David and I – Part 5

By Vincent.

The Story

I turned around so that my back faced him and I faced the toilet.

“Unzip me, please.” I asked him as he had wanted to bed asked before, hoping that asking nicely would mean that he would get around to doing it pretty quickly considering that I was fit to burst. But it didn’t hear the sound of the zip being pulled down. Unexpectedly David put his hands on my waist. The immediate affect on me was almost trance like. With the palms of his hands he brushed his way up to my armpits and then make down to my waist again. I felt in awe of something, my insides feeling like they were beginning to melt. Then he slowly walked his fingers up and down the same path, and then he rubbed his hands up and down my back. He stood a little closer to be and then rubbed his hands down my arms, from shoulder to finger tip and then back. I felt a roar of hormones rush through me. I desperately wanted this guy, but there was nothing that I could do about it.

He then wrapped his arms around my waist, under my arms, and clasped them over my abs.

“I think I like you more in the rubber, rather than out” he said. His breathing was a little heavy and I could feel it against my ear. I could feel his body heat rushing out from his arms. He separated his hands and them move them up. He felt up over my chest. My dick was rapidly getting hard and I could feel it pushing against the neoprene. Then his hands moved down and he undid my belt and he pushed his hands down under my waistband and with both hands he started to rub my balls. I felt like I was going to come, but whenever I got close he slowed down. Then he slowly ran both hands around the outline or my now rock hard boner.

“I knew how much you would love this,” he said, “I’ve seem the way that you look at me and the surfers when we have been down the beach, and by your lack of progress I guessed that you weren’t really into the fishing.”

I couldn’t answer him; yes he seemed to have it all figured out. I guess, as an admission I pushed back a little into his crotch which he responded to by pushing forwards a little. I couldn’t tell if he was hard or if was the buttons on his fly. I was sweating like a demon as he kept up is slow assault on my senses. Then he stopped.

“The others will be wondering where we are.” He remarked.

Damn. In those brief moments I had forgotten about the other people downstairs. The air around me cooled a little as he let go of me and stood up. Then I heard the sound of the zipper being pulled down. He helped ease the suit off of my shoulders and when I looked down I saw a big sticky mess around the crotch of the suit.

“Don’t clean it.” He said with his authoritative voice. He stood there and watched and then helped me get the suit back on my shoulders and then he took his time zipping the suit back up again.

“You’ve got to come up with the excuse about why we have to leave early.” David said, handing my T-shirts back to be.

“I can do that; tell the others that you found me outside.”

We went back to the table where the others were sat and David announced to the others that h had found me out by the side door and I made up a story about how the smoke in the pub was giving me problems with my contacts and that I needed to go home and take them out and that my solution was at David’s house. They accepted the reason and everyone wished me a get well soon over the cold that they thought I had. We left the bar and headed up to the bus stop. My head was swimming with thoughts as we made our way there. If David did know all this about me then how much if this did he have planned and how much of it was played by ear? Or did he know that he would have me hook line and sinker once he got me into the wetsuit? I didn’t know, but for the time being I guessed that it was better to play his games.

We sat on the top deck of the bus and he didn’t really say anything. We got to his stop and walked down the road. When we got in he took off his shoes and he went into the garage. He came out with his steamer boots. He put them in the carrier bag and got a pair of scissors out of the kitchen draw and tossed them in the bag too.

“I think we’d better have something quick to drink so we don’t dehydrate.” he said.

I wasn’t worried about drinking more because I think my body would rather sweat out the liquid than do anything else with it. My heart was still pumping, as I couldn’t stop imagining the possibilities about what was going to happen, whereas David seemed to have reverted back to his calm state. We sat at the table looking at each other and when we had both finished, the immortal words:

“I think its time for bed” were uttered from David’s mouth.

He got up, picked up the carrier bag and led the way up to his room. I followed him up the stairs. He stopped outside the bathroom.

“Wash your hair quickly and leave it wet, you’ll be glad that you did. And don’t get undressed yet.”

I followed his instructions and washed my hair over the side of the bath, used a towel to take the dripping water off but left it wet. I opened the door to his room and saw him sitting at his desk.

“Stop and close the door behind you.”

I did as I was told and I stood there. He moved around on his chair and sat there facing me.

“Take off your T-shirts.”

