Dreams to Reality: A True Story!

By rubberrunner.

The Story

We were on holiday when two of my roommates decided to leave for the weekend. I was left with Aaron all alone and nothing to do. I decided to go shopping and told Aaron I would be back later. I have always had an interest for wetsuits so I went to the Surf Shop. When I arrived and asked if I could try a wetsuit on for the upcoming summer surf season. I was directed to a young guy in his twenties. He was really muscular, big bulge in his pants, short brown hair and that irresistible twinkle in his eye. He had helped me before and knew what I wanted to do, so he opened the small fitting room for me and waited outside.

I go to the surf shop a lot, but never even thought of really making any purchases. I picked out wetsuit I liked the most and entered the dressing room. The suit was a thin smooth skin steamer and it smelled so irresistible. I slipped it on and zipped it up. I once again had that warm feeling in my waist and that familiar feel of a second skin attached to me. I knew at once that this would be the perfect weekend to make my first purchase because it would be so easy to slip it in my room without the guys seeing me. Feeling really nervous, I said I wanted it and the cute man that was helping me slapped my butt and told me he knew I would buy one eventually. I was about to go back into the changing room when I remembered that Aaron was still at the house, and I couldn’t sneak it in while he was there. I asked if I could keep it on under my clothes and he said that would be a good idea because then I could get a real feel for the suit. I put my clothes on over it and checked out.

The whole drive home I had a HUGE bulge in my pants, under the wetsuit of course, and I couldn’t resist rubbing everywhere because it felt so good! I knew I had to act normal when I walked in or Aaron would know what was up. I pulled into my spot on the road and made sure the neck of the suit wasn’t showing and I walked up the steps. My heart was racing, but it felt so good, I didn’t even care! I opened the door and to my surprise Aaron was waiting for me.

I got extremely startled jumped back. Aaron asked me what was wrong and I said nothing and tried to walk to my room. He pushed me back and told me that it was time to do some work. I was very confused and then he pulled me outside. Remember… It is near summer,I am in a wetsuit and long clothes, and I am being forced outside. Aaron threw me some full length waders and long rubber gloves and told me to put them on. I was so horny and could not wait to comply.

It was then that I remembered to clean up the beach and dredge the sea weed by our house. I was so hot that I had to empty my gloves from all the sweat. Aaron was sitting on the beach in his sexy red Speedo watching me. I was so jealous of his athletic body but I could never let him know how I felt. I saw him staring at me a couple of times and I became very self-conscious of the large bulge in my pants. I finally finished and walked out of the water and walked toward the house.

I unwillingly took off the thick rubber gloves and waders and laid them out to dry. Aaron and I walked into the house and I grabbed a bee from the refrigerator and chugged it. I then headed for my bedroom and changed out of my sweat soaked sexy wetsuit and hung it up to dry in my closet. I showered off the new smell of neoprene that my body had become so used to and decided to do something I had never done before, but got the idea from this great webpage about hot guys in wetsuits. I decided to give myself a shave.

It took me longer than I expected and Aaron started knocking on the door. He was complaining about hot water or something and he started cracking jokes at me telling me how I was showering longer than a woman. I ignored him and continued my sexy task. I finally finished with EVERYTHING with only a few nicks and cuts and dried off to check out how well I had accomplished. I was amazed at how hot I looked and decided to throw on a sexy black thong that I had worn the previous year for a costume party at my university.

I had on my thong, some vintage jeans, and a shirt and went out to eat with Aaron. We talked about the day and he made fun of me more for my chores and my long shower and I just sat there listening thinking to myself how hot it all was that these thing were all happening to me in one weekend. I kept thinking of my wetsuit, my second skin and got a big bulge in my pants. We finished dinner and I paid because I was feeling so good and we left. We stopped at the shop on our way home and got some drinks for the night. We decided to drink a lot because our strict roommates were gone and we could use all their expensive things without them nagging us.

After our first couple of round we started talking about the girls who we liked and thought were the best looking. The more I drank, the more open I became. I then started telling Aaron how hot it would be to have a threesome with him. I could see he was a bit uneasy, but with more beers, he agreed. I started mentioning to him that he was really cute and that we would kick the girl out and have our own thing and he started liking the idea. Now that I had opened him up, I thought that I would mention something about my wetsuit and see his reaction.

Aaron is a very athletic bloke and plays football (American) and lifts weights every night. He also got into wrestling in high school and still had all his gear in his closet. I knew this because when he was out on a few occasions I would put it on and dream of being forced to the ground and begging for mercy in a tight spandex suit. I mentioned to him that we should go for a quick dip in the Jacuzzi and he agreed. I told him to wait in the television room for me and I would be right out. I put on my wetsuit, but it was still drenched with me sweat. It took me a bit longer than expected and Aaron came into the room.

