First day in a new town

By S.

The Story

First day in a new town, my Uncle got me a job with one of his mates working on a commercial dive boat. I was pretty excited at the prospect, not only for the cash, but it also gave me somewhat of an excuse to buy my own wetsuit!

I had been in town for about two hours and found myself already bored, drinks on the beach! As I sat there watching the sunset over the water I caught a glimpse of a guy who made me double take and on the second look nearly made my eyes pop! He was a tall well build guy, with pitch black hair. As he got closer to me I noticed his bright blue sneakers, tight black lycra running shorts and an amazingly defined body with a tattoo that started on his chest and made its way down his right arm.

As I’m sitting there in awe, he jogged past with a huge grin and a casual “Hey!’ and then gone!

I returned to my house to get ready for the big day tomorrow I thought to myself ‘I might make my way to that beach ever night!’

The big day arrived, I woke early, showered, shaved, I even done my hair! And made my way down to where the boat was moored. As I walked up to the boat I could see a couple of older guys standing on the wharf having a bit of a chuckle looking in my direction.

“You MUST be James, I’m, Darren your uncles mate.” one of the guys said with his hand outstretched, as I started to shake his hand he gestured towards the other bloke “this is Mike, and the guy down there in the wheelhouse, that’s Rob”

As Rob stuck his head out the door to say hello, I recognised him straight away he was the guy from last night! He said “Hey” with his big cheeky grin and keeps going with what he was doing.
“You can give my hand back now mate!” said Darren. I think I was in shock from seeing Rob, unawares that I was still shaking Darren’s hand. “Your Uncle told me he was worried about you, I can see why. Rocking up he help on a boat that collects dead fish with ya hair done like you think you’re a movie star! Don’t worry mate, I promised him Mike and I would get you back on the straight and narrow.”

Darren and Mike stood on the wharf and laughed for a bit as I climbed down onto the boat. “Don’t worry about them two” said Rob, “I’m the only one that does any work around here! Happy to have you on board!”

As I tried not to stare into Rob’s almost bright green eyes, I replied hesitantly hoping he didn’t recognise me as the guy who was staring at him, “Thanks mate, I don’t really know what I’m going to be doing.” “Don’t worry I teach you everything you need to know” he replied with wink.

As we set off down the bay Rob and I chatted how about how things work. “Darren’s the skipper and you will be lucky to get him out of his seat.” “Mike is just an old diving mate of his who is helping out while Jake is away.” “So when Jake and I are here we are the divers”

As Rob said this I couldn’t help but think I was going to get to spend my working days with Rob in a wetsuit, it was starting to make me a bit excited.

As we pulled up to our first fish cage, Rob grabbed a black bag from the wheelhouse and returned to the deck. He started to pull some gear from it. Booties with a hard sole, a wetsuit hood, a Cressi one piece suit and something that looked like socks.

“Don’t mind me” he said as he started to undress.

Standing on the deck in just his undies he picked up his suit, turned away from me, and then dropped his undies. I couldn’t help myself but to stare at what seem to be the most amazing arse I had ever seen! As I kept staring at him, he started to pull his wetsuit on, and I could now feel that I must have been hard for a long time, starting to feel a wet spot form in my shorts!

Rob looked over his shoulder and sang out “pass me my socks there mate, then I will get you to zip me up” I walked over to him trying to hide my massive hard on.

He pulled his arms into the sleeves, pushed his head through the hole and turned his back towards me guesting me to zip him up. I rested my hand on one shoulder and pulled the zip as slow as I could from the other shoulder across, taking in the feel of his suit, the smell, looking at the way it encased his perfect body, I was almost disappointed when I had finished zipping him up and nervously said “ all done”

“Thanks” he said as he pulled his neoprene socks and booties on, “Jake will be back tomorrow, with you helping the both of us get dressed you will be very well practised putting on a suit by the time you’re able to dive”

I thought about this for the rest of the day as I worked away, trying to get a look of Rob in his wet glisten black and red suit.
By the time we arrived back at the wharf, I must have filled my shorts with pre cum.

As we walked the wharf together Rob asked if I would unzip him. The smell coming from his suit, which he had been working in for twelve hours, almost made me blow right then. “Thanks, I’ll see you in the morning, we will do it all again” he said as he walked off to the showers.

I went home and laid in bed exhausted from my day, and thought about what tomorrow had in store for me.

I woke even more excited than the day before, showered, didn’t do my hair and headed off to work.

I was greeted on the wharf by Rob and an extremely tall, white blonde haired, blue eyed guy.

“James, this is Jake, Jake, James.” Jake gave me a sheepish hand shake and headed down the wharf

“Ah don’t mind him, he’s just a bit shy at first”

I spent the next four days on the boat watching and helping Rob change into his wetsuit, but Jake would get changed in the wheelhouse. But I didn’t mind that too much because I got to watch them both work all day in them!

Friday night rolled around and Rob and I done our usual thing, I unzipped him and he headed to the showers and I headed home. He called over his shoulder to me “coming to my place for a drink tonight, can’t say no, I’ll message you a time and my address, be there!”

“O.K.” was all I could get out before he disappeared into the showers.

I arrived at Rob’s place just after seven, and heading around the back to his shed just like the message said. I was greeted by Rob who was in his running gear all sweaty.
“Hope you don’t mind if I leave this on for a bit, I just need a beer!”

