Evening Surf? – Part 3

By Rob.

The Story

There was a click and suddenly light came streaming through the lenses in Rob’s hood.

“Morning, time for some food for you” Ben unlocked the cage and pulled Rob out by a ring on the top of his hood.

“Don’t try anything funny or I’ll fry your cock, remember what I said about the electrodes?” Ben said as he tapped the steel cocoon over Rob’s cock.

Ben led rob over to a table in the corner of the room and sat him on a chair, he took a chain and attached it to the collar built into the top of the wetsuit. That familiar click signified the chain was locked in place.

“right, before you eat, there are a few more things you need to know. When you were, erm, asleep, the other night, I went back and recovered your Van. I’ve got a friend in the police force, he used the registration plate to do a little investigation for me…turns out you’ve not got much going for you…a surfer, no proper job, no home, little family…well today is you’re lucky day!”

Rob was intrigued how Ben knew all this, he was spot on. Since Rob lost his job a few months ago, everything had fallen apart and he was living in his van, teaching people to surf to try and scrape some money together.

“Well, I think I’m going to let you live here…you’ve not got anywhere better to stay! There are some rules you need to know. One, you work for me six days a week…you can have every Monday off, but apart from that, you’re mine, I own you. That secluded beach I mentioned, well I own it and I run a gay only surf club…you’ll be working there for me. Two, the chastity stays on 24/7, only I will have the key and I will decide when to unlock it. Three, the suit stays on when you’re working for me. There is the necessary plumbing required for your everyday business, so it stays on. Monday you can do what you want, but I have destroyed your clothing from your van, so any new clothes will be bought with my supervision. I’ve taken the liberty of getting you a rash vest and some board shorts for now.”

Robs mind was racing, he didn’t know what to say or do, he just sat there and nodded.

“Let’s get you some food then, remember no funny business”

Rob nodded in acceptance.

Ben reached behind Rob’s head and undid the back of the hood, slowly unzipped it and sliding it off his head. It didn’t come off completely, so it was just left dangling by his chest. Rob stretched his jaw and looked around the room properly. He could see he was inside a room in the barn, there was the cage on the floor and some basic furniture around the room. There were attachment points and bondage equipment dotted around the room, all making Rob even hornier!

“Get used to this place, you’re going to see a lot of it…unless you really impress me, then you can come into the house, but for now, this is you’re new home.”

“Oh ok” Rob said sheepishly, “I suppose it’s better than the van”

Ben nodded at the plate of food on the table, “eat up, work starts soon”.

Rob ate the plate of food quickly, it was a large serving of food, enough to keep him going all day long.

Once he had finished, Ben quickly zipped the hood back up again, making sure the lenses were set so Rob was blind again.

“I don’t want you knowing where I live quite yet, so the journey is going to be in darkness for you. We better make sure you’re safe for the journey as well”

Rob opened a cupboard and pulled out a straight jacket, roughly fitting it to Rob’s arms.

“Ready to go I think” Ben said as he moved Rob towards the campervan, making sure he didn’t trip on anything. He stowed Rob on the floor in the back, making sure he wasn’t seen by anyone until he got to the surf club.

The journey seemed a lot quicker this time, Rob twigged that Ben had probably driven him around a bit to disorientate him on the way to his house.

They arrived at the club, pulling up into a car park next to a building on the beach. There were signs everywhere saying that it was a private beach and only club members were permitted on the beach. Ben stood Rob up and set the lenses on his hood so he could see, but they were tinted so he didn’t get glare from the sun and still restricted his vision slightly.

“Welcome to work!

Rob had a brief chance to look at the building before Ben ushered him inside. They stopped in the entrance foyer, it was a lot darker in there so Ben set the lenses to completely clear. The room was quite big and quite run down…very much like a typical surf club. Ben leant against the wall and turned to Rob,

“Right then, welcome to your new job. I’ve got a couple of guys who work here, all hot typical surfer types. They know all about you and are looking forwards to someone to help out. I want to make sure that you pull your weight, so I’ve fitted a remote system throughout that club that works the electrodes in your belt. They can summon you when needed, one shock, bar, two shocks wetsuit room etc etc…you’ll remember it soon enough!”

At this point Ben decided to test the intercom system. He walked over to the corner of the room and prodded what looked like a light switch. Rob’s balls suddenly received a sharp shock inside their steel prison, causing him to shout into the hood, which only emitted a quiet groan. Rob grabbed for his crotch but it was pointless, he couldn’t get anywhere it.

