An Odd Feeling

By Archangel.

The Story

So today I decided to go to the gym, it was a Friday night and I had no plans for the weekend, was been a while since I went there, had too many problems to solve and very little time on my hands. As usual, I went to the gym on my bike, since the weather was warm, I went just with a white t-shirt and a navy blue shorts. I know, I know, it’s not very safe, but I was somewhat tired to put on my biker gear. Arriving at the gym as usual, I talked with the owners for a bit, and then went to my exercises for a nearly two hours. As I was going to the reception for my wallet, I saw someone leaving the locker room, but paid little to no attention at all. Then I was outside the gym, I was in the middle of the road then someone called me.
— Hey Gabriel!
I turned around to see who was, it was a friend,
— hey John – I replied – what’s up?
— look who is going to the gym – said John – was a long while since we don’t meet here.
— yeah, I was kinda busy last month, so I could not hit the gym often. Probably on jan I will be able to go more often.
— nice to know – he replied – listen, can you take a look at my computer? Something happened last week, there is an error coming on screen very often, I can’t work with that damm thing.
— sure, I can take a look tomorrow – I offered.
— you sure? Why can’t you see it today – he asked – please I need help with that!
— cause I don’t have my laptop around, my phone I left at home and I have none of my tools – after seeing the disappointment on his face and thinking for a bit – okay, okay, I gonna go home and meet on your apartment.
— Why don’t you go straight to my apartment now? – the sooner you fix it, the sooner you go home.
— sure, I meet you at your apartment in a few minutes.
I went back to my bike, put the helmet, turned it on. There was something off on this talk, but since I worked with IT I had to fix computers around the city all the time. It was quick trip to John’s house. I parked my bike on the street, near the building garage, John’s was waiting for me on the garage entrance. It was a bit dark but I could see where I was going.
— thx for coming – said John
— no problem, I replied – I just hope is not one of those porn adware’s like last time.
He laughted
— just look out for… — I slipped and fell into a big oil – the oil…
— nice, now I’m dripping oil – I said, trying to not be mad at anyone. – I hope this does not stain.
We took the elevator, and went to his apartment.
— Gabriel, go to the bathroom, and take a shower – said John — I will find some clothes for you to wear. I’m very sorry for that… — he said, pointing at the oil on my t-shirt and shorts
I took a relative short shower, put my clothes on a plastic bag, so it would not drip around the house. Shortly after, I heard a knock on the door, and John handed me something.
— you gotta be joking! – I exclaimed
— you wont fit on any of my clothes – he said – and that wetsuit is the only thing I think can fit on your body… or you can come out naked…
— no thank you, I will prefer using a wetsuit.
I never had the chance to wear a wetsuit, I knew John surfed then we went to the beach, but we lived on the middle of the state, so it was some good 250 miles to reach the shore.
After looking at it, was very odd, there was something like a speed bump on the back, with the zipper going on the side of it, I opened it up. Another odd thing, there was something like a cup on the crotch. Well – I thought – I think I know what goes there.
Putting on the wetsuit was relatively easy, legs first, cock in one place, balls on the other, then I put the arms on the sleeves, I found out I could not zip it up. Well, John was waiting for me outside the bathroom.
— I could not zip it up – I said, pointing at my back
— turn around, please – he asked – let me see.
I feel his hands on the back of the suit, then the zip going up, then he pressed something on the speed bump of the wetsuit, and I heard a click.
— what was that? – I asked
— it was just the sound of the zipper going up – he said – then he reach the top. So go to my computer, its on my room. I gonna make some popcorn while you work.
I headed for his room, his entire room was a mess, including his computer, he had some programs missing, some virus infections but nothing too complicated to solve. I opened a browser and started typing an address. An odd URL appeared on the list. Wetsuit something… rule number one then dealing with computers from other people, do not ask any questions you should not ask. Especially regarding things, you do not understand. I started feeling hot, most likely because of the wetsuit. Fifteen minutes later I had finished with his computer and went looking for John in his apartment.
Found him on the couch, playing on his PS3, he was with a bowl of popcorn.
— I finished with your computer, usual thing, porn adware, trojan horses, bad uninstalled programs… just be careful then browsing the web.
— thx bro, want some? – he said offering popcorn.
— no thx – I was a bit hungry but I wanted to go home, wanted to rest since was nearly midnight. – well, I gotta go home, its getting late. – I said, pointing at the clock
He stood up, took the plastic bag with my clothes and said.
— don’t worry, I give it back clean, is the least I could do. – he said
I started walking to the door, then he asked,
— sure you don’t wanna stay for the night?
I thought for a second, but I wanted to get out of the wetsuit. I was getting hot, too hot and started to get excited… stop.
— no thx, gotta go home. – I replied.
I took my helmet, he opened the door for me. Then we walked on the hallway heading for the elevator, he said.
— Thx for coming – he said – Also I don’t think my phone is working and the intercom of the building is malfunctioning too. I see you tomorrow. I gonna wake up at 10:00 am.
— You welcome bro, I gonna come back on Monday, tomorrow I’m planning on going on a bike ride. – why did he said that, I thought
— Sure Gabriel, cya – he replied with a smile on his face. Then the doors of the elevator started closing. He warned — Don’t pee on it. You won’t like the smell.
— what? … the doors closed, elevator started moving
The bike ride back to my house was quick. I was tired, feeling hot and had an strange feeling about the conversation I just had. Opened my garage, put my bike in, while the gate closed, I took my helmet off. Made a brief stop on the kitchen to eat something. Then went to my room. Stopped on the mirror, looking at my reflection. I was different. A bit more cute. rock hard inside the suit. I wanted to jerk off. Then I turned around I saw something.
And in that moment something made sense. There was a small padlock on the top of the zipper. Then I tried to move the zipper down. Something happened. I experienced a jolt on my balls. Surely this can’t be happening. I tried to pull the zipper down, stronger this time.
I fell to the ground screaming in pain as an electrical current flow through my balls.

I tried his phone several times, he would not pick it up. So I went sleep.

To be continued… In part 2.

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