An Odd Feeling – Part 3

By Archangel.

The Story

I stood there, motionless, as I was unaware of my surroundings. John came close to me and grabbed me from behind, whispering on my ear.
— trust me, you wont regret having this weekend with me – as he grabbed the collar of the hood
Then he pushed me through his apartment into the bathroom. I hear a door closing behind me. John stood behind me, and I heard a click of a padlock being unlocked. He turned on the shower and while he waited for the hot water, he pushed me into the stream of cold water. Unzipping the suit from behind. As cold water flushed into the suit, hitting my hot and sweaty skin, sending shivers thought my entire body. I was able to slip out easily of the now wet wetsuit. John took the wetsuit away from the stream as the water as it started to get hot. He asked me if it was not too hot, I replied that it was okay.
Shortly after I hear the bathroom door closing. I guess I’m alone now – I though – maybe I can remove this mask. But something remind me, what good would to breaking it anyway, since I was still locked with a padlock. Also John was bigger than me. It was strange, I never had the feeling of taking a shower completely dark. The feel from the water rushing on my back, the noise then the stream hit the neoprene hood and the difference of noise then your are eyes open. Then I noticed, I was getting excited. I was rock hard on the shower. Without thinking I started stroking it, one of the best feelings I ever had. Faster, stronger, I was about to cum…
— I strongly suggest you stop if you are thinking on finishing without my permission to do so. – John said.
I did not hear him returning to the bathroom. The thought of him seeing me naked with my cock hard on my hands made me soft again. I never felt good being near another man, especially then I was naked. Too many stories for a such a short little time. John opened the shower and closed both valves, ending the stream of water on my back. As he handed me a towel and said:
— I think you can dry yourself off alone – oh and in the sink there is a lycra t-shirt and some pants for you, I don’t want your dick waving around all day. Then you finished dressing up, I will be waiting outside.
Clearly I found difficult to get around inside the bathroom, after a while I was able to put on the t-shirt, but about the pants was a lot more difficult. Have you ever tried putting on lycra pants without being able to see? It took me a while but I managed to do it. I opened the bathroom door, unable to see, I expected something to happen. Nothing happened.
— John? – I called. I waited for an answer that never came back. – John? Where are you? — I was getting scared. I scrambled through my memories to remember the layout of his apartment. Clearly something happened for him to leave me like this, trapped on a mask, alone in his home. I made a few steps, I hit something, a box was on the floor. I don’t remember this box. I tried to move back but my feet got entangled on something and the next thing I know I was falling on the floor. I was able to ease my fall by holding to the walls of the corridor – John? Where the fuck did you go! – I crawled to the living room, or what I though was the living room. I stood up, his phone must be nearby.
— did you miss me? – I heard John said, as he grabbed me from behind
— you idiot, never do that again! – he laughed – you scared me.
His hands started moving over my t-shirt, causing a series of different sensations, it was odd, I liked it but he released me. He took both of my hands up and I felt my hands sliding down on some sleeves, was kinda odd. Then it reached my shoulders, John moved around and started closing it from behind. Instinctively I tried to see where the sleeves end, and I found the end of the sleeve was sewed shut. Odd, very odd. John took both of my hands and crossed then in front of my chest. In that moment I realize what I was now being dressed, a straitjacket. I tried to push forward but John held me while he fixed the straps behind my back and under my crotch. Essentially, I was now bound again. I heard some clicks while he secured the straitjacket. Then he pushed me into the couch.
He came close and whispered a few words on my ear, with his hands massaging my cock from outside the pants. I was already hard, and getting harder. He pushed my face into his chest, while he lowered my pants with one of his hands. I tried to bite him thought the hood. But since the hood was thick, I could barely grab something with my teeth. Then I felt something sliding into my pants, something solid, something cold.
— what is that – I asked
— Something to make you a bit frustrated if you try to fuck the couch like that – he said – it’s a protective cup. – I felt John reaching for the back of my neck, and I hear a click, for a second I thought he was going to make the collar tight, but it loosened shortly after. – close your eyes – he said before pulling up the zipper and removing the hood.
I slowly opened my eyes, well was good to be able to see again. I was on a padded leather straitjacket, a few straps where lose, but I could not move my arms much. TV was turned on, with a pause screen of some racing game. John tossed a controller on the couch and said.
— you can play if you want, it may be quite a while for lunch – he said, pointing at the TV
— how could I possible play a game on this? – I said, referring to the straitjacket
— I know you like challenges, you will figure a way to play.
I turned to the couch, looking at the controller for a few minutes while John moved a few things left on the room to his bedroom. Maybe… I grabbed the controller with my teeth, and dropped it on the floor. I sat on the couch, with my feet on the buttons, John sat by my side, with another controller on his hands. He looked at me and asked.
— I told you would figure something out – he said jokingly — are you ready?

To be continued… In part 4.

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