Discovering my Love for Wetsuits

By kevboi84.

The Story

I feel sweaty. What was I dreaming about? I can’t remember. I feel so warm, it’s nice, I like it. I feel as though I’m being hugged from every possible angle. It feels as though I’m slowly getting warmer and warmer, the sun must be shining on me but I cannot be for sure. I can’t see a thing nor can I hear anything but that’s alright because right now, just laying here like this, I am perfectly content, so relaxed, not a care in the world. I lay there, not moving yet, I begin to think even though my memory and senses are still clouded with sleep. I feel my cock pulsing, it feels like its trapped inside of something very tight, it feels so good, so warm, it must have been a good dream. I want to rub it so bad, just feel it. I go to reach for it………… oh shit!! I can’t move my right arm. I try the left. Fuck!! That one won’t move either! I try my legs. No luck!! What on earth is going on!?! Why can’t I move! Oh shit I’m tied down! I’m panicking…… what am I going to do?! Why am I like this?! What happened!? I try to yell for help but the large gag that I just found in my mouth makes that impossible. I panic more thinking I’m going to choke on this thing that’s in my mouth…..I try to spit it out but it doesn’t work. Then the sleep slowly begins to fade and I start to realize my predicament….. I’m strapped to a bed the tightness hugging me and trapping my throbbing member must be rubber of some sort, I can faintly smell it and feel it encasing my body now. There’s a gag in my mouth, I can’t see no matter how wide I open my eyes, I can’t seem to here a thing even when I try moving. My head must be in some sort of hood. I begin to relax again. Knowing my predicament makes me even hornier. Now I’m dying to grab my hard cock, but still….. my arms wont budge.

“Uuuuuuuuugh!!!” I groan as my rock hard cock pulses against its entrapment. My memory slowly begins to return. I start replaying the scene that got me here in my head making me even harder with no release available.

I am planning on participating in my first triathlon next month. I have been training for quite some time now. I felt ready, well as ready as I would ever be. I was missing one thing though, a wetsuit!! I had never worn a wetsuit before so I really had no idea what I should be looking for. I popped open the yellow pages and found a specialty store that claimed to sell everything under the sun that had to do with triathlons. I figured this would be the best place to start. I hopped in my car and headed down to Kenosha to pay them a visit. I must admit I was a bit excited to try one on. I had always seen people wearing wetsuits at triathlons and always thought to myself how incredibly hot the guys looked in them. Well defined bodies hidden underneath the tight rubber of the wetsuit. Always looking so smooth and how they glistened when the swimmers emerged from the water. I never had a reason to buy one though and I had no idea how much I really liked them. I was about to learn just how much I liked them. After a bit of a drive I came to the street I was looking for, made a right turn and there was the strip mall I needed. I glanced around and at the end in the corner was a sign advertising the shop. I pulled into a spot and headed for the store. The windows had a number of different displays, bikes, helmets, running shoes, cycling tights and of course what I came for, wetsuits! The one in the display immediately caught my attention. It was all black with white writing on the right leg, left arm and chest that said ORCA. I knew that would be one I tried on. I didn’t realize it but I had started to become erect standing there starting at the display of the wetsuits, suddenly somebody walked out the door which jolted me back to reality. I must have been standing there for a bit admiring the suit because the scare I got made me feel like I had woken up suddenly from a dream. I glanced down as the guy walked past me and saw what he was really looking at………. The tent that had been forming in my pants.