I took them off and the he pointed to the floor. I tossed them over on top of the sleeping bag where I had slept the night before.

“Now take your combats off.”

I undid my belt and then the button at the top. I slowly slid the zipper down. I knew that at the moment I had the biggest, stiffest rod that I ever had. My pulse was racing, the heating was still on in the house, I was sweating and the guy that I had spent a long time lusting after and wanking over was now telling me to take my trousers off. I slid them down so that they were on the floor in a puddle around me and then kicked them over to the sleeping bag.

I was now sliding around in the suit more than ever before, little friction left between me and it, but it was still keeping me in a complete state of utter arousal. The smell, the neoprene, the rubber. I caught a glance of myself in the mirror as my body slid around under the black skin that was enclosing my body. For how long it was going to enclose me I didn’t know but for now it was the centre of all my senses and thoughts.

“Sit on the bed and take your socks off.”

As I walked over to the bed David swiveled his chair and he kept his eyes fixed on me. As I sat on the bed the wetsuit rubbed over cock and I thought I was going to shoot my load then but didn’t. As I lifted each leg to take my socks off the material rubbed and dragged across my inner thighs making me even more tense. He then grabbed the carrier bag and took out the steamer boots and tossed them to me.

“Put them on.” He said.

They were a tight fit and a little difficult to put on. As I was putting them on David leant forward and pulled off his socks.

“I have a few more additions to make to you.” His tone of voice was now one of domination. It contained the idea that it was do as he said or else. He got a plain brown box out from the bag and opened it. He shook the contents out on the desk. Inside there was a wetsuit dive hood and a pair of thick black neoprene gloves.

“Good thing about the fishing shop is that it is close to some other very good shops.” He separated the words ‘very’, ‘good’ and ‘shop’ making it obvious that he had been one other place. But where? I was trying to think of all the other shops that were in that area, but I couldn’t focus. He passed me the hood.

“Put it on,” he said “and make sure to put the excess neck material under the neck of the wetsuit.”

I did as I was told. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Giving him more and more control of me, giving myself up to him.

“Told you that you would be happier if you washed your hair.” He commented.

I was glad that I had done as I forced my head into the tight fitting hood. It grabbed at me like the wetsuit had done the first time that I put it on. There was a pop as I pulled it on. It was a little bit of a tight fit. It covered my head and neck, just leaving an oval open for my face. My hearing was slightly muffled and I could feel the hood pushing in against my face. Using my hands I was able to stretch the neck of the wetsuit out lest than a quartet of an inch, but it was enough to get the inch or so overlap under the neck of the suit. He handed out a pair of neoprene gloves, which had a draw cord around the wrist and another around the back of the hand, for me to take.

“Put them on.” He said.

I put them on, feeling the material dragging up the back of my hands. My body temperature was starting to skyrocket and I could feel my heart thumping harder than it ever had done before. I was sitting, squelching in the wetsuit with every moment that I made, being told to add more to my situation and I was willingly doing so. And I was so tense, David sitting opposite me, only about three feet from me and I wanted him, but I had no real idea about what he might want to do to me. As I was pulling on the gloves, which I was doing slowly, and enjoying every moment of, David cut a few lengths of fishing line. The neoprene gloves were a little thick and hampered the movement of my hands a little, I wasn’t going to be picking up any pennies in the near future. David was momentarily busy with the line and then he bent forward and put a loop around my right wrist, passed it under my knees and then put another loop around my left wrist and pulled them both tight. It was done to stop me standing, and to keep thinks slack I had to lean forward.

“Your not the on who’s been having all the fun today, neither are you going to have all the fun now.” He said.

I don’t think he knew that anything he could do now, short of killing me, was going to be fun. The suit kept me on the brink of ecstasy alone. Anything he could do was only going to make things better. He grabbed around my chin kissed me on my neoprene covered head and then pushed away from me and stood up.

“Don’t move.” He said. Yeah, like I was going to be running away the way that I was tied up.

David stood up and then turned his back to me. I heard his fly open, and then I heard another zip. I was finally going to get this guys cock. He turned around again with right hand covering his open fly and then he walked towards me. He grabbed the back of he hood with his left and pulled my face up.

