David and I – Part 4

By Vincent.

The Story

Daytime television is generally pretty poor. I sat there with a glass of orange juice and some biscuits while I was waiting for David to come down. One thing about daytime TV is that it does absolutely nothing to help pass the time whatsoever. In fact, it actually seems to prolong things, especially the sense of agony that it provides in abundance. I had just finished eating when David came in the room. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a short sleeve shirt.

“Let’s go then,” he said.

Using the remote I switched off the TV and as I stood up I was reminded of the wetsuit as it dragged across my entire body. Then we both headed to the kitchen. I set the glass down in the sink and then I went and got my boots. As I was putting them on, David was putting his trainers on he ran through an outline of the day.

“First we’ll walk into town and grab some lunch, then take a walk around and maybe do some shopping and then meet the others down the pub for a couple of hours.”

I thought that the day was going to be a game of bladder torture but as David was leaning forward to tie his other shoe I saw the pliers sticking out of his back pocket so I at least knew that I was going to be getting some breaks during the day.

As I sat up after tying my laces he got up and headed to the pegs near the door. He grabbed his coat and put it on and then grabbed another jacket and tossed it to me. It was a North Face Nuptse jacket. I was gonna cook.

We left the house and we walked to town going down along the beach. The wind wasn’t that strong and as we walked past the beach where we had been on Friday I thought about how I had been watching David’s body in the suit, the suit that I was now wearing. I also thought how he had been twisting around while wearing it and my mind started to race at other thoughts of what may have done while wearing it. We came to a public toilet.

“This is your last chance before we get to the town centre.”

“I think I’ll take you up on it.”

Going to the bathroom wasn’t the quickest process in the world. Taking a jacket and T-shirts off and then putting them all back on again and having someone unzip and zip a wetsuit for you. There being no chance of argument as you are being force back into neoprene bondage because you know that it would make other people too aware of you. As I was unzipped my body gasped as the cool air slapped my skin, surprising me a little at first. I was already getting caked in sweat and I wondered how much worse things were going to get. Not only was I wet but also the suit was now lined with a layer of my sweat and I was starting to dread being forced back into it, knowing the way that I was going to be spending the day, feeling slightly unpleasant as my sweat would dry, or would it, but aroused. Always wanting to cool down but never being able to show anyone what I was treasuring having so close to my skin. Psychological bondage in public. On the other hand I knew that I had to go back into the rest of the suit and I wanted it wrapped around me. This was rapidly playing in my mind and I wasn’t too sure about how to feel.

“Time’s up.” David said knocking on the cubical door. I knew what was going to happen I was a little nervous about going out to be sealed back in again, not knowing if anyone else was going to be there. I took my chances and opened the door and just David was standing there. I had worked my arms back into the suit before opening the cubical door. My sweat now having mixed well with the gel in the suit from earlier there was a little less of a gripping sensation, I slipped back into the sleeves, almost as if I was being sucked in, but the suit still gripped me just as tightly as before once I was inside it. I rubbed the chest up and down my torso, trying to get it as smooth as possible. As I was doing so my dick began to twitch and rise. As if I wasn’t horny enough already I was now making sure that my dick was going to get as hard as possible, although not necessarily on purpose. I had opened the door and turned my back to David.

“Come out here.”

I did as was said and he then zipped the back of the suit up slowly. He seemed to enjoy what he was doing. When he had finished he rubbed his hands up and down my back and the reached around and rubbed from my abs up to my chest. Boy, were my nether regions starting to strain. I put my T-shirts and jacket back on and we left the bathroom and headed up to the town centre.

We got to the town centre and as we were walking around I was getting considerably more are more turned on. Because of the cold weather most of the shops had their heating on. As I was getting warmer and warmer there was no way for me to lose the heat. The wetsuit keeping it trapped in my body. I was getting hotter and sweating more and more, and whenever I moved I could feel the suit gliding against me. Lubricated by my own sweat it was now rubbing against most of my body with every step that I took. Rubbing across my shoulders and chest. Gently rubbing over my nipples. The material was sliding up and down my legs, shins and calves, rubbing up and down the insides of my thighs. The lack of hair on my body was only making this more possible and more sensuous. If felt like being rubbed down by tens of rubbery hands.

