An Odd Feeling – Part 2

By Archangel.

The Story

I can’t say I had a good night of sleep, I kept turning around on the bed, feeling hot. It was well past 04:00 am then I decided to do something to cool me down. I went to the bathroom, took a nice cold shower. I wanted to kick John in his balls. Seriously what was he thinking then he locked me in this? – It was a nice to feel the water flowing down my back, without getting wet. Suddenly I was excited again, and I could not jerk off like I used to do. I tried desperately to move my cock around, but it was on something like a cup inside the wetsuit. A bit angry, a bit mad, I went back to bed. This time I could sleep a bit. But was for a short while, soon after I was hot again.
On the morning, my phone started ringing on my desk. I had a bad night of sleep, kept waking up, from time to time. Without thinking I answered my phone with:
— what? – I said angrily.
— did you slept well? – asked John, probably with a smile on his face.
— John, you mother fucking cunt! – I shouted while he laughed on the other side – how the fuck do I get out of this?!
— come to my apartment, I wanna talk to you – John said – oh and I suggest you don’t pee inside, the wetsuit was designed to prevent that thing from happening.
— Oh, and yes, put on your leather suit, get on your bike and come here, I’m making breakfast… — John finished the call before I could reply.
Well, without much of a choice, I took a short shower to cool a bit before putting on my one-piece motorbike suit. I was even amazed I could fit in, since he was almost skin tight then I bought it. I could not wear anything under it besides briefs. Put my leather racing gloves and boots. Seriously, I could not be hotter inside. I should get going, before I cook inside this suit. I got to my bike, was opening the gate, then I remember. My wallet, how I gonna explain if the police stop me on the road? Out of the bike, up the stairs, back to my room, get the wallet, back to the bike. Helmet fastened. Off to the city, to John’s apartment.
I was not surprise to see him at the garage gate, he told me to put my bike inside. I parked at his spot, near his car. Got off my bike and charged against him with the helmet still fastened on my head. Well that did not end well, I made 5 steps before a powerful jolt shocked my legs, sending me to the ground. Gladly I was with my leather suit, cause with the speed I was charging at him, I rolled on the floor for a few meters before coming to a stop, screaming in pain. Then it stopped I was looking at the garage ceiling.
— Sorry, I could not let you take me to the ground so easily. – said him hovering a remote control over my helmet – Don’t worry, I think you will like what I have planned for this weekend.
He pressed some buttons on the remote control, then my cock started to receive small pulses, I was getting hard fast, I started moaning as it got more intense, then I was about to cum. It all stopped.
— Please, let me finish! – I begged John.
— No, we gonna go to my apartment and then we will have a talk, I will explain you the rules for the weekend.
I agreed. Before we entered the elevator, I started taking my helmet off, but John looked at me and said.
— don’t take any of your gear off, keep the helmet on your head.
On the elevator time appeared to stop. I wanted to get to his apartment fast.
Then he opened the door, he pointed at the couch, and told me to sit. Then he sensed I would not comply. He showed me the remote, and put his finger in one of the buttons. I knew what was coming so I went to the couch. Once he walked in, he locked the door behind him. And started talking.
— 1st off, I was not planning to lock you on that suit yesterday. I know you want it out, just hear me, it will be interesting for both. – I nodded – 2nd, then you walked out of that bathroom on that custom suit I ordered, I was in shock for a short time, I could barely hid my erection. I had the lock on my pocked so I thought it would be interesting to lock you in it, but I did not had the remote, otherwise you would have stayed yesterday. I expected you to find the padlock before going home. But since you don’t pay much attention to anything I had let you go.
— okay, but why didn’t you picked up your phone? – I asked
— well, I was getting excited just by the thought of you getting home and finding out you were trapped on that suit. – I even jerked off by thinking about the jolts you was receiving by trying to remove it.
— you fucking perv… aaaaaaggg – as another jolt hits me – why?
— here are the rules, rule number one, you are going to obey without questioning. – he started – rule number two, you will not speak unless I told you to. Failure to comply will result in electric shocks on your balls.
— yeah, like I had a choi… aaag
— do you understand? – John asked, I nodded – well, so now I making a breakfast for us, you must be hungry and angry. He pointed to me, stay there. And went to the kitchen.
I was starting to get bored then a suddenly jolt on my balls send me to the ground, it started with small pulses and then turned into waves. I was getting ready to cum, and started moaning, but I could not cum, since then I was getting close, it stopped or gave a burst of strong pulses that nearly made me scream. Time appeared to slow down, I lost track of time, then all stopped.
— Gabriel, come here lets eat.
Breakfast was relatively simple, not a north american breakfast that you need 12 hours to digest. While I was sipping coffee, John was talking about other things. I simple nodded and occasionally received a jolt then I failed to respond in time. But I was getting hot, and I needed to go to the bathroom.
— okay, listen, I know you are not feeling well on that suit, and probably need to take a break. – he said while placing the cups in the sink– so here is what is going to happen, you gonna take of your leather suit, boots and gloves. Then go to my room, and bring a black box that is on the side of my desk here.
I went to his room, looked for the box, curiosity took over me and I opened it. Inside there was several neoprene itens I did not know how to describe. Closed the box and lifted it to the living room.
Shortly after I dropped the box, John was at my side. He said:
— take out your leather suit, boots and gloves – he said, then handed something made of neoprene – put this and lock it with those padlocks. Then I gonna take you out of that suit and into the shower.
I took a look on what he handed me was a neoprene mask, it had a zipper on the front. It took me a while to figure out how to put it. there was two zippers in the front, and one in the back, ending with some sort of collar, with some work, I put the lock on the collar and with a click it was locked. but I was not sure where the other lock was going. Then John saw my face, trying to figure out where the other lock was going, he took the lock from my hand. Took both zippers on the front of the mask and closed the front. locking the zippers in place.

To be continued… In part 3.

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