Evening Surf?

By Rob.

The Story

Rob had planned just to go for a casual evening of surfing, but things didn’t quite go to plan…not that he complained of course!

Preparations for the evening started as usual…strip off and put the wetsuit on, load up the VW camper van with all the gear, go have some food and then get ready too set off for the beach…this way a nice sweat is worked up while wearing the suit. A pair of baggy jeans and tight long sleeve t-shirt are added just before leaving to cover up any trace of the wetsuit.

It was a hot evening, so driving to the beach in a full wetsuit, jeans and tee bought Rob out in quite a sweat. He was getting quite turned on by the feeling of squishing around in the suit until the van started to judder and then stopped.

Rob was just about to call for the breakdown people when another identical VW van pulled up behind him. The door swung open and a vision of beauty slipped out of the driver’s seat, about 6’ tall, sharp features, sun dyed matted blonde hair, but most noticeably, he was also wearing a tight full length suit with nothing covering it. As he strolled towards Rob, you could see his toned body sliding around inside the suit.

‘he..hey’ Rob stuttered, ‘hey, I’m Ben’ he replied in a deep laid back voice, ‘having trouble?’
‘Rob’ he replied, stretching out to shake hands ‘Yeah the damn thing just cut out, I’m never gonna make it to the beach now’
‘Well u can jump in with me if u want, I’m on my way to the beach’ Ben replied

Without thinking twice, Rob threw chucked his stuff in the van, locked his and jumped in, just in time to watch Ben climb into the driver’s seat, with every muscle movement showing under his suit. As he settled down into his seat, Ben’s suit rode up slightly, creating quite a bulge, showing quite a bit of detail…Rob couldn’t help but stare at this piece of art!

Ben glanced across and caught Robs eye who looked away quickly and started to blush, he smirked and then carried on to the beach. Rob noticed a strong smell of neoprene and rubber in the van, more than just the smell coming from his increasingly sweaty suit under those layers. He took another glance in the back of the van and noticed where the smell was coming from, piled up on the floor in the corner were several different wetsuits and what seemed like rubber clothing.

‘Like what you see?’ Ben asked smiling
‘huh’ replied Rob, pretending not to have seen anything
‘ah come on…I saw you looking, have a rummage through it if you want’
‘umm alright then’ Rob replied blushing slightly, although this was his dream come true!

Rob moved and sat in the back of the van and started looking through the pile of gear. There were several full and short suits, hoods and wetsuit boots, all of them smelt like they’d been worn in the sea quite recently. More interestingly, there were also some gleaming thin rubber shorts and a rubber t-shirt.

‘so what suit you got under you clothes?’ Ben asked, breaking the silence.
Rob glanced up holding the rubber shorts in his hands, he dropped them quickly,
‘an orca speedsuit, how’d you know I was wearing one?’
‘I could smell it as you walked past me…how long you have been wearing it for, smells nice’ Ben said smirking.
‘a few hours, its kinda warm under these clothes’

While he’d been looking through the gear, Rob hadn’t noticed that Ben wasn’t heading to the beach that he usually goes through. Only once Ben pulled into the car park and stopped did he notice.

‘hey where are we?’ Rob asked with a slight hint of worry
‘don’t worry, this beach is more secluded than the other one’

Ben got up and came and sat close to Rob in the back of the van, by now Rob was breaking out into a sweat.
‘I reckon you should take those jeans and tee off, you might cool down a bit’ Ben suggested.

Rob did as he was told and slipped off the jeans and the tee, he sheepishly looked down at the increasingly large bulge in his own suit. Ben noticed it too and smiled at Rob.

He lent closer ‘want to try on the rubber?’ he asked

Robs eyes lit up, ‘hell yeah, I mean yeah please’

Ben lent closer again, his chest pressing against Robs arm and started to unzip Robs wetsuit. Rob breathed in deeply, he smelt fantastic, a combination of deodorant, salt and sweat! He also noticed the zip was different on bens suit and contained a small padlock.

‘Whats that for?’ Rob questioned
‘ah, you mean the padlock, that’s a bit of fun for me, the key for that is at home on my table, it means I cant take the suit off until I get home, hence the smell, I’ve been wearing this since 9 this morning’
‘oh right’ Rob replied looking intrigued

Ben carried on undoing Robs suit and then started to slide it off his shoulders. Robs skin was wet to the touch from the sweat, ‘bit warm under there?’ Ben said laughing. Rob just nodded, not to distract from the matter in hand. Ben slipped the suit over Robs hips and then down to his ankles, revealing everything.

Without saying a word, Ben slid the rubber shorts over Robs feet and indicated for him to stand. As he did, Ben lent closer, almost touching Robs body and slowly pulled the shorts up his legs, upto his crotch and then slipped them over his crotch. Although tight, they showed of Robs bulge. Bens bulge also started to grow, ‘at times like this I wish I had the key for my suit’ ben quipped.

‘me too’ Rob replied, I awe at what was happening to him

Ben picked up the tee and slid that over Robs wet chest too, rubbing it down to get rid of any creases, turning Rob on immensely!
‘since your wearing my rubber, you may-aswell wear my wetsuit too’

At this point, Rob was horny as hell so he agreed to anything

Ben picked up a thick black suit and gave it to Rob to put on. Rob pulled it up to his legs but then got into difficulty, due to the suit being tighter than his. Ben grabbed the suit and quickly pulled it up to his Robs chest, then pushed his arms into the sleeves and yanked the zip up. The suit felt amazing, tight and restrictive, yet comfortable. Then there was a click, Rob swung around and grabbed Bens hand, it was too late though…there was a padlock through the zip. Also, Rob hadn’t noticed that the crotch on this suit was hard, so he had no contact through the suit.

Rob looked at Ben, in shock, but he was also incredibly horny at this point,

‘looks like you’ll have to come back to my place to get the key now’ Ben giggled suggestively ‘oh yeah, it’s a 3 hour drive back to mine, so I hope you’ll get a good sweat on’

Robs eyes lit up, not only was he wearing rubber under a wetsuit, he was locked into it with an incredibly fit guy in control of him and when he could touch himself! Pure heaven…but how long for?

To be continued… In part 2.

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