“Shit” I thought, “I should have worn underwear”. I don’t usually wear underwear, I’m not really sure why, I just kind of stopped one day and never put them on again. I suppose it’s because I feel nice and free and comfortable. Anyways I quickly readjusted myself and headed into the store thinking of whatever I could to get the hard-on to disappear. I glanced around and took it all in. Trying to figure out where I should be heading. I started walking slowly down the main aisle glancing down each one to try and find the wetsuits. I finally got to the second to last row and there they were. There were easily a couple hundred down the aisle on both sides. You could smell the rubber, it was intoxicating. I could feel myself begin to stir down there again and did my best to calm myself from getting completely hard once again. I decided to start on the right hand side and work my way down and around. I saw so many different brands I had no idea which to examine first. There was Orca, like in the display, O’Neill, Sphere, Quintana Roo, Ironman etc. I decided to I would take a closer look at the Orca I had seen in the window. The beginning of the first row is where I had seen them so I made my way back still checking them all out. The Quintana Roo looked pretty cool; I would have to try that one on too. I began shuffling through the different types of Orca suits. Touching and feeling all that rubber was getting me so turned on. The smell of that rubber was incredible, and how almost soft and very smooth they all are feel. Before I knew it my cock had sprung up again! At that point I didn’t really care. I started looking through the different sizes but soon became stumped as to which size would best fit me. I figured I would just grab a few and start trying them on one at a time. I pulled a size 5, 6, and 7. I figured one of those should fit me, they looked like they would be somewhere around my size.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the voice coming from somewhere off to the side. I turned around quickly and saw one of the most gorgeous men standing there in his store uniform looking at me with a quizzical look on his face. I quickly snapped back to reality remembering my hard-on and very fast rested the 3 wetsuits in front of me draped over my arm so as to hide myself. I thought I saw him looking down at my crotch but I couldn’t be sure. I think I turned red but he didn’t say anything about it. It could have been just paranoia thinking he saw my situation, I didn’t know.

I began with a slight stammer and had to begin again “I’m lo-lo- looking for a wetsuit for my first triathlon, I have no idea what size I am…”

“Hmmmm let me guess, your going to be aboooout a size 6.5 I’m gonna guess.”

“You think so?” “Yeah, I’ve gotten pretty good at these things”, he smiled.

I began picturing him in one of these tight suits which didn’t help with my situation any. He handed me another wetsuit, took the others from my arm and directed me toward the dressing room. When he took the other suits from me I thought I saw him trying to get a peak of my crotch again, but once again I couldn’t really be sure that’s what he was doing, oh paranoia. I closed the door behind myself. I was getting so excited I could feel my heart beating in my chest, my cock throbbing harder than I could ever imagine, my palms sweating and had an urge just to tear off all my clothes as fast as I could and get into that suit. I had no idea what was coming over me that was making me crazy to get into the rubbery wetsuit, I couldn’t explain it if you asked me to, but at that point I didn’t seem to really care, I just wanted to be in the wetsuit. I unbuttoned my shirt and undid my jeans and socks dropping them on the bench. My hard cock was nearly pointing straight up. I slowly picked up the suit by the hanger examining every aspect of it from the large size of the zipper to the writing on the inseam by the zipper and the contrastingly bright white writing of the word ORCA on the leg, arm and chest. I felt as though I was already on the verge of cumming. I pulled the zipper down the back and removed the hanger. I then sat on the bench placing the wetsuit in front of me and slowly began to insert the first leg. I pulled up on the leg of the suit once which got my foot about half way down the leg; I repositioned my hands pulled my foot through the end. Now the second leg. I proceeded by doing the same on that side. I then stood up and grabbed hold of where the suit folded over and pulled the tight neoprene all the way up to my groin, my hard cock still pointing straight up at my face rising from the tight rubber. I bent over and smoothed out the legs straightening the suit so it was positioned just right. Once that was done I pulled the suit all way up to just above my hard nipples. I reached the first arm inside of the awaiting rubber sheath.

“Oh how fucking tight, smooth and horny this is!!!” I thought to myself. I then slid the suit up my other arm nearly encasing my entire body in the Orca, leaving just a small portion of my back exposed where the zipper was still pulled down. I ran my hands over the smooth rubber covering my chest removing any excess air that had gotten trapped, the smell of the neoprene rushing into my nostrils as I inhaled deeply, my cock throbbing in excitement in its tightly confined space of which it was stretching the suit to its limits. I strained to reach behind me adjust the flap that protected the skin from the zipper so that it lay flat. I reached down for the zip cord and slowly sealed myself in while listening to the noise of the large zipper. I suddenly felt so vulnerable, exposed yet, powerful at the same time. The sensations were amazing like nothing I had ever experienced before!! I stared at myself in the mirror, the outline of my rock hard cock on the verge of climax showing prominently in front. I ran my hands all over the smooth and very tight encasing rubber. Up my arms, across and down my chest and stomach, back up around and down again bypassing my hard dick and down my legs. I slid my hands back up again and this time I couldn’t resist running them across my wetsuit clad cock. I rubbed back and forth a bit more pressing slightly harder each time.