“And that’s not the strongest setting, so remember obey!” Ben chuckled “understand?”

Rob nodded frantically.

“you can have an easy 1st day, you can work in the wetsuit room”

Ben pushed Rob through a door leading off the main foyer with as sign reading ‘Suits/Changing Room’. Rob was confronted with a darkish tiled room, lockers and benches around the walls with a counter at one end and doors leading onto the beach the other.

“we let members leave their suits here and they just come in and request them when they arrive, slip into them and head off to the beach. You can work in here today handing out the suits. When someone arrives, they’ll hand over their token with corresponds with a numbered hanger on which their suit is kept. Simple really. When they bring it back, it’s your duty to clean the suit and hang it back up.”

Ben ushered Rob into the wetsuit room and showed him around, there were so many different types of suit hanging up, some he’d never seen or heard of before. The smell was intense. There were little nose holes in the hood to allow Rob to breath and the smell was making Rob rather hard under the belt.

“We don’t want your day to be too easy and we don’t want you making a run for it, so I’ve fitted several attachment points around the club and a zone system. If you leave the club when I’ve not permitted it, your lenses go black and the belt goes to maximum power until you return. You seem to be a well behaved though, so this shouldn’t be required. Any questions?”

Rob shook his hooded head. With this Ben reached under the counter and pulled out a long chain that was long enough to just reach the corners of the room and attached it to the collar on the suit with a padlock.

“Club opens on 5 minutes so get ready to work. You’ll probably meet some of your colleagues later, but I’ve asked them to leave you at it at the moment. Oh, and members are by invitation only…I personally vet each member to ensure we only have the hottest, cutest and fittest surfers around. I know you’re going to enjoy watching in here!”

With that, Ben left the wetsuit room, locking the door behind him. Rob walked around the racks of suits, the chain making things difficult, stopping to sniff some of them. Rob heard the door of the changing room open and shut and someone walked up to the counter.

“Helloo, helloo, is anyone there?” a voice called.

Rob started to walk back to the counter when his balls were zapped again. Not as bad as before, but still a bit painful. He sped up and rushed to the counter. Stood there was Rob’s perfect man. 6ft, muscled, blond, about 20 wearing a tight t-shirt and some board shorts.

“Oh, I wondered what the new ‘Press for Assistance” button was for, now I know. Ben mentioned about his new slave”

Rob was shocked at the term slave, but it made sense really…he was held captive being forced to work, although it wasn’t exactly against his will. Rob nodded, unable to respond to this God in front of him.

“oh well I guess you cant talk either…shame, well get my suit, here’s the tag”

Rob walked to the corresponding hanger, carefully retrieved the suit and handed it over the counter. By his point, the “God” had stripped down to his tight boxers (that left nothing to the imagination). He walked back over to the counter, his package swaying as his muscular legs moved back and forth and swiped the suit. “Cheers boi” he quipped and walked back over to the bench where he was getting changed. What followed would have made Rob’s jaw drop if it wasn’t so well secured by the hood. The boxers were slowed slid down over his legs, uncovering a hairless cock and a cute bubble butt. He proceeded to squeeze into the suit, smooth it off, chuck his stuff in a locker and head out onto the beach. Rob’s cock felt like it was going to pierce out through the belt! As the day passed, more and more unimaginably cute surfers came in and stripped off to the point where, late in the day when someone buzzed for attention, he actually cum. By the end of the day, Rob was dripping wet with sweat, incredibly thirsty and hungry. When Ben finally walked through the doors, Rob released a sigh of relief.

“Righty then Rob, we better get you back home and fed”

Ben unlocked the chain, attached a short leash to the collar and led him out through the club, remembering to disable the zone system so Rob wouldn’t get shocked, and back to the van. Ben strapped Rob back into the jacket, led him on the floor of the van and proceeded to drive home.

Once Rob was back in the room in the barn, Ben undid the hood and slowly slid it off Rob’s sweaty head and left it dangling under his chin. Rob was red, sweaty with his hair soaked through.

“Wow, that is a sight to behold” Ben panted, “Truly hot. I bet you’re starving”

“Yes”, Rob croaked, “it was amazing though”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, you’re going to have to get used to that place. The members certainly thought you were helpful, especially with the buzzer!

Ben fed and watered Rob, reattached the hood and locked him back up in his cage.

“have a good nights sleep, I’ll come get you in the morning for work…we’ll try something different for you tomorrow…Sleep well.”

With that, the lenses in the hood were darkened and Ben left.

To be continued… In part 4.

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