An Odd Feeling – Part 4

By Archangel.

The Story

Well, I think you all know how those races went. Me, bound on a straitjacket, barely being able to keep my car on the track. And we played for quite a while. The firsts few races I don’t think I reached the finish line. But I got better and better and a few races later I was able to keep up with the opponents, not enough to reach then, but I could see then ocasionally. John on the other end, always finished on 1st. There was a particular funny moment were my car was being chased by cops, I was trying to evade during the race, but I accidentally drove over a spike strip and got busted. While on my side of the screen an animation of my driver being busted by the police, handcuffs and all. Well if only I had handcuffs instead of a straitjacket. A few moments later, John went to the kitchen on the middle of the race. Since I was not going to be able to win the race, I decided to turn around and explore the roads on the game.
A few minutes later, John called me to lunch. Was not an easy task getting off the couch. I had to slide of the sides so I could shift my weight to my feet. Slowly I walked to the kitchen only to find a big pizza on the table. John sitting on the other side. With my feet I dragged the chair back so I could sit. There was no way I would be able to eat on a straitjacket. I looked at John, only to see him smiling. He knew what I was thinking.
— well, there are two ways this could go around – he said, putting a slice on my plate – you can try to eat by yourself, like a dog. But I don’t think that would be nice. Or I could feed you. Small portions at a time, with any combination I like. What do you choose?
I though for a while, I should be able to eat like this, but it will get messy.
— second option – I said
John sat on a chair next to me. Put a huge amount of ketchup on the side of my plate. Put his arm around the back of my neck and started cutting the pizza slice in smaller parts. He took one with the fork, and brought one near my mouth, instintively I opened my mouth and closed a bit to allow the fork to get out leaving the a piece of pizza inside my mouth. The taste was good, but I was not being able to concentrate, I could smell John’s scent. There is something I haven’t said, I try to keep people at a safe distance so I never let anyone get as close as John got since yesterday. I was throw into a mix of feelings. Clearly there was something different. I could say my wires would be short-circuiting if I was a robot. I looked John in the eyes, those blue eyes stared me back. I tried to get close. And I guess John noticed what I was feeling too. He kissed me, slowly. I had kissed a few girls, but this was different. I was attracted by him, his kiss was so different. Kind of wild, more intense than I ever experienced before. I wanted more. So I bit his lower lip, kissed him again, he started kissing my neck. I went for his ear, kissing it, biting it, licking around. as I kissed and bite his neck. he said:
— looks like I need to gag you, that will keep you from biting – but that will be for later
He stood up, grabbed one of the D-rings from the collar, and started pulling it. Dragged me to his spare bedroom and pushed me into the bed. I landed on my back. Looking at the ceiling. Then I tried to stand, I saw him pointing his finger at me and said – Stay – He turned around an closed the door behind him. I went back looking at the ceiling, wondering what would happen now. I closed my eyes. After a few minutes I heard the door opening. Kept my eyes closed. John dropped a few things near the bed. And pointed to me to go in the middle of the bed. I dragged me back to the middle. John took a few ropes he brought and started fixing me to the bed, my ankles tied to the bed frame while the straitjacket’s collar was fixed on both sides of the bed. I felt John opening the straitjacket crotch straps, then my lycra pants sliding down, exposing my rock hard cock. John started working on it, by using lube and I could feel something different being strapped on my cock. After a lot of lube being used, and at the point of my whole cock feel wet. John came close to me and kissed me slowly. Suddently I felt a shock on my cock it was not painful, but was different. John started explaining:
— I gonna play with your cock of a bit, testing what mode gives you more pleasure. – He said bringing a small box with 4 radio buttons on it – once I found the one I want, I will level it up a bit, and leave it on. – I nodded – then you gonna need to cum on your own. Once I choose the mode, you gonna have 30 minutes to cum. For every 5 minutes you waste without cumming. Its another hour you will expend on this straitjacket.
I tried to protest but before I could do anything, he gagged me with silver tape. John took that box on his hands and suddenly I felt a small continuous current, from time to time it was on my balls, then on my cock. Next was more of a continuous current. Then on small pulses. John expend half an hour playing with different modes. Some of then made me soft, some of then made me harder than I was before. Finaly he choose a mode, and I immediately felt a current getting stronger by each second, moaning as it got stronger. Then I was about to start screaming for help, it stopped, back at the start, growing stronger at each second. John stood up and sat on a chair, on the edge of the room. I watch as he took of his clothes with his rock hard cock on his hands. He started stroking his cock as I started moaning again.
— Oh, and I forgot – said John – if I cum before you. You will be back at that wetsuit, this time with fist mitts.
I lost track of time, stronger, weaker, and climbing. Then I was about to cum, it went back to weak, I was getting desperate. John was still stroking his cock but he was going faster and faster. I tried thrusting the air, but it did not help, to my desperation I hear John moaning as his sperm started flowing from his cock. I had not cum yet, but I was so close. John came for the box and switched to another mode. A few seconds and suddently I felt like I was going to explode. The current was so different, I started moaning and before I knew I was already cumming, was one of biggest orgasm of my life. John lowered the output a bit and left the room, with the current still flowing through me. As my cock went soft, it started hurting. I tried to move, but I was fixed at the bed. John entered the bedroom again, I was glad he was back so he could turn of the current. He had something like a soft penis shaped dildo on his hand. It was made of clear acrillic. But it was hollow. He turned off the box and started cleaning with a towel the mess I made. Then he took the electrodes out of my cock, and I felt him working. I was not sure what he was doing but then I heard a click. That can’t be good.
— before you ask, yes that is a chastity cage – he said, kissing me over the silver tape — it will prevent you for getting excited and if you do, it will hurt a bit. Also, it will be easier to control you since it’s a version with electrodes inside. You will be out of that jacket and into a wetsuit for the afternoon, but back into the jacket for more… let me see… 15 hours.
I looked at him in complete despair. Don’t worry, you already had a bit of fun. We are just starting the weekend.

To be continued…

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