Evening Surf? – Part 4

By Rob.

The Story

The next day, Rob was stirred from his slumber by Ben and they made the same journey back to the surf club. It was a Sunday and the club was only opened for a short day, so Rob spent his day working in the wetsuit room again until the club closed. Ben walked into the store room to find Rob tidying up some suits at the rear of the room. A short tug of his chain soon had Robs attention.

“come with me, i’ve got some jobs for you to sort out”

Ben unlocked the chain, blacked the lenses on the hood and guided Rob through to the foyer of the club.

He cleared the lenses again and turned to rob, “the outside of this place is pretty grubby and since we’re closed and tomorrow is your day off, we can get you nice and grubby today!”

To try and make things a little less suspicious, Ben slipped a rubber face mask over Rob’s head, making him look like a normal guy in wetsuit from a distance, and took him outside. Here was an industrial pressure washer and some cleaning gear waiting for Rob.

“Get working Mr, I want everywhere clean by sunset! Don’t move any more than 10 meters away from the building, you’ll get a nice shock otherwise.”

Rob spent the next 3 hours cleaning the building and walkways in the sweltering sunshine. He was absolutely filthy and incredibly by the end of it, the eye lenses in particular were very smudged on the outside and misting up with sweat on the inside, making it very difficult to see what he was doing. Then things went dark, Ben had darkened the lenses. Rob stood still until he could hear footsteps approaching, a click signified a leash attached, followed by a tug. “Come on, home time…”

The journey home was pretty uneventful and Rob soon found himself standing in the barn. Ben stood Rob in front of a full length mirror and cleared the lenses. The image made him try to hard instantly…a filthy dirty tight wetsuit cladding bulging muscles, hood, mirrored lenses…completely anonymous. The rubber suit under the wetsuit was full of sweat, sliding sensually over Rob’s body.

“now, since it’s your day off tomorrow, we can get you stripped off and cleaned up”

Ben shoved Rob through a door in the side of the barn into what looked like an old milking room. He grabbed a hose pipe and hosed down Rob, the wetsuit meant he didn’t get too cold, if anything it made the lenses in the hood steam up even more! Once he was clean, Ben peeled Rob out of the 1st layer his clothing, leaving him standing there sealed into the glistening rubber suit.

“Stay put, I’m going to hang your suit up…ready for Tuesday”…with that, the lenses in the hood went dark.

Rob spent this time blindly running his hands over his body, over his rubbery chest, over the hood, over the padlocks securing everything in place, over the steel prison covering his crotch. As he was did this, unknown to Rob, Ben was watching in the door way admiring his new recruit. All of a sudden, there was a fiery sensation through Rob’s cock, making him jump in surprise and pain. He hadn’t been shocked today and almost forgot his cock and balls were wired up. “don’t touch fella” Ben quipped with a smirk on his face.

Next, the rubber suit was peeled off. Rob had been sealed into the suit for 3 days and the warm summer air hit his sweaty skin, making him shiver slightly. It was quickly taken off, except around the chastity belt where there was some pipework to take care of. Next time he would be in the suit for 6 days! Rob stood in the concrete room, chastity belt clinging tightly to his crotch as the hood was slowly removed. His long, surfer style hair was a greasy, matted mess stuck to his face with two indents around his eyes, showing where the lenses had been sitting. Ben noted this and thought out loud “that hair will need to come off”.

During all of this, Rob stood there completely silent, again noted by Ben. “You REALLY are a submissive little bitch aren’t you…you’ve not said a word! I was expecting you to be mouthing off by now…give it another month and we may even loose the hood!” Rob’s cock tried to get hard at this news…another month in this gear being bossed around by the guy of this dreams in a submissive state. It beat being homeless by a long, LONG stretch. Rob stretched his jaw after having it held in place by the hood for 3 days and croaked a “thankyou” to Ben.

Ben left Rob to wash himself thoroughly and told him to meet him back in the main barn when he’d finished.

Ben was sat on top of the cage as Rob walked back into the barn, water running off his body and chastity belt. He was instructed to sleep naked tonight and he will be released for his day off tomorrow morning. His clothing, chosen especially by Ben was in a bag next to the cage. Rob still didn’t mutter a word, he just nodded and moved into the cage. Ben jumped down, locked the padlock on the door and went off to the house.

Ben was awoken by his balls being shocked by Ben at 7:30…”wakey wakey Mr, rise and shine!” Rob jumped to his feet quickly and moved to the now open cage door. He had the bag of clothes thrust into his arms and was instructed to dress. He pulled a pair of skintight jeans, a tight t-shirt and some skater style shoes out of the bag. He forced his legs into the jeans, which accentuated the chastity belt quite a lot and stretched the t-shirt over his torso. He slipped his bare feet into the trainers and turned to Ben for his approval. “Very nice indeed, now for the final piece” he said while he handed a small chain collar and an open padlock, “You need to remember your place now! Right, I’m going to take you into town and drop you off outside the Cinema. You can do whatever you like all day, but when I shock your balls, you have 5 minutes to find your way back to the Cinema otherwise the shocks will return every minute with increasing power. I have one request, you need to find a barbers and have your head completely shaved. Your allowance is in the pocket of the jeans, spend it as you wish.” With that, they got in the car and drove silently into the town.

What Rob didn’t know was that the nearest barbers to the Cinema were right in the middle of the busy town. He had a lot of stares walking through the town and was very conscious of the t-shirt riding up and exposing his metal underwear.

He spent the day looking around the town and then went to have his head shaved. The guy behind the counter gave Rob a strange look when he asked for this to be done, but this was normal compared to the look he gave when Rob clutched his crotch just as he was paying for the hair cut. It was his collection time, but he was a good 10 minute walk away from the cinema. Running in his outfit was difficult, but he soon managed…slowly and wincing as the pain surged through his groin every minute. When Rob finally got to the car, he was soaked through with sweat…his jeans and t-shirt stained badly and beads of sweat running down his newly shaven head.

“I’m sorry I’m late, I had no idea how far it was” Rob gasped.

Ben looked at him, “It’s ok, all is forgiven, your hair, or lack of it looks awesome. Your hood will feel much better tomorrow i can assure you.”

Ben started the car and turned to Rob, “i have one final favour to ask you…can you go and do the grocery shopping for me?”

“of course” Rob replied without thinking…he then looked down at this sweat stained tshirt, almost see through with sweat and jeans, clammy and sticking even more to his chastity belt.

To be continued…

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4 Replies to “Evening Surf? – Part 4”

  1. Steady progress in this story – not a lot here for those of us not heavily into the power and control scene.
    Some proof reading by someone with better spelling, or use of a spellchecker and at one point the names are mixed up.
    Happy to proof read for you next time round if you like.

    1. Well I for one really like it. I only asked Rob on Friday, if he could maybe write an another part of the story and had it by Sunday evening. I have asked many, many people to write more parts and it never happens.

      If you could tell us, which bits need fixing. Rob and myself will get them fixed ASAP.

  2. I really hate that he has to cut his hair off. It’s not arousing, it is not sexy, it is .. I don’t know. It’s just someone’s quirk that a sub has to look like a right-wing person or something. What’s wrong with long hair?

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