Jake and Dylan

This story was written one of our fans.

The Story

Dylan was an easy going and good looking young guy. His family had just moved towns, and while this meant Dylan had to make new friends, he didn’t really mind. Their new hometown was by the coast, which he liked, and he hadn’t had many friends back home. At his school, there had been a rumour he was gay, which had resulting in him not fitting in. The fact he was gay had nothing to do with it; he wasn’t out to anyone, even his parents. It had just been a stupid rumour, but since it was high school, it may as well have been as if everyone knew the truth anyway.

This wasn’t the case at his new school though, and Dylan found he was making lots of new friends. These city kids were impressed by the fact that he had his drivers’ licence and even his own car (even if it was a bit beaten up). One such friend was Jake, who was in lots of Dylan’s classes. Jake was Dylan’s age, and fairly popular, so Dylan was keen to get to know him. Dylan also thought he was incredibly good looking, not that he’d ever mention that to him.

Jake was a bit of an athlete, who participated in triathlons. He wasn’t trying to become professional; he just enjoyed the sport for the sake of it. He was also quite fond of Dylan, who he thought he could be good friends with. Further to that, Dylan had a car, and Jake’s parents were out of town for the weekend, so he had no way to get to his event.

Dylan had been surprised when Jake had asked him for a ride late on Friday to the race the next morning. Dylan wasn’t keen on the idea of being at Jake’s at 8am, but the idea of simply being at Jake’s was appealing. He’d agreed, and spent a fairly restless night in bed, wondering what exactly would happen, hoping it wouldn’t be anything awkward.

He knocked on Jake’s door on Saturday morning, and was quickly greeted with a sight that blew him away. “Hey!” Jake greeted him enthusiastically, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.

Dylan was lost for words, captivated by Jake’s perfectly defined chest. It wasn’t overly bulky, but certainly not flat either; he was hairless, and his nipples were possibly the cutest thing Dylan had ever laid eyes on.

“Perfect timing, I’ve just got out of the shower,” Jake explained, eliminating the awkwardness of the fact that Dylan was speechless. “Come in,” he said as he turned around, “I’ve just gotta get my suit on, then we’re all good to go.”

“Ok cool,” Dylan mumbled, not really able to say anything much, as he followed Jake to his room.

“Have a good night last night?” Jake asked, making conversation as he went through his drawers.

“Yea,” Dylan said nonchalantly, “what about you?”

“Yea,” Jake replied, his back to Dylan. “Went to bed early to be ready for this. Oh, here we go,” he said, as he found what he was looking for.

Still turned away, Jake simply dropped his towel from his waist. Dylan forced himself not to gasp as he got a view of Jake’s perfect, smooth cheeks. What’s going on here? Dylan wondered, astounded.

Jake was pulling his racing suit on. It was slick and black, made of what Dylan guessed was lycra. It was captivating to look at. Once he got it up to his waist, Jake turned around, and caught Dylan staring. He grinned, “Ever worn anything like this?”

“A speedo, maybe,” Dylan answered, impressed that he’d been able to come up with a coherent reply.

Jake laughed. “This is a bit different to a speedo. Far more stylish,” he giggled, putting his arms in the holes. The whole suit was like a singlet joined with a pair of shorts. A very sexy singlet and shorts, Dylan thought.

“And yet still equally revealing?” Dylan asked jokingly, looking at Jake’s bulge.

Jake laughed, “Oh, it’s not like it’s anything you haven’t seen before.”

That’s truer than you know Dylan smirked to himself.

“Come here and zip the back up for me will you?” Jake asked, turning around. The suit was stretched tightly across his back, exposing his spine and a decent amount of flesh.

Dylan took the zip in one hand, and tried to tug it up, but the suit was so stretched it wouldn’t budge.

“Oh, you’ll probably have to grip the bottom with your other hand,” Jake said, reaching around to rub the small of his back with the back of his hand in indication. Dylan hesitated, and Jake continued, “Go on, you can touch me.”

He said it jokingly, yet there was something deeper to it, Dylan thought. Perhaps he was only hoping though. Either way, he took the plunge, placing his hand on Jake’s back – the material feeling amazing under his fingers – and managed to slide the zip all the way up. The suit’s collar was turned in, so Dylan pushed his luck and slipped his fingers underneath, running them along between the suit and Jake’s skin.

Dylan was glad for the tight pants he was wearing, as they meant his eagerly growing boner wasn’t visible. Thankfully, he thought, they weren’t as tight as Jake’s suit – that would leave nothing to the imagination if he was hard.

Jake thanked Dylan and turned around as Dylan stepped back. “How do I look?” Jake asked.

