A Willing Captive – Part 5

By alfiej_uk.

The Story

Colin watched as the Martin got out of the car, opened a door and disappeared through it without a backward glance. He pushed his hands under the waterproof top and realised that even with his cuffed hands he could release the seat belt and probably get out of the car. He sat back and worked his jaw, even if he did that, how would he get out of the wrist and leg cuffs, never mind the wetsuit and gag, and that was even before trying to get away from the house. Anyway, why would he, he reminded himself? This is what he’d spent years fantasising about, and it wasn’t a kid’s game with couple of bits of old rope and a knotted hanky for a gag – this was the real thing! He sat back again and gently massaged his still rock hard cock through the rubber wetsuit. He made some low moaning noises into the gag which made his cock even harder. He tried to spread his legs wider and slip down the seat, but the combination of the still attached seat belt and the leg cuffs prevented him.

Colin’s reverie was rudely interrupted as the car door was hauled open and a very irate Martin thrust his face into Colin’s, at the same time as reaching down and pulling the boy’s hands away from his cock.

‘Obviously I can’t leave you for a moment without you playing with yourself’ Colin could not tell whether his anger was feigned or not. He again reached into the glove compartment and stuffed something in his pocket. Colin was concentrating on trying to read Martin’s face and didn’t see what it was. Martin, in turn, was pleased to see the look of uncertainty on his captive’s face as Colin’s eyes widened.

Martin reached across and undid Colin’s seat belt. Reaching under the waterproof he grasped the hinge between the cuffs and pulled Colin’s wrists. Colin barely had time to swivel in his seat and lift his legs out of the car before his body was pulled out of the car. Struggling to get his footing, he stumbled and almost fell into Martin’s arms, who, expecting exactly, that had stopped abruptly after a couple of steps and caught Colin, wrapping his arms around his shoulders.

‘Steady boy’ Martin almost scolded ‘Don’t want you hurting yourself. The two boys were eye to eye. Colin swallowed on his gag. Even through the wetsuit, he could feel Martin’s rock solid cock pressing on his leg. Martin’s hand dropped to between Colin’s legs and again rubbed the other boy’s wetsuit encased cock.

They stood there for a few seconds, then, satisfied that Colin had regained his balance, Martin broke the tableau and slowly pulled his captive towards the now open door that obviously led from the garage.

‘Come on boy’ he coaxed, pulling gently on the cuffs as Colin gingerly took small steps, slowly getting used to his hobbles.


It suddenly struck Colin that this was the second time that Martin had called him that. He knew exactly what it meant, he’d seen it used in the stories he’d read on the internet. A shiver ran down his spine, he wasn’t sure if this was fear or excitement, but he continued to follow Martin, taking small shuffling steps, head down, concentrating on his feet.

Not that he had much choice.

It was exactly because of this that he failed to notice anything about the room that Martin had pulled him into. It was only when Martin stopped, released Colin and, going behind Colin, closed and locked the door.

Colin looked up and then around. Directly in front of him were a number of metal poles in front of a wall, the poles were bathed in bright white light from a number of spotlights, some of which were on stands. He looked around. The rest of the room was in blackness although he could make out some vague shapes beyond the lights.

Martin gave him a gentle nudge in the back.

‘Over here’ he beckoned to Colin and walked over to the poles.

Colin hesitated then, again realising that his options were limited, shuffled over to Martin. He was getting very warm, and starting to drool from the gag. Martin stepped in front of him and pushed him up against the middle of the 3 poles.

He unzipped the waterproof, revealing for the first time the tight wetsuit and the chain and lock that secured Colin in it. He pulled the jacket over Colin’s shoulder and then down his arms, stopping only for the handcuffs. Looking Colin directly in the eye, he reached into his back pocket and took out a key. Breaking eye contact for a moment, he found the key hole and released Colin’s right wrist.

Still holding the cuff, he slid the waterproof over the boy’s freed wrist first and quickly swapping hands so as not to let go of the handcuffs, removed the jacket completely.

Very slowly Martin moved behind the pole taking Colin’s wrist with him, gently twisting the boy’s arm so that the crook of the elbow pointed in towards the pole.

He waited.

Colin stood there, leaned lightly against the pole and, realising what was required, passed his right hand behind his back, twisting his own arm so that the crook was also against the pole.

He waited, put his head back against the pole and took a deep breath as his other wrist was cuffed, securing him to the pole.

Martin quickly came round to the front and Colin watched as he took off the ankle cuffs and pulled the trousers off, taking Colin’s trainers off in the process.

Standing, he started to rub his hands all over Colin’s body.

‘You look fucking horny boy’ He leant forward and whispered in Colin’s ear ‘and now you’re mine and well and truly fucked, slave boy’.

Colin pulled his head back as far as the pole would allow and looked at Martin with what he thought was a quizzical look. Martin reached for Colin’s groin again, only for the cuffed boy to turn his hips away in what he realised would be a futile attempt to escape Martin’s grasp.

Martin made no attempt to continue. Instead he abruptly turned and walked behind the spotlights, returning a few moments later holding what looked like Colin to be some short metal poles, some rope and what looked like leather straps.

He knelt down and attached a short strap to each of Colin’s ankles.

‘You may have heard of these, they’re ankle cuffs’ Martin explained, ‘and this is a spreader bar, you know what it’s for’?

Colin didn’t respond.

‘Spread your legs’ came the order.

Colin didn’t move. He was starting to feel nervous about the whole thing. What had seemed like a fun scene was taking a turn that he’d not quite expected.

‘Last chance’

Reluctantly Colin spread his legs and Martin fastened one end to Colin’s ankle. Passing the spreader bar behind the pole he gently pushed Colin’s other leg backwards and clicked the bar onto the other ankle cuff. Rising, he then pushed the other bar between the pole and Colin’s arms, He quickly tied a rope to the middle of the pole and threw the other end over a horizontal bar attaching the 3 poles. Colin felt himself being pushed forwards, but his feet stayed still, secured by the spreader behind the pole. The pole under his arms prevented him falling. He grunted as Martin continued to pull on the rope and was rewarded when the rope was slackened off slightly before being tied off.

Martin came back into view. Again he slowly ran his hands all over the tight wetsuit, feeling the tautness over Colin’s straining body. He grasped Colin’s cock again.

‘You may be having second thoughts, but this tells me you’re having fun’ He winked.

Colin grunted noncommittally and then in anguish as Martin gave him a sharp slap on his balls.

‘I’m the boss here’ he said ‘You obey orders, you’ve used up your only chance.
With that he turned and disappeared behind the light, leaving Colin virtually hanging, head down and gasping for breath.

To be continued… In part 6.

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