“Oh how fucking good this feels!!” I though in my head. I inhaled the rubbery scent deeply and a slight moan escaped my lips as I tilted my head back in ecstasy as I stroked my enlarged cock trapped in its prison. “eh-eh-ehm, how are things going in there?” I heard the employee ask through the door. Oh my god! Had he heard me moaning?! Oh shit! I scrambled around trying my best to get my erection down place it such a way that the head of my dick was pointing down and toward the back, it made it a little less obvious but it was oh so uncomfortable!

“Feels like it fits just right! Good guess on the size!”

“Come out here and let me take a look at it to make sure that it is fitting properly for you…..” Oh shit shit shit shit shit I thought to myself. I was still insanely hard!!

“sure just a second!” I yelled trying to stall my coming out of the changing closet. The swelling had to begun to subside a little and at this point I had been standing there for a bit, he would wonder what I was doing in there so I figured now was as good a time as any to step out, my situation down there wasn’t going to get much better anytime soon. I slowly opened the stall and stepped just outside, trying not to get to close to him so hopefully he wouldn’t notice my almost painful hard-on. No such luck…. It was obvious this time….. His eyes went straight to my throbbing cock! Not for long but I thought I saw a bit of a grin for a second. I knew I was beat red, but he didn’t say anything about it. “Looks good on you man” as he began to get much closer. I felt like he was right on top of me.

“Turn around so I can see that the back fits well.” I slowly began to turn around as he reached his hands out and felt the tight rubber that was encasing almost my entire body. So much for trying to control my cock! “Just making sure any excess air spots are out of the suit and that it fits properly under your arms and everywhere.” As he was saying this he caressed his hands up my back and then down my arms and back again. He then bent forward and moved his hands all the way down my legs and back up again. Then what I had feared most, his hand went right over my throbbing cock. He didn’t say a word and just kept moving his hands around.

“Feels alright” he said “I think it’s a perfect fit” his hands still moving around my body. Then he moved right up against my back and brought his hands straight down to where my cock was, except this time it stayed there as he began to stroke back and forth over it through the tight wetsuit. It felt so good. I wanted so badly to cum but I didn’t want this to stop! He grabbed my hand and pulled it back toward him, placing it between us and then he moved it down inside his work pants and pressed it up against his hard dick, but what got my attention most was the fact that it felt as though he too were wearing a wetsuit underneath his work clothes!!! I turned around to face him with my hand still in his pants and saw pure lust in his eyes, I was sooo turned on at this point.

“Ill start ringing you up, keep the wetsuit on and wear it under your clothes, just give me the tags”. I pulled the tags off and handed them over.

“Meet me at the register when your done putting your clothes back on” He walked away. I hurriedly put my clothes back on as so far we had been lucky and nobody came by during that encounter, at least that I saw. I put my jeans back on and was going to put my t-shirt on too but I then thought that would look silly just to have my rubbery arms exposed so I took the shirt in hand and headed to the register in just my wetsuit jeans and sandals. “255.74” he said. I handed him the bank card from my wallet. It was the first time I checked his name tag yet, Brian, it read. “So….. Tyler” he said reading my card. “Are you busy later?”……. I was a bit stunned at the question but it was just what I had hoped to hear.

“I…….” I paused for a moment pretending as if to think, “I don’t think so” I said. He grabbed a piece of paper, scribbled on it and handed it to me. “

8PM, be there and in just the wetsuit waiting at the side door” He handed me the receipt and started to walk away before I could say a word. Still a bit stunned at everything that had just happened I began to leave the store not really knowing what to think…………..

To be continued…

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