“Nah man not at all, I know the feeling” I replied trying to hide my excitement

“Come into the shed and I will grab you a beer, Jake won’t be far away he is just out for a run”

As I walked into the shed i brushed past Rob’s suit, which was hanging up drying, I took and deep breathe in through my nose and allowed the smell of the sweet neoprene and the smell of Rob fill my nostrils. As we drank our beers Rob made small talk with me about diving, half way through a sentence he stood up “we should size you up ready.” He had excitement in his voice.
He disappeared for a brief second and returned with his suit. “Here, try this on” as he threw it at me
“Yeah man, now! No better time than the present” he said with a massive grin
I took my shoes, shorts and tops off and went to plunge my leg into his still damp suit
“Nah, you have to take your undies off mate, who wears a suit with undies on?!”
“ I think I will leave them on” I replied “you know, cause it not my suit and all”
“You will take them off, or, I will make you” he said with a serious, but playful tone
I hesitantly dropped my undies, then pulled the suit on up to my waste, the resistance of the just damp suit, the smell, it was making me hard again
“I think it fits well” I said trying to hide my now raging boner from him with the top half off the suit.
“How do you know, you haven’t even got it on all the way yet”
He stood and stared at me as I pulled the suit up, slide my arms in and pulled my head through the hole, hope that Rob couldn’t see what I was hiding under 7mm of neoprene. He threw me his wetsuit socks, boots and hood, “them too!”
I didn’t hesitate at all pulling on the socks and boots, “do I really have to put this hood on to just to try for size?” I asked.
Without saying anything he just grinned and nodded.
I obliged and pulled the hood down over my head and tucked it into the rubber seal around my neck like I had seen him do.
“come here and I will zip it up for you”
As I felt the suit encase the skin between my shoulder’s , I could feel myself start to sweat on the warm night in 7mm of neoprene, no air could escape due to the rubber seals around neck, legs and arms of the suit, I was trapped.
“Fits well” said Rob as he looked me up and down.
“Yeah it’s not bad” I replied still hoping that the suit was cover what as sure to be the hardest boner I had ever had
“Can I get it off now? I am sweating my arse off!”
“Just wait till Jake get here to check it out” he replied. As he turned to retrieve his beer I noticed that the suit wasn’t only exciting me. Though Rob’s tight lycra shorts I could see the outline of his hard cock. How had I missed it? I think I had be too worried about trying to hide mine that I hadn’t noticed his. As I looked up from his crouch I saw Jake tower, staring at me, with an almost evil grin.
“He is ready then” Jake said to Rob
“Ready for what?” I interjected
“Got him in it easier than I got you in it” Rob replied to Jake, completely ignoring me
“Ready for what?!?” I said a bit louder, as I started to worry
“You remember how it went” Rob nodded to Jake as the both started to walk towards me
“What went? What am I ready for? Can you please just unzip me? It’s getting really hot in here”
Jake grabbed me and I tried to fight him off but he was just too strong, in one movement he took my legs out from underneath me, put me on the ground and laid on top of me. I tried to wriggle myself free from underneath him, realizing that my cock was getting harder, I kept struggling against him and he lent a little closer to me, “don’t fight it, you’ll enjoy it, trust me!” he whispered as he sat back up a little. I stopped struggling as much and could fell Jakes legs pressing into the back of my thighs, his crouch was in line with my arse and I could now feel, or what felt to be, Jakes manhood throbbing against me. He had his large hands pressed down onto my shoulders. I knew I was trapped.
Before I couldn’t even try to fight again Rob had but a set of ankle cuff on me, and Jake was starting to pull my arms behind my back, just as hands touched Rob slapped a set off cuffs on now I knew there was no way I was getting out of this suit. I was enjoying it, the suit, the being tied, but I was freaking out at the same time.
I started to struggle again and I saw Rob holding a strange silver ring that had four clips on it. He clipped one clip to each of my hands, then Jake pushed my feet up, rob clipped it to my feet and that was it, I was hogtied, I was trapped in Rob’s suit, hogtied. No matter how much I fought it I couldn’t get out. Without me even noticing, Jake had disappeared. Rob stood over me looking down at me with his bright green eyes, Jake returned in his suit and laid down next to me.
“Let Jake show you how you are meant to do it”
Jake laid still, on his stomach next to me as Rob proceed to hogtie him.
I could now feel the pre cum slowly moving around in my suit as I tried to struggle against the cuffs.
Rob now stood and looked over the both of with a grin on his face.
“O.K, jokes over Rob, Let me out”
Rob let out a slight laugh “We are only just getting started, now keep it down!”
“No! Enough! I want out!” I said in an angry tone
“Don’t tell me you aren’t enjoying this” he said as he rolled me onto my side and started rubbing his hands all over my body. I tried to struggle away from him and let out a yelp
“That’s it! You have made me do this!”
He disappeared for a moment and returned with something in his hand. He removed one of his bright blue sneakers, removed his sock and shoved it into my mouth, before I could even try and spit it out he had started to tape it in.

He removed his other shoe, and taped his sock into Jakes mouth. “Can’t have you giving away what is in store for him” he said to Jake.

He rolled me back onto my stomach, looked the both of us over and walked away laughing “I’ll be back soon, I’m all hot and sweaty. You boys play nice!”

All I could smell was Rob’s wetsuit, all I could taste was Rob’s sweaty sock, and there was nothing I could do, trapped in Rob’s neoprene prison.

I looked over to Jake, he laid there calm.

What does he have in store for us…..

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  1. Oh what a story! Amazing!!! Can’t wait to read more!!! Only wish this could happen to me!!!!

  2. Verry nice. Would be great to get some scuba content in the next part. The use of fullfacemasks and a litle bondagefight in wetsuits underwater could be a cool thing.

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