Coastal Town

By rubbergubber.

The Story

Here soon…“Can I help you?” the cute blond guy said to me as he walked towards me. I flushed slightly, with colour coming to my cheeks and a slight hardening in my groin. “Y-Yeah, I said. C-C-Can I try this on?” “Sure, mate, yeah. Go on ahead.” I stumbled into the changing area with the wetsuit, as my dick hardened again.

I had recently moved to the coastal town and was delighted to see that there was a smallish wetsuit shop on the front. Having seen some watersports programmes on the TV, I had developed something of a fetish for wetsuits and tight fitting materials. But despite having seen wetsuits on TV, I had never seen them before up close and personal. I had lived in a small village miles from the coast, where everyone was quiet and normal, and such fetishes would be wondered at.

As I say, I had discovered the wetsuit shop on my first day in the town. I had gone for a walk along the front, maybe hoping to see some fit guys in wetsuits down on the beach. None were out – it was too cold even to be walking on the beach without being out in the water. But, to my joy, I had seen the wetsuit shack, and wandered in that direction. Feeling a swelling in my groin, I stared longingly through the window at the gorgeous wetsuits. But the shop was closed. I quickly noted the time it opened, feeling that this would be my chance to try some wetsuits on.

I was busy with the move for the first week or so, getting my stuff sorted in the flat, and didn’t have a chance to get back down to the front. But my time would come. My dreams were hot and sticky, dreaming of the wetsuits, so close to me now, and the possibility of wearing one.

The first time I had gone in, I had a quick look round the shop, slightly embarrassed to be there. The tall black-haired guy was at the till, watching me feeling the wetsuits and inhaling the lovely aroma. I could see him approaching, out of the corner of my eye, and left the shop. Why had I done that? They would think I was some sort of a freak!

I got my courage up a couple of days later, and went back into the shop. The black-haired guy wasn’t there – just a cute blond guy, about my height and build. Thankfully the other guy wasn’t there – it wouldn’t be just as embarrassing. So I had another wander round the shop, knowing my way round it a bit better now, pausing for longer at the wetsuit display that contained my favourite wetsuit – the Orca speedsuit. But there were lots of other hot guys in the shop, and I left again too soon.

So it was on the Saturday that I went in for the third time in a week. The blond guy smiled at me from the till, and seemed to wink at me. And from the back of the shop, from the staff area, the black-haired guy came out and joined the blond guy at the till. Right. This was it. I wasn’t leaving the shop until I had tried on the Orca. No matter what happened, I wanted to feel its smoothness on me.

I made my way slowly round the shop, pausing every so often, trying not to seem too keen. I eventually made it to the Orca, and touched it. It was cool to the touch, and smelled great. And then the blond guy came up and asked could he help me. This was it!

I hurried into the changing room with my dick hardening by the second. Would I be able to get the suit on with a hard dick? I quickly stripped, and sat on the edge of the chair, putting my foot into the leg of the suit. Then the other foot. I hoisted the suit up, and got my arms in. It fitted well, hugging me tightly, and I loved the feeling of it all over my skin.

Not being experienced in putting on wetsuits, I couldn’t quite manage the pullcord on the zip. So I stuck my head out of the curtain, to see if the blond guy would indeed help me. To my horror (or delight), he was standing just outside, seeming waiting on me to get dressed. He was well impressed with my appearance, and brought me out. Quickly showing me how to get the zip up, he brought me out into the shop to get a full length mirror. Was that his hand gently brushing my arse as he led me into the shop? No, I must have been making it up.

He brought me to the mirror and smoothed the suit over my shoulders, squeezing my muscles, and again, the hand was at my groin having a feel. Despite being slightly horrified, I quite enjoyed it, as he could see, my dick standing to attention under the warmth of his fingers. We stood for a few moments, enjoying my reflection in the mirror, when I noticed the blond guy looking round to the other guy, who winked at him, and grinned at me.

“We thought you would enjoy the wetsuit,” the blond guy said. “We had noticed you coming into the shop a few times this week, and thought you wanted to try on the wetsuit. Is this your first time?” I nodded quickly, and flushed again. “I’m Rob, and this is Dave”, said the blond guy. “We thought, since you wanted it so much, we would allow you to try the suit for a bit longer.”

They went on to explain that Dave had removed my clothes from the changing room, so I would have to stay in the wetsuit, at least for the time being. They had also closed the shop when I went into the changing area so that we wouldn’t be disturbed. But obviously, they couldn’t have the shop closed for the rest of the day, in case other hot guys wanted to buy wetsuits, so they would be opening up again soon.

“Because you’re enjoying that suit so much, you’re going to model it for us – if you want to see your clothes again.” I was confused. Surely I had been modelling it for them? They had enjoyed looking at me; I could see their eyes ranging over my wetsuit-encased body. What could they mean?

“We’ll have to get you a few more pieces of kit to make it less obvious you’re a different sort of model, so just go back to the changing area and we’ll be with you in a moment.” I went off back to the changing area, wondering what was happening. True enough, my clothes weren’t there – Dave must have taken them away, as he had said. What could I do? I was enjoying the wetsuit, but what were these guys doing?

Rob reappeared, bringing wetsuit boots, gloves, a hood, and a scuba set. “Here, put these on and come out to the shop.” I struggled with the hood and scuba set, but got them on, and went back out to find the guys smiling more and more. I could see that Dave had been busy moving stuff again – this time one of the dummies modelling a wetsuit had been removed from its stand. Was this what they meant by modelling?

“If you stand modelling for the rest of the day, we’ll see about returning your clothes,” Rob said. “Just don’t move at all, or we’ll remove the hood, and you’ll be disgraced.” I nodded slowly, resigned to my fate. It would be a long afternoon. But at least I was in a hot wetsuit! How long could I stay in it?

Dave went back to the door, and opened it again. Almost straight away, two fit looking guys came in and looked at the various displays. One of them, a bit taller than me paused as he passed me, looking into my eyes, but I tried not to move. He moved on, glancing back to me every few minutes. He whispered something to his mate, and they laughed together. He then asked Rob about his new model. Rob told him it was a new hi-tech dummy, which simulated breathing and slight body movements, and the guy seemed convinced, even though his eyes kept being drawn to my groin, and the movements there.

After an hour or so, Dave allowed me to take a drink of water when the shop was quiet. But for the rest of the day, I stayed where I was, enjoying my form of imprisonment in a wetsuit. I would definitely remember this day for the rest of my life, and dream about it. I would have to find a way of buying a wetsuit of my own to play at home, and maybe even in the water too.

Eventually we got to 5pm, and the shop was due to close. I wondered what would happen next. Surely they would give me my clothes back, and I could go back home? But the guys had other ideas. “You’re enjoying that wetsuit too much to stop now. Why don’t you come home with us? You’ll not get your clothes otherwise. The van is parked at the back of the shop. Come on.”

Well, what choice did I have? If I left now, they weren’t giving me my clothes and I would have to walk through the town stark naked. So I stepped down off my podium, and followed Dave to the van. What would happen next?

(To be continued?)

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  1. Yeah, come on, can’t leave it there! My mind is wild with thoughts as to what might happen!

  2. Great suspenceful story. Ishurely would enjoy reading the rest of it! The suspence is getting to me to read what takes place next and see if I immagened it correctly. Man am I hard and dripping!

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