A Willing Captive – Part 4

By alfiej_uk.

The Story

Instead of parking outside the house as Colin had expected, which was where the car had been parked when they went to the gym, Martin turned down a small lane, and drove to the back of the house. Reaching into the door pocket, he pulled a small remote control out and pressed a button. Although Colin had only arrived the previous evening, he recognised the back of the house and remembered looking out from the bedroom he’d been given, which was at the rear of the house, and seeing a concrete parking area. What he hadn’t realised was that there was a car park underneath and the house, which was fairly large by anyone’s standards, was actually bigger than he’d realised. He could see a shutter being raised as Martin steered the car towards, and then through the doorway, pulling up into one of two empty spaces.

Martin pulled the handbrake up, pressed another button on the remote and turned the ignition off, even as the shutter closed behind them. Both boys sat in silence for the few seconds it took the shutter to close, coming down with a slight metallic clang on the concrete. Martin pressed another button.

‘There, all locked up and secure’ he commented. ‘Thought you’d prefer this rather than parking on the street and walking through the front door.’

Colin was trying to think of a comeback when Martin leant over and pressed a finger against Colin’s lips.

‘Remember, no talking unless I allow it’ He stared into Colin’s eyes. After a few seconds Colin dropped his gaze. Martin dropped his hand and grasped the other boys neck, and turning his head pulled it so that the other boy’s head was resting on his shoulder.

‘You’ll be fine’ he whispered into Colin’s ear. Colin felt a shiver run up his spine. His cock was still rock hard. ‘As long as you do as you’re told’ He pulled Colin’s head back ‘Look at me’ Martin’s voice took on a harder edge. Colin made eye contact and was surprised when Martin winked at him.
‘Last chance to back out fella’ Martin’s tone had softened. He reached between Colin’s legs and started to slowly rub the other boy’s cock through the nylon and tight neoprene. It was absolutely solid, as was Martin’s. He was glad that Colin could not feel his pulse, or hear his heart race. He hoped that the other boy had not sensed how nervous he was.

Colin was silent. Martin suddenly remembered. ‘You are allowed to speak’ he croaked, hoping that Colin did not pick it up.

The other boy leant back in his seat, fastened as he was by the seatbelt and by his handcuffs, still sweating even though the heating in the car was now switched off.

Martin slowed the rubbing, instead grasping the other boy’s cock and squeezing gently. He moved his hands down and applied the same pressure to the other boy’s balls.

‘Guess I know the answer’ Martin broke the silence after a few moments. Still grasping the other lad’s balls he opened the glove compartment and pulled out another pair of cuffs, this time with a slightly longer chain connecting them.

Colin, still enjoying the massage was taken by surprise as the cuffs were clicked around his ankles. He sat up with a start. Martin had quickly pulled another object out of the glove compartment. Colin knew instantly that it was a ball gag. Being made to wear one was a favourite fantasy, but instinctively he clamped his mouth shut. The pressure on his balls turned to pain as Martin squeezed harder.

‘Open wide’ he commanded, applying more pressure to Colin’s balls. Changing tone ‘It’s only until I get you inside, don’t want you disturbing the neighbours’. For Martin, this was the critical point in his whole plan, to get his captive back in the house under control. He suppressed a silent sigh of relief as Colin slowly opened his mouth allowing the ball to be pushed inside. Martin quickly buckled the strap behind Colin’s head, pushing the ball further in his captive’s mouth while tightening the strap an extra notch. Martin reassuringly rubbed the other boy’s cock, and was rewarded as the other boy again sank back into his seat and closed his eyes, moaning gently into the gag. Reaching into the glove compartment Martin pulled out a small padlock and, pulling the other boy’s head towards him reached round and snapped the lock shut through the gag’s buckle. Martin immediately sat up and opened his door.

‘OK, enough of that, let’s get you inside for the real fun’.

To be continued… In part 5.

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