pockets, push them right through’ Martin leant over the back of the car and was rummaging around.

Colin did as he was told and took the opportunity to surreptitiously massage his cock through the tight neoprene. Martin turned and caught him in the act.

‘Naughty, naughty’ he scolded the other boy. He had one hand behind his back and with the other pulled the bottom of the waterproof jacket up, exposing Colin’s arms sticking through the jacket pockets.

Taking one of Colin’s wrists he pulled his other arm from behind his back and, before Colin could resist, snapped one end of a pair of handcuffs over the wrist. He quickly secured the other wrist and pulled the jacket back down, concealing the handcuffs.

Colin tested the cuffs. They were proper handcuffs, he’d glimpsed the hinge in the middle just before they were snapped over his wrists. Here he was, stood in the middle of a car park, locked in a wetsuit and now with his hands cuffed.

Martin went to the passenger door and opened it. ‘Get in’. His tone had changed slightly, this was definitely an order. Colin walked round him as he held the door open and lowered himself into the car. Martin leant over him and fastened the seat belt.

Giving Colin’s cock a couple of rubs through the nylon and rubber, which caught Colin a little by surprise, in the same tone Martin instructed ‘And you can leave this alone as well’.

He stood up, closed the door, walked round to the driver’s door, got in and started the car.

‘You’ve got until the car stops back at mine to ask any questions, or to say that you want out’

Martin placed his hand across Colin’s cock, squeezed it briefly. He took a quick glance of each side window and pulled out of the parking space…………

If you were Colin, what would you do?……

To be continued… In part 3.

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