“Hot,” Dylan said honestly, though trying to sound as sarcastic as possible.

Jake laughed, running with it. “You know it!” he agreed, slapping his own arse as he ran off to the lounge.

Oh fuck me, Dylan thought, his dick straining in his pants, as he followed his friend – and fantasy – out of the room.

“Good to go?” Jake asked, with the wetsuit for the race, which he’d left in the lounge, now bundled in his hands.

“Are you going like that?” Dylan asked him sceptically.

“Yea man, no point putting anything else on, I’ll only have to take it off to put this on,” he replied, lifting the wetsuit.

“Right…” Dylan replied.

“Why?” Jake teased, “Am I turning you on?” Dylan pulled the fingers at him. “Oh, you’re that hard, huh?” Jake continued.

“Fuck you,” Dylan replied, taking his keys out and making for the door.

Jake just laughed, grabbing his towel and other gear and following him out.

The car ride to the beach was awkward for Dylan, as Jake slumped down in the passenger seat beside him, making his bulge quite prominent. Dylan thought he saw it twitch once or twice, but was sure he was only imagining it.

When they reached the area of the event, there were already lots of the other athletes there, all guys, dressed either in wetsuits or what Jake was wearing. It was a bit overwhelming. Coming from an inland town, Dylan had never experienced anything like this, only seen it on TV. He didn’t know much about wetsuits, but he knew they were hot. As were the singlets like Jake’s. Today’s race was only a duathlon, Jake had explained, with just the swim and run legs. When they got out of the car, the pair went over to the warm up area.

“Hold these,” Jake said, passing his wetsuit, towel, drink and other things to Dylan. “I’ve gotta do some stretches.”

Dylan watched wordlessly as Jake warmed up. His tight singlet accentuated every curve, and when he did squats, Dylan got a very good view of Jake’s package. This is too much, I might come right here, he thought.

“Sweet, ok, you’ll have to help me get into the wetsuit now,” Jake said once he’d finished.

“No worries,” Dylan replied, though he was mildly concerned with the situation in his pants.

“These are always harder to get into,” Jake remarked as he pulled the suit up his legs, and shimmied it up to his waist. Once he got his arms in, he looked back over his shoulder. “Get the zip?”

Dylan didn’t hesitate to touch Jake this time, the neoprene feeling a bit different than the lycra, but still equally arousing.

“Cool,” said Jake, who now spread his arms and legs out. “Now, run your hands over me to smooth out all the lumps.”

Dylan wasn’t sure he heard that right. “Um, what?”

“C’mon, look, all the other guys are doing it.” Sure enough, Jake was right – the other competitors who were getting their wetsuits on were getting rubbed all over by their buddies.

Dylan started hesitantly, afraid he’d get too involved and run his hands over Jake’s crotch. As he got the hang of it, Jake said, “Yea, see, it’s not gay, ‘cause I asked you to.”

Dylan snorted at that, “Yea, that totally makes it less gay. ‘Cause gay guys just know when other gay guys want it, they don’t have to ask.” His voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Hey, don’t pretend you aren’t enjoying it,” Jake teased.

Dylan stopped with that. “Oh, whatever,” he grunted, turning around so Jake couldn’t see how hurt that’d made him. He started to wish he hadn’t agreed to help Jake.

He made to walk back to his car, but Jake put his hand on Dylan’s shoulder. “Hey, I didn’t mean that, I’m sorry,” he said earnestly, a bashful look on his face. “I really appreciate your help today,” he smiled.

Jake melted. “Nah, it’s ok,” he said, a half smile creeping onto his face.

Announcements were being made over the loudspeaker. “Oh, my heat is up!” Jake exclaimed. “Wish me luck!” he beamed at Dylan, before turning around to run off to the starting area.

“Good luck,” Dylan said quietly, Jake already too far away to hear.

Dylan watched the race, but his mind was elsewhere. He couldn’t stop thinking about how weird this day was, but more importantly, how enjoyable rubbing Jake’s wetsuited body had been. He wanted to do it again and again. He wished he had ‘accidently’ rubbed Jake’s crotch. He was hard just thinking about that, as well as the view of it he’d got when Jake had been doing squats.

When the swimming leg was finished, the sight of Jake’s wet, neoprene encased body emerging from the water was almost too much for Dylan. Yet he couldn’t take his eyes off his friend, as Jake stripped down to the singlet, which looked even better now it was wet. I’ll have to try one of those myself, Dylan thought.

Jake was doing quite well for time. He wasn’t leading, but he was certainly at the head of the pack. Dylan didn’t know how good Jake actually was, but thought he might have a shot at the top ten.