We settled on Maccy D’s for a late lunch and I chose one of the more secluded booths in the corner. It was the first time that I had ever ordered a large coke with a meal there and let them put ice in the cup. After sitting down I grabbed the cup and took a slurp and held it against my cheek for a moment.

“Enjoying your day?” David asked with a mildly sarcastic tone in his voice.

“I’m surviving.” I replied. “Anything that you really want to buy while we are still around the shops?” I said adding a little small talk. I wasn’t going to tell him how I really felt, that it felt like ecstasy with every step and that I thought I must have been pouring out pints of precum. I wasn’t going to tell him that being in a wetsuit this smooth and this frictionless for this period of time was making me so horny that I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t going to tell him how I wish that there was some kind of relief zipper so that I didn’t have to get out of the suit for days. I could deal with showers in the suit and wearing long clothes.

David got up and went to the bathroom and I started to fidget in my seat. I was enjoying the feeling of my sweat squelching around me in the suit. The head of my dick had got caught in a crease in the suit when I sat down and I started to move my hips to work on it. Fuck me, the feelings were amazing and the danger of doing it in public just turned me on that little bit more, but I stopped when I saw David coming back to the table.

“You need to go?” he asked.

“Doing fine at the moment” I answered him.

“There are some things that I need to get back at the fishing shop.”

“I don’t really want to head back down to the beach again.” I don’t think that my body could take the stimulation of walking that distance, I thought to myself.

“You stay around here then and I will be back in about half an hour.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“I’ll give you a call when I get back.”

“Cool. Let’s go,” I said hearing the Crazy Frog just starting on the radio.

We left Maccy D’s and David headed back down to the beach. I decided to walk along the road to the shopping mall. I went into HMV and flipped through the albums but there wasn’t anything new out that was worth buying and there wasn’t anything in their games section that took my interest either. I left the store and walked around a little. I went in JD and saw some nice trainers but I didn’t want to risk letting anyone see a wetsuit covered leg. I went for a browse in Footlocker and was looking at the clothes and I saw a pair of nylon tracksuit bottoms that I had to try on and you’ll find out why in a second. I found a medium on the rack and went and asked if I could use the fitting room. They told me where it was and I went inside. I had been squelching around for a while now and my socks had begun to get a little damp from a bit of the sweat starting to leave the suit. I dropped my trousers and it was good to cool down for a second. I took that tracksuit bottoms off the hanger. Perfect, they weren’t lined. I pulled them on and noticed that over the rubber they had an almost frictionless quality too them. I looked in the mirror and decided that they weren’t worth buying, I had a couple of different pairs at home already and there was nothing special about these ones to make it worth buying another pair. Standing in front of the mirror I let my hand glide over my nuts and then slowly began rubbing up and down slowly and then I rubbed up my thighs and down over my dick. I let out a low moan that I couldn’t keep in. I made the same movement again humping into my hands as I did so, it felt so smooth, the complete lack of friction and my sweat, and I was sure there must be some precum around, lubing up my dick.

Knock, knock. Someone banging on the door from outside. “You alright in there mate?” came a voice.

“Yeah,” I said, fumbling for words in the back of my head, being broken out of the erotic thoughts that I had just started to imagine, “I just can’t decide if I really want them or not.”

“Do us a favor and decide out here would you,” the shop assistant replied, “there are two other people waiting to use the fitting room.”

I pulled the tracksuit bottoms off and noticed that I was rock hard and I couldn’t push my dick sideways in the suit and so I had to do my belt over my hard-on and put my boots back on. I put the tracksuit bottoms back on the hanger and left the changing room.

