David and I – Part 3

By Vincent.

The Story

I woke up and the room was still dark and I couldn’t see any clocks in the room. I sat up in the bag and David was still asleep. As I moved around in the bag I could feel the wetsuit tugging against me. I checked with my hand, I was half hard. What was I going to do? I couldn’t walk down for breakfast in the morning with a massive boner showing through. I laid back down in the bag. I decided that the best thing to do would be to wank in the suit. I could go to the toilet again and wipe the cum out or, after all, because it looked like David had been doing the same thing himself, I could just say that the dry marks where there before, and then that would bring him to have to explain himself. Laying on my back in the bag I started to rub a couple of fingers around the head of my cock, slowly, and then moving up and down the length of my shaft. At first I applied a lot of pressure but then I let up as I was more sensitive through the rubber than I thought I would be. My dick soon realised what was going and quickly became hard, it was screaming out for release after all the times that it had been up and down yesterday, and I think that it would be lying to say that spending the night so close to David had had no effect. I would have liked to take my time about this but I decided that it better to be as quick as possible considering that I didn’t know the time, nor when David was going to wake up. I rubbed up and down my cock with the palm of my hand and then around the sides until I was completely hard. Then, stretching the suit as much as it would go I grabbed around my boner and rubbed up and down. I started slow and sped up when I got used to how the material worked. The suit was also giving the head of my cock a good rub while I took care of the shaft. I put my head back and shut my eyes and started to think of every turn on that I could. I rubbed faster and faster and then I exploded into the suit. I kept pumping as I squirted streams of cum into the suit. Man, I was really glad to get my rocks of then. I smiled with relief and kept rubbing my dick until it went soft. I could feel my come moving around, acting like a lube between the suit and I.

I opened my eyes and sat up in the bag again. David wasn’t there. I got up and switched the lamp on and looked at David’s watch on his desk. 5:15am. I also looked around in his desk for the zipper but it was nowhere to be seen. The door opened and David walked in with a wet patch on the crotch of my boxers.

“Glad to see that you like the suit,” he standing in front of me.

I blushed and guessed that he must have seen me wanking off. There wasn’t a malicious tone in his voice though; there was one that was hard to explain. It seemed like, and you can colour me crazy when I say this, but it seems like he was delighted. He walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out a pair of combats and pulled them on, followed by a hooded sweatshirt.

“Come on,” he continued, “have a quick shower to wake yourself up and then I will see you downstairs for breakfast.”

I looked up at him and pointed at the wetsuit.

“You’re not getting out of there now,” he said, “shower in the suit and I will think about it later.”

He grabbed a large black holdall out of the bottom of his wardrobe, shut the doors and left the room. He was getting dominant now but there was nothing that I could do about it until I was out of this suit. If it was something to do with his dad then I couldn’t even cut my way out of it because then he would wonder what in hell would have happened to it and there would be no way if even imagining the trouble I would get into.

I went into the bathroom and had a hot shower, washed my face and hair and made the most of it. It was some time alone. I wondered when I would be getting out of this suit. When I got out of the shower I noticed how good the suit looked wet, that perfect black shining surface. I also noticed the word ‘Orca’ in a very dull grey. I wondered if David would be waiting for me so I quickly dried off and then check in the mirror again. The logo had disappeared from the chest. I though that something screwy was going on but I quickly dismissed the thoughts from my head. I walked down to the kitchen and as I walked into the kitchen some toast popped up.

“Butter that would you” said David.

“No problem” I buttered and put some Jam on the toast and set it on the table next to the coffee.

I sat at the table and he brought over some bacon and egg sandwiches and sat down.

“So, if we are down on the beach by 5:45 we can have the digging done by 6:30,” he said, “and then we can come back, have a quick nap and then get ready for the day’s events.”

I had never been up this early on a Saturday morning for months and I was only half listening to what he was saying as I drank coffee and shoved the sandwich down my neck. I knew what was going on but generally I was still pretty much half asleep.

“What am I going to wear though? It’s cold and still drizzling outside. If I go out in just this wetsuit then I’m going to catch more than a cold.”

“Already thought of that.,” he said.

