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The Story

In the near future, attractive men often go missing without a trace left behind. Any investigation into their disappearances fails to find them or any hint as to where they have disappeared to.

The building was quite small and unremarkable from the outside. The inside, however, was quite large with the majority of it being underground. This building was housing a large number of the men who had disappeared, with many cells to hold them all in captivity. Once recent acquisition stood in a cell to himself, arms chained above him, feet chained to the floor, so he was standing in an X shape. No skin could be seen. Instead, he wore a very formfitting wetsuit that showed off every detail of his body including a sizeable erection. On his hands and feet were gloves and boots that seemed to be attached. Finally, a gas mask, hid his face, the muffled cries from which suggested he was also gagged. Three shadowy figures watched him. “He’s perfect”

The wetsuit lying on the bed was like nothing Andrew had ever seen before. It looked like a smooth skin. Andrew wasn’t really interested in surfing, he just liked the guys in their wetsuits, and really wanted to try one on himself. Andrew was over at Matt’s house as Matt had invited him around to try on some of his gear. He knew Matt well, knew he was very much into wetsuits, amongst other things. Andrew could see a few other pieces of gear around the room. He wondered if he’d get a chance to try them on as well. Matt’s housemate Jesse and his boyfriend James were there too, curled up on the couch in the lounge watching TV.

“I thought would you like it,” commented Matt, as Andrew admired the wetsuit. He hadn’t even heard Matt enter the room. Picking the wetsuit up, he frowned. It would have been too small for Matt who was taller than Andrew. It also looked faulty. There was an opening in the back to allow someone to put it on but no zip to do it up. He showed Matt. “I’ll show you how to do it up, it’s a new feature” explained Matt. “Very advanced new feature. Not available on the market yet, but I know the right people.”. Andrew was still unsure why Matt had a wetsuit that wouldn’t have fit him or who he knew, but he was too excited to try it on that he didn’t bother to ask questions.

The wetsuit was quite easy to put on so Andrew didn’t really need Matt’s help putting it on. Matt, however, seemed quite keen to help. Andrew started getting one foot into the appropriate hole, followed by the other. He noticed it was a little big for him. “I was almost ready to take up a sport in order to get one of these” exclaimed Andrew. Matt grinned but was otherwise undeterred getting the wetsuit on Andrew. The bottom half on, Matt pulled the wetsuit on up over Andrew’s waist, before helping threading his arms through the sleeves. Put these on, they’re part of it,” Said Matt. He handed Andrew a pair of booties and a pair of gloves that matched the wetsuit. Andrew pulled the booties on first, followed by the gloves. Andrew didn’t see what Matt did with the back but he did feel the wetsuit tighten around him and when he looked in the mirror the back of the wetsuit had fused together, looking as though it was always like that. Likewise, the gloves and boots and fused to the rest of the wetsuit, forming into a one-piece neoprene outfit.
“How do I get it off though?’ he asked Matt, too busy admiring himself to pay attention to what his friend was doing. It was as if it had shrunk. He doubted he could get it off without help, though that was the least of his concerns. Instead of an answer, there was silence as the wetsuit continued to tighten, highlighting every detail of his body. Matt seemed to have disappeared from the room. Andrew wasn’t paying attention though as he admired himself in the mirror. The wetsuit looked incredible on him. He doubted he could have gotten the wetsuit on now, or for that matter taken it off. The sensation of it tightening on him was making him get very hard. He reached for his throbbing erection.

“You look like you’re enjoying your wetsuit.” Matt had reappeared at the door with Jesse and James. “But you look like he still needs help with a few finishing touches.” Jesse and James quickly grabbed Andrew, Jesse, pulling a hood over his head. The hood had eyeholes and a built-in gag. “That should keep you quiet” exclaimed Jesse
“Mmmph” replied Andrew.
Matt held a straitjacket open, while the other two then helped pull it on Andrew. All three of them were bigger than Andrew, so he didn’t have a hope of getting away. With Andrew’s arms in the sleeves, Matt started doing the back up, while the other two continued to hold him, making sure he didn’t try to escape. His arms firmly secured, Andrew was simultaneously worried, but also turned on. They obviously had planned this.

Matt pushed Andrew onto the bed and sat on top of him. His arms bound tightly against his body, Andrew could only watch as Matt picked up an S10 gasmask and stuffed his head into it, tightening the straps against Andrew’s head. This was then followed by a collar that was locked onto Andrew. Meanwhile, James was shackling Andrew’s feet together. Once done, Matt then motioned to his two subordinates to continue to hold Andrew: “Don’t let him go anywhere,” not that Andrew could. With Matt gone, playing with their captured plaything was clearly more than either Jesse or James could resist. “We’re going to have a lot of fun with you,” said James playing with Andrew’s by now extremely hard erection while Jesse held him. “Mmmmm” moaned Andrew in response.

“Okay, bring him out” Matt, motioned for them, from the doorway. James clipped a lead to the collar locked on Andrew and led him out. As Andrew started walking out, movement now restricted by the chains around his feet he saw something in the bedroom mirror that really did make him feel a combination of worry and arousal. Looking back at him was a figure with no skin showing. The gasmask with its tinted lenses completely hid his face from view. The straitjacket, hood, gas mask, and the wetsuit underneath had all fused into one outfit. He couldn’t see where the straitjacket ended, and the bottom half of the wetsuit began. He had tried on a straitjacket before, but that one had buckles on the back. This one just seemed to have fused together, tightly on him like the wetsuit had. He knew escape was futile, nevertheless, he struggled against his restraints, all the more aroused by how helpless he was, enjoying the struggle.

Through the lounge and into the garage, there was a van and a wooden box open and waiting for their immobilized prey. Already very helpless, it didn’t take much for Andrew to be pushed into the box. Clearly this box was designed for restraint, as there was a seat inside with a lot of straps and cuffs to imprison captives. Andrew was strapped to the chair, and his feet were cuffed to the inside of the box. “Okay, now he’s ready for transport.” With these words, their helpless captive could only stare at them before the box was shut and he was sealed in darkness. The box was loaded in the back of the van and fastened down so it wouldn’t move.

Andrew stood in his cell to himself, now released from the straightjacket, arms chained above instead. Lens’s had been attached to his gasmask so he couldn’t see the figure that approached him but he heard Matt’s voice, “We’re going to have a lot of fun with you at our mercy”

To be continued…

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