Before long, the racers were nearing the finish line, and Dylan yelled and waved excitedly as Jake passed the guy in seventh place. He couldn’t quite make it to the leaders though, but barely missed out on fourth, managing to come in at fifth place.

“Well done!” Dylan exclaimed as the exhausted Jake jogged over to him. Dylan held out the towel, which Jake collapsed into, falling into Dylan’s arms as well. “Whoa!”

The two boys ended up with Jake’s chest on Dylan’s, his head on Dylan’s shoulder, and Dylan’s arms wrapped around his waist. The lower half of their bodies didn’t touch, which was probably just as well for Dylan, or Jake might’ve felt his hard-on.

Dylan was quite unprepared, but did manage to register that Jake’s suit felt even more amazing now it was wet. “You ok?” he asked, and Jake got back to his feet.

“Yea,” he panted, “just a bit tired.” He gestured for his drink bottle.

“Nice work,” Dylan congratulated him again.

“Yea, I’m pretty pleased,” Jake grinned. “Right, we’ll get out of here pretty quick, I’ll just say hey to some friends.”

Jake did just that, before collecting his gear, and he and Dylan hopped back in the car.

Jake was cold on the way home, not having taken any warm clothes with him, so he still wore his race suit, which was still wet. Dylan wished his car had bucket seats, so he could’ve told Jake to slide over and huddle up next to him. Instead, they had the air con turned right up, and Dylan had to content himself with the occasional glance he could sneak at Jake’s crotch.

Jake’s family was fairly well off, and he had an ensuite off of his room. He made straight for this when they arrived back there. “I’m just gunna have a shower to warm up,” he explained as they got inside. “Give us a hand with the zip again?”

Dylan obliged, getting a good feel of Jake’s shoulder as he did so. His back to Dylan, Jake pulled the suit all the way off at once, and headed straight into the bathroom. Dylan didn’t get a view of Jake’s front, but he was too busy looking at the discarded suit on the floor anyway.

“Make yourself at home,” Jake said as he closed the door. Dylan mumbled a reply as he heard the shower turn on.

Fuck¸ it’s so tempting, Dylan thought. He could try the suit on while Jake was in the shower; he’d have it off by the time Jake had finished in there, and no harm would be done.

Not bothering to fight the urge, Dylan quickly shed his clothes, his boner at full attention in anticipation of the sensations it would experience from the wet lycra.

He picked up the damp material, his heart racing. He quickly folded it out, and without hesitating he plunged his legs in.

The fabric felt incredible as he pulled it up his legs. He was rock hard, not only from the sensations, but the knowledge that his amazingly hot friend Jake had been wearing it not one minute before him. He couldn’t resist squeezing his crotch as he pulled the lycra over it, and he shuddered, letting out a gasp, at just how sensual it all was.

As Dylan put his arms through the holes, stretching the suit tight across his torso, he heard the toilet flush. Shit, he thought, as he froze. I’m taking this off.

He didn’t get the chance though. The bathroom door started to open. “Hey, I forgot to tell you,” Jake began, as he started to poke his head around it, “there’s plenty of food in the…”

He stopped as he caught sight of Dylan, dressed in his race suit, his boner raging.

FUCK, Dylan thought.

“Well, this is interesting,” Jake said. He opened the door all the way, and Dylan got a view of his gorgeous, stark naked body.

Dylan was speechless. Jake walked over to him. “Here, let me help you with that,” Jake said, putting his hand on Dylan’s shoulder to turn him around. “You’ll get a better feel for it if it’s done up,” he said as he zipped Dylan into the suit. “And I noticed you’re quite enjoying the feel of it already.”

Dylan was freaking out. “Jake, I’m sorry-” he started to say, but Jake, still behind him, clamped a hand over his mouth. Jake’s other hand crept around, running down Dylan’s torso before grabbing and squeezing his dick.

“Yea, you’re definitely enjoying the feel of it,” Jake said with a sly laugh. He jerked Dylan up and down a few more times.

OH MY GOD, Dylan thought, a moan escaping him. This was the first time he’d actually been touched by another person this way. The sensation was overwhelming.

“The suit’s all damp though, you’ll get cold,” Jake said, hand still covering Dylan’s mouth. “Why don’t you step in the shower and get warm?” To emphasise this point, Jake pushed up against Dylan, in the direction of the shower which was still running.

As Jake did so, Dylan felt something press into his butt cheek. What the hell, does Jake have a boner too?!