He lent over and unzipped the holdall and pushed it over towards me. Inside there was an old Helly Hanson down jacket, some more combats, some thicker socks and a pair of chest waders.

“It’s what I wear if I go night fishing in the winter and we’ve got to keep you toasty” he said has he got up, poured more coffee and then went off to the garage. He came back wearing chest waders and the jacket from his flotation suit. He was also carrying a couple of pairs of neoprene gloves and a couple of headlamps. I dressed as directed. I felt the temperature rise once I got the combats on and then putting the chest waders on over the top gave me a firm boner. I then put on the jacket and pulled on the gloves and the headlamp.

“A little bit overkill for bait digging isn’t it?” I remarked.

“Better to be safe than sorry. And by the way that you are squirming in there I can’t say that you are displeased by things.”

I didn’t have a come back to that and so I started to guess that David knew me more than I thought that he could possibly know me. Quite how he knew what he did I don’t know, maybe he was playing things by ear, but I was starting to feel a little more relaxed about being in the suit, other people not being able to see it and all.

We finished making preparations and then we left. David locked the door and then we went to the shed and got a couple of slim spades and some buckets. Bait digging isn’t the most exciting experience in the world but there are a few things that I will mention. It was an extremely low tide and so while we were digging we kept on sinking down into the sand, I was glad that I was wearing the waders, and doing all the digging that we were I kicked up quite a sweat in the suit. Once we both had a good collection of small crabs, worms and muscles we walked back to the house, joking around as if there was nothing strange going on, completely forgetting about the wetsuit that I was in and as if nothing that had happened had. That all changed again though when we got back to the house. David took the buckets and spades to the shed and then came back and opened the door to the house where we to the garage to sake the sandy waders off and jackets and then I realized how much I was squelching around in the shower and how bad I stunk.

“So, what time do you want to head into town today?” David asked.

“As soon as I get this suit off and get a real shower” I replied, trying to make my voice sound firm without being too demanding, but he wasn’t buying it.

“You don’t have to get out of that suit that you love so much,” he said pointing to the erection that I still had. Fuck. He had noticed me having an erection in the wetsuit. I was doomed now. Now he had a lot of weight over me, emotional and situational, as well as physical. What the hell had I gotten myself into?! There was nothing that I could say back to him when he had me over a barrel like that.

“Erm…” I said, that being the best thing that I could say. I felt completely stuck and at the mercy of this guy. I realised that while I was stuck in this wetsuit that he pretty much had the ability to humiliate me in front of anyone.

“But,” he said taking the conversation over, something that in a way I was grateful that he did for it broke the silence, but also regretted because it let him know that he had the upper hand in the way that things were, “I have notice that you do stink a bit and we are going to be meeting the others at the pub tonight so I do think its better that you wash up.”

He instructed me in how things were going to work and that basically there was going to be no arguing with him. I kind knew that would be pointless anyway considering how he took me down last night.

We hung the things that we were wearing up in that garage and went to the kitchen where we sat and had a decent breakfast and then we went up to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet with the lid closed and David told me that he would be back in a minute. He was gone a little while longer than that but he came back with the pliers, my soap bag and another soap bag and he was topless wearing the tracksuit bottoms that he was wearing last night. He told me to shave, which I did and then told me to stand in the bath, which I did. He turned on the shower and let the water get up to temperature and then he got into the bath with me, bringing the pliers and the other soap bag.

First he rinsed me over with the shower and I was sure he smiled with the word ‘Orca’ briefly appeared on the chest again. He turned the water off and then he slowly began to unzip the suit.

“Don’t think about running. Or you know what I can do” David said.

I really did think about running. If what he was going to do was force me back into the suit then I would have loved for him to do that again, I loved those feelings.

He continued to unzip the suit and then he helped me take it off. I was standing there in the shower, with a boner standing and he made no comment. My body gasped at the air. He rinsed the suit out quickly and then hung it on a hanger on the rail. He then took a razor and some shaving foam out of the soap bag.

