A Willing Captive – Part 6

By alfiej_uk.

The Story

Colin bit down on the gag and tried to swallow. He looked up as far as his bonds would allow but could only see white lights shining at him. He looked back down. We tried to wriggle his shoulders, then tried to move his feet. Whilst there was a small amount of movement, he knew exactly what held him in position and that there was no getting out. He was conscious of the tight wetsuit was pressing all over his body, and that he was now sweating quite hard. The limited amount of movement he could achieve was having an effect on his cock. Colin could not remember having an erection as hard as the one he now had. He let out a guttural grunt of frustration into the gag and shook his shoulders hard, more in frustration than with any hope that this would bring any relief, either from his bonds or through his cock.

Martin stood and watched. He had positioned the lights so that Martin could not see him as he stood behind them, he still had his top on, but was naked from the waist down and stood playing with his rigid cock, watching his wetsuited captive. He stood for a few minutes and turning, took off his top walked away from the lights to the back of the room. He picked up an item from a chair at the back of the room. Carefully he slid his legs in, then pulled it up and then slid his arms into the short sleeves. He adjusted his cock until it was nesting comfortably, then reached behind him and carefully zipped it up to his neck. He smoothed out the wrinkles and, readjusting his cock, turned to admire himself in the mirror. This was more like it, he thought. Wetsuits were great, and could be worn outside, and, in the right circumstances, were perfectly acceptable in public places. Martin preferred the feel of pure rubber next to his skin, and this surfsuit fitted the bill exactly.

Martin was aware that Colin had stopped struggling and was stood still, head down, still secured to the poles. Martin didn’t want to leave his friend – captive, he reminded himself – alone for too long so he quickly continued to dress. A stiff pair of shiny 20 hole DMs followed, laced to the top hole and then he carefully rolled a pair of full length rubber gloves up each arm in turn. Taking another item from the chair, he adjusted his cock inside the surf suit and then walked back over to where Colin, who had heard the sound of boots, was trying to peer through the lights.

Martin could hear the gasp through Colin’s gag when he stepped in front of the lights and saw Colin’s eyes widen. Martin walked over to the secured lad and ran a rubber finger slowly around the captive lad’s lips, catching some saliva and wiped his fingers down Colin’s wetsuit.

Grasping a handful of Colin’s hair, he pulled the lad’s head back and , with his other hand reached between his legs and started slowly massaging Colin’s cock. Martin was please but not surprised that he was rock hard.

‘You like what you see’ He whispered into Colin’s ear, while staring into his eyes. It wasn’t a question, more a statement of fact.

Colin, wide eyed, could only stare back initially, but then shifted his gaze down the other boy’s body, and was drawn by the contrast between the shiny rubber of the cat suit, the sheen on the DMs and the white skin in between.

Martin withdrew but Colin could not take his eyes off him, and Martin knew it. He briefly showed Colin the item he was holding and then slowly pulled it over his head. Making sure that the eye, mouth and nose holes were properly aligned, he smoothed the tight rubber hood over his head. Reaching behind him, Martin unzipped the surf suit and tucked the bottom of the hood into the neck of the suit before zipping it back up.

He momentarily stood in front of Colin, legs apart and hands on hips, allowing the captive to savour the sight and then walked back over and stood directly in from of the drooling boy. Gently this time, he pulled the boy’s head back and caressed his face and head. The gagged boy stared into his eyes, now framed by a shiny rubber hood.

‘Ready for some fun’ Martin paused for effect ‘boy’?

To be continued….

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  1. Loving this story!!! Can’t wait to find out more…
    Keep up the good work!!!

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