A Willing Captive – Part 3

By alfiej_uk.

The Story

Colin could hardly believe what had happened, his mind was racing. He was also very warm. He realised that Martin had turned the car heating up full, and all the vents were pointing at him!

He wriggled uncomfortably in his seat, his cuffed hands naturally rested in his lap and his cock was rock hard. He rested his hands on top, cupping it slightly but, mindful of Martin’s instruction, resisted the temptation to rub it. He shifted slightly in his seat and his cock rubbed against the inside of the wetsuit. He moved again to repeat the effect.

“Sit still” came the order. Colin looked over. Martin was looking out of the front window, a small smile on his lips as he concentrated on driving.

Martin quickly glanced over, locked eyes with Colin and then returned his attention to the road.

“Well, no hysterics, demanding to be released, so I suppose that’s a good sign?” Martin ventured.

Colin sat back in his seat, the tip of his cock again brushing against the neoprene.

“What are you expecting me to say? What have you got planned?” he was staring at Martin now.

Martin stole another glance.

“Not entirely sure, but given that I’ve managed to get you locked in a wetsuit and handcuffed, and from the gym into my car without too much difficulty, I guess you must either like what’s happened so far or are curious to see what happens”

“Or both” he added.

Colin considered the logic for a moment. It didn’t need any longer, it was pretty obvious.

“That’s true” he admitted “So what’s going to happen now?” He looked out of the front window. Although he’d only been with Martin just over a day, he had no idea where they were or where they were going. He panicked momentarily “We are going back you yours, aren’t we?” There was a trace of nervousness in his voice.

His friend smiled “Of course, unless you want me to push you out dressed like that?”

Colin rapidly shook his head “No I don’t” he said emphatically.

“OK then, as I see it there are 3 options, we can go home, I let you out, you get changed and go home and never speak to me again. We can go home, I let you out but you stay and we don’t mention or do anything like this again, or we can go home and I call the shots for the rest of your stay”

Colin felt his cock stiffen after the last option. He couldn’t see it, but Martin’s cock had reacted in exactly the same way.

“What do you mean by call the shots/” Colin asked, already with his idea of what it meant. He wasn’t disappointed.

“I read some of that stuff on your computer that you’d downloaded. You know perfectly well what I mean. I will control you for the rest of your stay, you will do what I tell you, wear want I tell you and you won’t do what I tell you not to do. You will be my slave”

“So what are you going to do to me?” There was a new edge to Colin’s voice

“Not telling, you need to agree first”

“But what about limits?” Colin suddenly remembered a recurring theme he’d read about.

“What are your limits?” Martin shot back

Colin told him. The boys discussed them backwards and forwards for a few minutes. Colin eventually had to concede on one of his. As Martin pointed out, punishment isn’t punishment if you enjoy it.

“At least give me some idea of what you’ve got planned” Colin was almost pleading, his cock was rock solid.
The realisation suddenly hit him. “You’ve obviously been planning this for some time” this time in a more accusing tone. It had only been twenty minutes since they’d been in the gym and he’d gone for his shower, things had moved so fast.

Martin just laughed. “Only one way to find out, and that’s to agree, but if you agree, the arrangement starts as soon as we get back in through the door”.

The two nineteen year olds sat in silence. Colin realised that they’d been driving a lot longer than they had to get to the gym. The thought struck him that Martin was giving him time to think things through, to ask questions and to make a decision. He didn’t know that Martin was as nervous as he was, Martin had spent a long time waiting and planning for this to happen, he did not want to force the other lad into making what would be, for him, the wrong decision.

Eventually Martin spoke.

“I can’t keep driving round in circles” he said, “I’ve been wasting time for the last 20 minutes, waiting for you to make your mind up. What’s it going to be?” He’d done exactly what he didn’t want to do, but it had the opposite effect to the one he feared.

“I was waiting to see whether you’d take charge”. Colin smiled. “I guess that I’m your slave for the rest of the week”.

Martin’s heart jumped as he heard the words, and his cock stiffened as he indicated and then turned into his road.

“Best get you home then slave, and stop you getting into mischief” he tried to sound stern. “And from now on, no talking unless given permission”

To be continued… In part 4.

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