“I hope that you’re hungry.” He said. Then using his hips he pushed the back of his hand up against my face. I licked up and down between the fingers; I wanted what was behind them. He did the same thing again and I licked the fingers of his hand. Then he stepped back. He moved his hand out of the way, and hanging out of his fly were his cock and balls, covered in a shining black latex cock sheath. My pulse was racing and my face was starting to turn red and it was bathed in sweat. He came close to me and grabbed the back of my head and with the other he took the base of his shaft. He came close and I went to grab the head of his dick with my lips but he moved it out of the way.

“Now, now,” he said, in a slightly mocking tone, “we have a long time, so lets not rush things.”

He rubbed the head of his cock up and down the side of my nose, slowly. Then he ran it over my top lip, back and forth. He was still mostly soft, but I could tell that he was starting to get hard. I wanted his dick in my mouth, but having his foreplay was making me painfully hard. I could feel my dick straining in its sweaty cum prison and all my thoughts were now focused on getting off. There was nothing else. He rubbed he dick all over my left cheek, then, rubbed the head of his over my bottom lip and then treated my right cheek to a grinding of his dick. Then he stepped back.

“Stick out your tongue.” He ordered.

I did as I was told; I moistened my tongue and then stuck it out. He moved in again and holding the tip of cock held up his hardening shaft. He then rubbed the base of his shaft up and down my tongue, not with his dick entering my mouth though, but with it running up the side of my nose. I could feel that the latex sheath was extremely smooth and as his dick went up and down I could feel one or two bumps and I guessed that they must be veins. Next he lifted up his balls.

“Open wide.”

I opened my mouth and he put one his nuts in my mouth. I sucked hard on its latex sack, enjoying the taste of the rubber which my nose inhaled rubbery scents from the rest of the sheath. He took that nut out and put the other in my mouth and I continued to suck. His dick was getting harder, expanding and getting thicker, I could see it happening in front of me, the latex around it getting tighter, the veins getting more pronounced. Then he pushed both of his balls in my mouth at the same time I worked my tongue in the underside of them, swirling it around, moving it from side to side. David leant backwards slightly and moaned. Then he pulled his nuts from my mouth. He his dick was now a little more than half hard, mine was ready to explode, and he held it out straight in front of me. I kissed the shiny head.


I kissed it again.

He put one hand on the back of my neoprene covered head and then stepped forward. I opened my mouth and he put in the head of this dick. I felt it with my tongue and so I closed my lips around the shaft. I licked the underside of his dick with the tip of my tongue and then used it to search for where the piss slit should have been. I tried to slick up the latex with all the saliva that I could muster. I swirled my tongue around his cock head. Then, keeping his hand firm of the back of my head he pushed forward and he fed me more of his cock. He stopped after pushing in about an inch and I rubbed the tip of my tongue up and down the base of his rubber sheathed cock. I then slobbered and ran my full tongue around the base, swirled it around the sides and sucked hard. His dick was rapidly getting harder and filling out more and more. David pulled out and rubbed his dick over my face again. Teasing me by swiping the head and the base over my lips and then pushing his whole crotch into my face. I was so turned on that I could feel the precum pouring out of my dick. I felt like I was going to come at any moment, but David knew how to play his games and he was constantly keeping me on edge. I was really hoping that should I manage to get all of that cock that I wouldn’t gag.

He rubbed his dick up and down in front of my face and the thing was more or less completely hard now, pressing against its small prison. It was so close to my face that it looked massive indeed. He pulled back again on my head and my immediate response was to open wide. He fed his cock in much quicker this time and stopped with the head of his dick near the back of my mouth. I seal my lips around his shaft and then he pressed into my mouth. He slid in easier that I thought he would, a fact that I was glad of when I felt his latex smothered balls hit my chin. He held that position for a moment and then he stroked the back of my head. He slowly began to push his dick in and out of my mouth, and he slowly sped up to a good speed. While he was thrusting in and out I tried to use my tongue to get him off the best I could.

“Keep doin’ that and you’re gonna make me come too soon,” he said, “and I have at least one other thing for tonight.”

I wanted to know what that thing was so I let up on the tongue work. He continued to plow my mouth for a little while longer and then he pulled out of my mouth. His black rubber dick stood before me, shining with my spit. He reached around and grabbed the scissors off of the desk and cut the line between my knees and put the scissors on the bedside table.

“Get on the bed, lay on your back.”

Again, I did as I was told. With the line that was still attached to my wrists David tied me to the head of the bed and then he climbed on to the bed and straddled me, sitting just below my thighs.