I was planning on wearing it in the Jacuzzi and finding out his reaction to it. He was kind of shocked and asked me why I had a wetsuit. I told him that I was going to use it the summer surf contest and he thought that was a good excuse to have one. It was then that I noticed a bulge of his own in his pants. I pretended like I didn’t see so I wouldn’t intimidate him. I knew this would be a perfect night to play with him because our roommates would be gone for a couple more days. He then shocked me and asked if he could try it on. I was a bit embarrassed because it was drenched with my sweat, but obliged. I told him I would make a trade. If he let me put on whatever I wanted of his gear, then he could wear my wetsuit. He agreed and we headed for his room. I was so excited because I could finally try on his wrestling gear and his American football gear. I was really excited because I was benefiting on both ends of the deal. My wetsuit was a small and he was a muscular medium, at least! He would fill out that wetsuit and make ALL of his figure show. He suggested that he let him pick out my gear and I said sure, but as long as I could wear both sports. He agreed and pulled out the lot of it.

I started with his jock and cup. Let’s just say a jockstrap and hard cup isn’t the most comfortable thing to war with a massive erection. He also had an erection so he didn’t care helping me out with mine. I slipped the jock on and then he slid the cup in. He then said it would be a good idea for the wrestling singlet. I put that on over the cup. He had me put on a protective girdle and his shoulder pads. He had to help me with these. I was so horny now! I put on his spandex football pants and pads and he was then threw the jersey over me. I felt like we were making a big connection. I finished up with his long socks and his helmet and mouth guard. I couldn’t believe that he was approving of me wearing all of his gear!

I then said it was my turn. I threw him the wetsuit and helped him into it. He asked me why it was wet and smelly and then I told him of my earlier excursion. He laughed and we had another beer. I helped him into the suit and zipped him up. I pulled the arms and legs tight and turned him around. He looked SO hot. He said it felt really good on his junk and stated that it felt like a second skin. I agreed. We decided to stay in out gear and watch a movie. We were both drunk so we didn’t care what was happening. My mind was dancing with success and I was sure he was thinking about me too. We didn’t watch much of the movie, but just played with our gear that we were in.

We were both very hot and sweaty so I convinced him to let me shower him off. He didn’t seem to mind because we had showered together before at the gym. He stepped into the shower and I followed. He then exclaimed how hot it was that I shaved and I told him I did it earlier that morning. He kept bringing it up so I offered to shave him. He seemed really excited about the idea and I told him that it felt really good inside a wetsuit. He couldn’t wait and I started. I played with his balls a lot and made sure he got really excited. He kept mentioning how gay I was, but he didn’t care, he liked it. I finally got his drunken ass shaved and we stepped out of the shower and I kissed him. My dreams finally became reality. We kissed longer and harder and he forced his tongue into the back of my throat. I once again had a bulge and he did too!

After we were done, he said that he wanted to see how good I looked in a wetsuit and I agreed. I told him that he had to wear his wrestling gear and he agreed. He said he wanted me to wear his cup under my wetsuit and see how it felt. I wanted so badly to play with my cock, but agreed. I slipped it in and pulled up my wetsuit. I zipped it up and my cock was throbbing. He told me I looked so good and he couldn’t wait for my surfing match to see me in it again. I laughed and he put his wrestling gear on. He slid a second cup into his shorts and he said we matched.

After we were both comfortable, he started coming on me a bit strong. He kept pushing me down and he said it was hot to see me writhe in my wetsuit with my hard cock trapped inside that plastic prison. He laughed and told me to put on his football helmet and I did. I didn’t care because I loved every bit of it. He told me to put in the mouth guard first and I complained. He said it would shut me up and so eventually did because there was no point in arguing. He then duct taped it to my head and I started protesting. He didn’t care and I couldn’t do anything about it.

He slid the helmet on over my head and snapped into place and made sure it was extra tight. I was getting kind of pissed now and didn’t want to be gagged by an old mouth guard. I had no idea what would come next. He threw me on his bed and started to stroke my cock through the soft neoprene. I was screaming through the gag and he just held me down. I really did like it, and I don’t know why I was fighting. He told me if I knew what was good for me I would stay where I was until he returned. I obliged and was thinking of what he could be possibly doing.

He then returned with a big cloth object and I didn’t recognize it at first. I then remembered a while back when our other roommate Steven did magic for cash during the previous summer. One of his best acts was his strait jacket escape. I freaked out when I realized what Aaron was trying to do to me and got up off the bed. It was no use. He cornered me and punched me in the stomach. I fell to the floor in pain and loss of breath. He slipped my arms in the sleeves and tightened the straps.

I was not previously into bondage, but through Aaron’s powerful actions, I was being introduced to it even though I didn’t want it. I was now gagged, helmeted, sweating, and strait jacketed. I was stuck and going nowhere any time soon. I knew it was a magician’s jacket so I tried to wriggle my way out of it, but Aaron added belts around my arms and waist to prevent this. I was stuck! He told me that if I cooperated all night than he would let me out sometime the next morning. I kept trying to protest, but that stupid mouth guard kept my jaw from moving. I was still drunk and horny and I wanted to play with my cock. I couldn’t even try though because I still had his jock and cup on.

I slept on and off that night and dreamed the hottest dreams I had ever dreamed of. Aaron slept in his wrestling gear all night on his comfortable bed and I passed out on the floor next to him trying to escape my bonds. This whole experience opened both of our eyes and today, we are still playing when our roommates are out. I have become his living experiment and he tells me new ideas of how to get me in gear and tie me up all the time! I love it and I can’t wait for the next one!

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