“I know that you like the suit, but I think that you would like it better if you could really feel it all over you, grabbing you and rubbing against you.” As he said this I swallowed and then there was a rush of hormones through my body. He knew better than I did that I wanted to be as good as living in that wetsuit but had feelings of fear and embarrassment in doing so. But, he was going to force me in to doing it whether I really wanted to or not, which to me was becoming an utter turn on. I did as I was told and I didn’t argue and one by one David shaved my limbs, first my arms and then my legs. Then he took care of my armpits and then finally without saying a word he shaved my cock and balls bald. I was now naked of hair except for the hair on my head. All the time he was shaving me I was looking him over, wanting him. He had defined but not oversized muscles and he looked like he has shaved before going to the beach that morning. Single drops of water ran of his skin as they bounced off of me while he was rinsing me. I looked at how his wet tracksuit bottoms clung to his skin and made a faint outline of his dick, half hard. After he had finished shaving me he got out the bath and took the suit with him. Then he passed me my flannel and soap and told me to wash, which I did. When I had finished I drew back the curtain and took a towel from the rack and dried off. Then David held the suit out for me.

“Come on, back in you go” he said.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” I said as I got out the bath, and that was the only cue that he needed. He put the suit down on the toilet and quickly wrestled me to the floor again and this time I was on my back and he was l laying face down on top of me and his cock was hard, jabbing into my crotch. He loved displaying the power that he had. I also noticed at this time that David too was completely hairless, but then again he also had the physique to look good doing so. He reached up with his right had grabbed the suit, using the weight of the rest of his body to keep me on the floor. One he had it he passed it between his hands to get it the right way around, hen put it on the floor next to us. Keeping as much of his weight on me as he could he moved around on all fours until he was sitting on my abdomen, just about my dick, which was rubbing against his tracksuit bottoms. I was so turned on that I was sure I was precoming on him but he didn’t way a word. He grabbed the suit and started to pull it on me and I felt that I slid into it much easier this time. I kicked my head back and say a tube with what looked like a clear gel in it, it looked too think to be lube. I was thinking at this point and couldn’t decided which was wanted more, me wanting to be in the suit or him wanting me to be in the suit.

I once again felt that somewhat familiar sensation of my legs being compressed in the suit and I knew what was coming next. He spun round on my abdomen making me gasp in pain, this dude was not light, and raised himself briefly enough and just high enough to get the rest of the suit under himself and over my torso. He then began to feed my arms into the sleeves. He smiled and looked me-

“Better this way, isn’t it?” he asked.

Which way was he asking, having him romping with me, almost sexually, yes that was a good thing that I had been dying for. Being in the wetsuit and being forced into the wetsuit, certainly two good things, but I wasn’t going to satisfy him with an answer and so I left his answer rhetoric. Whether he was expecting an answer or not, I don’t know because his next words didn’t follow the question.

“Stand up” he said, and by now I knew this part of the procedure. He used the pliers to zip me up and he closed over the flap on the back of the suit. “I’m going to give you some time to do your hair and what not and get dressed and what not and then I will meet you in the living room. I’m going to use my parent’s ensuite to get ready.” After saying that he left the bathroom and he took the bottle of gel like substance and the other soap bag with him.

I couldn’t work out how he was thinking because one second he was being dominant and the next moment he was talking in a slightly apologetic tone.

I finished in the bathroom and then I went to get dressed. The what-ever-it-was that was in the suit with me was starting to warm a little but I could still feel it squelching around. It was a little bit weird at first as I could feel the gel like stuff push into new places every time I moved, it also kept me turned on until I got used to it.

I like baggy clothing and so in getting dressed I pulled from my bag a pair of woodland camo combats, and pulled them on straight away, no need for underwear, and then I added a belt to them. I thing pulled on a white long sleeve T-shirt and over the top of that a yellow short sleeved T. I checked myself in the mirror and at this point the wetsuit neck was the only thing that was showing, but because if the flap and the fact that it was black it looked like nothing more than a piece of Under Armor. I pulled on some white socks and then grabbed a pair of boots from my bag and then I headed downstairs. I went into the kitchen to get a snack and something to drink and found that David had moved my wallet, watch and keys to the table and so I picked them up. Leaving my boots in the kitchen I went through into the living room to wait for David.

To be continued… In part 4.

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