“I think that we enjoyed our little day out didn’t we?”


He rubbed his hand over my boner and I strained my crotch into his hand. He rubbed again, keeping hard and my mind centred on my dick.

“But the day isn’t over yet.”

He moved forward and then he held himself over me, supporting himself with his hands near my armpits. He started to grind his sheathed cock into my groin, slowly, up and down. Then he pushed his whole weight into me, pushing me into the bed and he rubbed his hands up and down my sides. He sat up again and flipped me over so my face was against the bed and my arms crossed. He humped my ass while he rubbed his hands up and down my back. God, how I wished that those damn relief zippers were really part of this suit. He flipped me back over again and sat on my chest. His weight making it a little hard for me to breath. He fed his boner back into my mouth and I worked hard on the head and sucked with all the might that I could muster. He let out a loud groan. He must have been as turned on as I was as I was sure that I could feel his pulse in his dick. He leant forward over me and got something out of the bedside cabinet and put it behind him before I could see what it was. Then he shuffled down to my abs and picked up what he had put behind him.

“One last toy.” He said and then from behind him he produced an S10 gas mask. He took a second to loosen the straps and then he held it against his face and breathed in deeply a few times. Then he placed it properly over my head and secured it tightly against my head, it was the final seal around my face. I was now completely enclosed. The wetsuit that I could not escape, the steamer boots, the thick gloves, the diving hood and now this gas mask. I struggled briefly as he was securing the straps and squelched around in my suit and bondage, almost coming as everything gliding against me frictionlessly.

Then he started to unbutton his shirt. Once he was half way down I couldn’t believe it, I saw neoprene. After he took his shirt off I could see that he was wearing a wetsuit of some kind. He stood up to take his jeans off, I turned to look at his back and I could see that there was no zipper on his suit. After he took his jeans off I could see that it was an Orca from the markings, it was a long-john. He turned round to face me and his dick, in its sheath, was hanging out of a relief zipper. He went to the desk and out of the other box in the bag got another S10. He put it on and then came and straddled me again.

“Surprise,” I heard him say in a muffled sarcastic tone, but I really couldn’t care to interpret it. I was ruled by lust at this point and the rubbery air from the gas mask was intoxicating. Then he rubbed his dick over my crotch area and then put it back inside his wetsuit and closed the zipper. I was stupefied as I watched the neoprene seal itself back together before me. David started to hump against my crotch again and I was trying to put of coming and I squirmed around on the bed, the frictionless stimulation and my breathing regulated by the gas mask. David humped faster and I tried to hump back against him. Then he reached forward and pinched my nipples hard through the suit. This sent me over edge and I felt myself shooting ropes of cum into the suit. It felt so amazing to orgasm in such a way after the whole day of stimulation. David wasn’t done thought and he kept humping, keeping me in the blank state of mind you have after an orgasm until I felt his dick pulsing against me and his movements slowed. He pulled off his S10 and grabbed the scissors and cut me free of the bed. He put his hand on my chest indicating for me to stay, and then he put what he had in his hands on the desk.

“Get under the duvet.”

I did as he said. He switched out light and climbed into the bed behind me and spooned me, it was easy for him being taller. He pushed his crotch against my ass and wrapped his hands around my waist. I quickly fell asleep in the heat and from the tiredness of everything that had happened that day.

The next day I awoke alone in the bedroom again and everything looked quite dark, darker than it should have been. I stood up and flipped the light switch and the room got darker still. I flipped the switch again in it went back to how it was. Why couldn’t I see properly? I knew I was still fully geared up, the feelings on my body made that obvious, as well as the crick in my neck from sleeping in the gas mask. I walked over to the mirror. Damn, I turned myself on as I saw the black wetsuit slide over my body underneath. I looked at my head; David had screwed on the reflective lenses over the eye ports in the mask! There was no trace of a person left in my appearance now. I tried to get the gloves off but couldn’t. I looked at the back off them and David had pulled the cords tight and knotted then. I tried to get the gas mask off but I could only fumble the buckles in these gloves. I was sealed in and there was no way that I could get out of it. I guessed that David was downstairs.

I left his room and then got to the landing, and then I heard another voice, a voice that wasn’t David’s. Hell, what was I going to do?

End of ‘season’ one.

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