Jake led Dylan into the bathroom, and to the shower. “In you get,” he instructed Dylan, removing his hands and slapping Dylan’s arse. Dylan did as he was told, stepping in and turning around to get a look at Jake as he did so. Jake was hard! The sight of his erect 8 inch penis made Dylan’s eyes go wide.

Jake just laughed, climbing in after his friend. He pulled Dylan under the stream of water, before turning him around and grabbing his crotch again.

Dylan moaned, louder this time no hand was covering his mouth. Jake’s touch felt incredible, and the warm water made it even better.

Jake pulled Dylan into him, his boner pressing right into Dylan’s lycra-clad rear. He thrust his crotch a few times, stimulating them both. “So,” he whispered in Dylan’s ear, “what was it you were saying before? ‘Cause I think this is definitely what you want, and I’m pretty sure you didn’t have to ask…” he chuckled mirthfully to himself.

Wait, what? Dylan thought. Does that mean he’s gay?

But what else could it mean? Here Dylan was, held in the arms of his naked friend, whose boner he could clearly feel, rubbing against him. Jake must be gay.

“What… what’s going on here?” Dylan managed to ask, his erection still being slowly massaged by Jake.

Jake laughed again. “Well,” he said slyly, “you were trying on my racing suit, and I just wanted to make sure you got the most enjoyment you could out of it… You are enjoying this, aren’t you?” he asked, tightly squeezing Dylan’s cock for good measure.

Dylan’s knees buckled, and he groaned with ecstasy.

“That’s what I thought,” Jake chuckled again. “But here,” he spoke suddenly, taking his hands off of Dylan’s crotch. “You’ll enjoy this even more.”

No, don’t stop! Dylan thought, but Jake was already turning him around.

“How- how’d you know I was gay?” Dylan questioned, and Jake reached around his back and begun to undo the zip.

“Oh, I saw the way you were staring at my body,” Jake grinned evilly, looking Dylan in the eye. “Not just today, but ever since you came to our school. Not that I mind, of course,” he laughed some more.

Dylan didn’t immediately register what was happening as Jake took hold of the top of the suit, and started pulling it down Dylan’s body. He stopped once Dylan’s boner was free of the material, and was sticking out in front of him.

“Wait,” Dylan began as Jake started to kneel, “you’re not…” he started, but he couldn’t finish the sentence before Jake had wrapped his lips around the head of Dylan’s penis.

“Oh my God,” Dylan breathed, his eyes rolling back in his head. He’d never had a blow job, and it felt incredible! Jake didn’t linger at the head, engulfing all 7 ½ inches of Dylan’s cock in his mouth. He licked at it, sucked on it, giving Dylan all kinds of new sensations as he bobbed up and down along the shaft.

“GOD, don’t stop!” Dylan cried, his hands moving to Jake’s head, his fingers gripping onto the hair. Jake obliged, taking even more of Dylan’s dick in his mouth. Faster and faster he went. Dylan felt himself growing ever closer to climax.

“I’m going to come!” Dylan announced breathlessly. This only made Jake more eager, upping his pace until, with a loud cry, Dylan emptied his load in Jake’s mouth.

“Fuck!” Dylan said, elated. Jake swallowed his seed, before rising to his full height, level with Dylan.

Jake took his friends head in his hands, and leaned in to kiss him deeply. Dylan didn’t resist, getting a taste of his own cum.

The pair’s tongues wrestled each other, each boy enjoying the pure ecstasy of the moment.

It ended all too soon for Dylan, who by that stage had wrapped his hands around Jake’s waist. After all, it was his first kiss, and more than he’d ever imagined. “Thank you so much!” he exclaimed, as Jake just chuckled some more. “I can tell you’ve done that before!”

Jake laughed, “And I’m guessing you haven’t!”

“No,” Dylan replied, his eyes moving to Jake’s still solid boner, “but I’m willing to learn,” he said, taking it in his hand and jerking it back and forth.

Jake let out a long moan of pleasure. “I’ll bet you are,” he responded eventually. “But there’ll be plenty of time for that later. Let’s stop wasting water.” He reached back and turned the shower off, chuckling some more before stepping out.

Jake grabbed a towel off the rack at threw it at Dylan. “Come on you, dry off.” he said with a devious smile. “There’s plenty more fun to be had yet today.”

To be continued… In part 2.

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  1. wow now that story im liking 😛 cant wait for next part ! Well written who ever it is Thank You 😉

    1. God, I wish. Sadly it’s just my imagination. Though I have done similar things 😉

      I’ll be submitting part 2 very shortly! Sorry it’s taken so long…

      1. Thanks for the second part of the story. I will try to get it on-line later this week.

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