“Cheers mate” said a voice as I left. I put the trousers back on the rack and then left the store. I had been rising and falling all day but never quite blowing my wad and the sexual tension was building in me. I was noticing a load of guys walking around the mall that were making me really horny. It only occurred to me once I was outside the shop that I had just tried to rub one out in a fitting room, but at that point in time I didn’t care. I went outside and sat on the wall and shoved my hands in my trouser pockets, brushing my dick, and it pulsed, I couldn’t forget the damn thing. I decided that a walk around Marks and Spencer would be a good attempt to try and forget about sex for a little while. I walked down the street for a few minutes and entered the store.

I walked around the ground floor briefly, avoiding the supermarket and then decided to head to menswear, they may have been something slightly interesting there before heading upstairs to the ultimate boredom which was M&S home ware. I got to the menswear department and decided that not even walking around M&S was going to cool me off. Everywhere that I went, no matter how small the movement the wetsuit that I was trapped in was rubbing, stretching, and gliding against me. Causing friction in all the right places it was keeping me in a permanent turned on state. I couldn’t keep walking around or else I was going to explode. I thought that I should try and find somewhere to rub this boner out, but I was worried that I would lose the fun on the experience if I did. I decided that I needed to find somewhere to sit so I went and found a coffee shop. Even in the slight act of sitting down the way that the suit rubbed me was like electricity and the sensation was amazing. After about ten minutes moving as little as possible I managed to let my hard-on subside. It felt good not to be quite so on edge, but I knew that it wouldn’t take me long to get that far again. Once I was half way though my coffee my phone rang. I told David where I was and he said that he would be up in a few minutes to meet me.

After more or less ten minutes he arrive and he was holding a carrier bag which had a couple of boxes in it and s spool of line sitting on top.

“Get anything nice?” I asked him.

“Just a new reel and some line. Nothing exciting really. I just want to have a coffee before we head down the pub. It’s a bit windy out there and my hands are cold.”

“Cold for some people,” I commented, pointing at my neck to try and make the irony of my words more obvious.

He got his coffee and took a seat. He told me that he got some text messages from the others and that they were going to be heading to the pub about six and that we should meet them there. They would be at the table that we normally took at the back, basically because the conversations that we had tended to empty the area of the pub that we were sitting in. Else there wasn’t that much talk. I told him that I had been looking around the shops at some trainers and shoes but I didn’t tell him anything about trying to get rid of a boner by waling around M&S and I certainly didn’t tell him about what I did in the changing room in Footlocker. That would only give him more room to play with be and he had enough of that already.

He finished his drink and we decided that it was time to leave. All the time that we had been talking I had been keeping a good sweat going. He stood up and threw his jacket on and picked up his bags, however, to try and reduce my chances of getting a boner again my movements were a little bit slower.

“Enjoying ourselves, aren’t we?” He asked in a rhetorical fashion.

I didn’t answer him. He knew that he was right. We left the coffee shop and headed down to the pub. When we go there and walked into the bar we could see the others sitting at the back. I got a pint of Guinness and David got a pint of some bitter. The conversation started in the normal way, with the ‘How are you?’ and ‘What have you been doing?’ None to which I answered that I was hot and wearing a wetsuit. I did get asked about why I had a black collar sticking out from under my T-shirt and I said that it was an undershirt as I was just getting over a cold. They seemed to buy that one. The conversation went on as did the drinking. I had been a slow drinker due to my predicament, but David wasn’t. I had done three pints of Guinness while he had done something like five or six bitters and I needed to go. I kicked David in the shin under the table, hoping that this would let him know so and he looked back at me and I tried to gesture an upward motion with my eyes. I excused myself and left the table and headed to the gents and secured the only cubical and waited. It must have been five minutes, but seemed like ten and he didn’t come. What the hell was he playing at? I took my T-shirts off in a vain attempt to cool down. I waited and time seemed to be passing more slowly than it ever could before. I checked my watch and another few minutes had passed. Then, I head a knocking on the door. I opened it and it was David. I quickly realised how stupid I was just to open the door when it could have been anyone, but after seeing David’s face there I didn’t worry. He pushed his way in and shut and locked the door behind him.

To be continued… In part 5.

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